Orion 2

A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

::Warning:: Spoilers for Predacons Rising

"Orion," he whispered in agony, clenching his carbon rich servos even as he fought back the demons of pride and self righteousness that denied his guilt.

Megatron turned his back on the wonder of the dancing lights and the dawn that followed it. His battle sharpened senses noted that one had fallen somewhere ahead of his current location but at the moment he simply could not care. He spotted a sheltered opening in the crust and limped into it. With a groan her shuttered his optics and let his systems power down. If he was doomed to be forever separate from the Allspark then perhaps he would not have to endure every moment of it online. That was when the silence and the noise had begun to gnaw at him. Every time the planet creaked or groaned in rebirth his combat programming would force him online. Finally he had come aware to a steady gnawing on his shoulder guards. With a curse he had dispatched the frustrated scraplet. The scout had been confused by his carbon glazing and had not yet summoned the swarm.

Giving a groan the mech gave up on his plan to ignore the world around him and set out walking. It was several days before he found a spring of energon welling up in a low canyon. Shocked but not willing to question it too much he had drank his fill, scooping the liquid energy up to him mouth while he optics roved the barren landscape. Well he knew what vermin roved the desolate world and such bounty as he now stood over would attract many. When his tanks were full he moved on. More of the springs dotted the canyon land he had entered. He found fewer on the high planes he come to next but the desolate region appealed to him.

By now he had grown to dread the dichotomy between his own silent spark and the constant beat of the planet. He felt the need to make some sound, to prove to the world around him that he was alive, a part of everything. But screaming in futility had never appealed to him. So when he came to a shaft that burrowed down into a low rise he stopped. The place was sheltered in a low valley. It was far enough from the Well that it would be many, many years before any Autobot ventured out this far. A small spring of energon bubbled up in one corner of the valley, clogged and impure with fresh rust and debris. He had cleaned it out and built up the sides first of all. Then he had ventured into the newly formed tunnel. The first several days were spent clearing out the scrapplet nests, then examining the stability of the place. Finally, using what tools he could find the mech began to mine. He focused on the higher quality metals, pulling them out of the walls and sorting them as best he could. The scrapplets had already gotten to the surface layers and he had to dig for the good stuff, the metals that would be needed to rebuild the world.

Megatron was unsure what he would do with the raw ores. He had some vague notion of sneaking it into the Autobot camp and leaving it for Optimus to find. The first down payment in what must be a never ending and fruitless attempt to make amends for what he had wrought. But such thoughts were only passing whims. For now he simply stacked them at the entrance to the tunnel and tried to fill the silence in his spark with the steady beat of metal on metal.

He had created a makeshift powerdown berth in a side tunnel. There he would ride out the acid rain and ion storms that cracked and thundered across the surface of the healing planet. On clear nights, when the miner grew tired of being confined he would slip out of the tunnel and gaze up at the stars. One such night he stood with his back to the side of the rise sipping on the unrefined energon in a rough vessel he had found. The silence in his spark was burning against the backdrop of an approaching acid rainstorm but he was too exhausted to work the tunnel anymore tonight, too tired to fight it. Before the coming storm Cybertron too seemed quiet in the darkness. Any noises were far off and dim and his audials strained to hear them. Perhaps that was why he noted the steady scratching.

With a tired growl the mech pushed himself off the wall and set the energon down. Unicron had left him with no weapons to speak of; perhaps thinking that a slave body needed none when the parasite within could summon whatever he needed from the ether. Whatever the intentions of the Unmaker the miner found himself without integrated firepower. Still he had not led an army for eons without learning a few tricks. Picking up a bag he always kept near at hand the mech selected a rather makeshift looking ball of wire and copper from it and stalked towards the sound.

As he expected around the corner in an area of the valley he had yet to explore he found a scout troop of scrapplets busily gnawing away at something in the ground. As usual they paid little attention to his carbon infused mesh and kept at the object. With a snarl Megatron crushed the improvised explosive device and tossed it at the swarm. With a hiss and a pale cloud of particles the chemicals contained within reacted and pulled the energy from the atmosphere around them, dropping the temperature suddenly and fatally for the vermin. After determining that none had survived to carry information back to the colony Megatron stepped forward to examine what they had been so vigorously attacking. There was little on the surface in this area to attract them and it was odd to see them outside the tunnels when the acid threatened.

He knelt and brushed away the frozen bodies then cried out as his servos touched unexpected warmth and his spark lurched. Every battle hardened instinct screamed at him to get away from the oblong thing but some force drew him nearer. There were the faint signs of an impact in the plating surrounding the thing. No, not an impact, the small part of Megatron's processor that was still working as his spark tried to leap out of his chassis, corrected his first impression. A twisting mass of roots led down from the rough concave platform that supported the thing and appeared to have been drawing up materials and energon from the surrounding plating and perhaps deeper below, creating a depression around the whole. One of the shattered memories from Earth surfaced, something Knockout had been simpering on about and the Warlord had inadvertently absorbed. An egg, it looked for all the world like an egg in a nest, sitting up straight and tall waiting for its progenerator to come defend it.

Wondering the mech reached out to run his servos over the cracks and gouges in the surface of the red and blue shell. It must have been thick to start off with to have withstood the vermin for as long as it did. The twisted podium of tubes and cables had been nearly gnawed through and seeped enrgon and other unidentifiable fluids. With every touch his spark began to struggle harder and harder in its casing and true fear took the mech. He was about to pull back his hand when the podium cracked and buckled and the nest peeled away from the egg. Without thinking Megatron snatched up the egg and held it. His large servos did not reach even half way around the living metal shell, for there was no doubt whatever this was it was alive, alive and crying out to his spark.

As the mech knelt dumbstruck the plating on the egg began to shift. His servos understood what was happening before his processor caught up and moved to hold the tiny mech that transformed in his hands. Pure silver protoform gleamed up at him in the moonlight and perfect faceplates scrunched in pain and distress from torn plating and bite marks. Little servos clenched in fists under the chin and knees were drawn up to elbows. The sound of Megatron's chestplates opening startled them both and bright blue optics un-shuttered for the first time to blink up at the first sight they had ever seen. Confusion and curiosity dominated the tiny expression as two little arms reached out for the pulsing red spark and impossibly small protoarmor opened in response.

The miner cried out in awe and no little fear as he looked on the perfect white spark. The swirling surrounding energy that connected it to the chamber flickered red as human blood and blue as their sky but the core of the little one was pure untainted white light. Within his ancient spark chamber instructions were received from programs long dormant and transformation began that the mech had never known. A gently as a caress but as inexorably as the gravity of a singularity a thin cable was drawn out and touched a spot in the tiny spark chamber.

Without training or guidance other that the ancient programs that were burning through him Megatron knew what was needed and without hesitation the mech gave. Information, language, flowed over the hardline data connection. Nanites carrying coding for armor and strut structure swarmed over the cable surface and were eagerly accepted into the newsparked frame. The counter to every virus the mighty frame had caught and resisted was passed on in those fleeting moments. Pure energon, refined by his own tanks to the needed purity fed into the hungry little systems.

And the tiny mech responded. All fear vanished from his faceplates, replaced by love and joy. Little servos reached eagerly for the great red spark and flickers of delighted curiosity danced around Megatron's awareness, emotions he knew could not be his own. The damage the Scraplets left in the small frame began to heal over as plain silver protoarmor grew energized and healthy. A light trill of laughter burst from the new vocalizer and the frame struggled to sit up in the servos that held him. Awe, filled the stoic faceplates of the mech above him as the cable retracted and both sets of chestplates slid shut.

Megatron gave a groan of confusion as he gazed at now ruby red optics. Later, when the sparkling developed a taste for carbon and his armor grew in an Earth red tone, he would curse his shortsightedness and carelessness as he wondered what else he might have unwillingly gifted his sparkling with. Had he tainted that innocent spark with the curse of Unicron? Later he would seek out Shockwave and demand answers of him. Still later he would conquer his pride and return to the Autobots; willing to suffer any indignity at their hands in search of the answers to his questions. For now he pulled the little one closer to his chestplates and rose to his peds.

"We must seek shelter before the storm hits."

The first drops of rain began to strike the mech's shoulder guards as he approached the entrance to his tunnel and he hunched to protect the precious bundle in his arms. He darted through the entrance and quickly shut the gate behind them. Taking only a moment to sluice off the acid with a dilute energon mixture he kept for that purpose by the door Megatron carried the sparkling into his powerdown chambers. The ruby optics had shuttered and the miner could feel the echo of his own exhaustion over the bond. Was this normal? Was his sparkling healthy? Was it dangerous?

"Guardian?" a soft voice asked as the sparkling tried to both snuggle into the broad chest and smile up at the red optics at the same time. "What are we doing? Are we well?"

Startled the great mech sat heavily on his berth. His moments old sparkling could talk? A light prod at his chestplates reminded him of the questions and he smiled at the little one sending waves of reassurance over the bond awkwardly at first then with more assurance as he felt the little one relax and respond in kind.

"We are listening to the rain," he inclined his helm towards the tunnel entrance where the steady downpour was hissing away.

"Are we well?" pressed the sparkling again.

Pulling the soft frame close and gently pressing their forehelms together the mech replied with wonder in his voice.

"Yes, all is well Orion."