Inspiration: I saw a You Tube collection of all Blaine thingz. It was amazing, and so, so good. And I just needed to get this out of my system.

Disclaimer: I have no ownership of Glee, yet! {But I own my imagination.}

Strawberry fields and Raspberry Hair Gel: I totally am in adoration of Blaine. He is my favourite Glee guy. This is a collection of Blaine pieces. Poem's and inspirational works. Blaine, Blaine, Blaine, Blaine. The strength of his character is so good. And I forgive him.

~ Blaine is the Centre of the Universe ~

~ XxOo ~

Did he call him buck boy?

I think I need to move in with the producers or someone and get some first hand access to Blaine.

Please, please, please?

I love his voice so much.

When he whispers, when he speaks, when he sings.

I love him so much.

No wait, I adore him.

I'd like to have a collection of him on my lounge room walls.

I'd love a sheet set or doona set.

I'd love blankies and bunny slippers with Blaine all over 'em. Oh, and Kurt too.

I'd love my pyjama's, dressing gown, hair towel, hot water bottle too,

all covered with Blaine, Kurt and some Sebastian.

~ XxOo ~

Yes, yes, yes.

Blaine is the centre of the universe.

He is the Sun who shines so brightly for us.

Kurt is the moon, who moves around Blaine.

And we are littler stars and planets and comets, occasionally going near Blaine, but never, ever, ever colliding with him.

We give him respected space.

Only Kurt can crash into him.


I really, really care for you.

I never, want to mess this up.

You, move me, Blaine.

I, love you.

~ Swoon! ~