This a story totally based on the Disney movie beauty and the beast. I don't own any of the characters in the movie or even the title. This story will copy the movie bt instead of Belle it will be their daughter Rose thts her name, and who I own and well hopefully you guys enjoy the story and plz leave any comments. This story is about Belle and the prince have a daughter and they name her Rose and well she's a beautiful girl. Then Belle leaves the prince taking their daughter with her and the prince turns back into the beast and well Belle hides the truth and the prince of their daughter but what happens when Rose wants to meet her father and Prince now a beast wants to see his daughter well since you know the movie you can guess but you gotta read ;). I also want to thank lilylove89 for posting the photo Im using as my cover in the story and hopefully she doesn't mind .

P.S. For some reason every time I write a story I can't skip lines so everything might be kind of hard to read so I apologize for that. Also