Howdy! So, I've cooked up another little fic here, this time with my friend Diane Clifford. ;) She and I both loved the idea for the story, so we decided to work on it together. We'll be alternating authorship of the chapters, and I'll specify at the beginning of each chapter who the author is. This one is mine.

The song referenced in this fic is 'Don't Ya' by Brett Eldredge. I do not claim any ownership of it, I only use it as inspiration, setting the scene for the rest of the story. Alas, I still don't own Disney or Toy Story, either.

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Chapter 1 - Prologue

It was a lazy weekday afternoon for Bonnie's toys, the Anderson family away from home as usual. Leafy shadows – cast by the warm autumn sun, shining above a rustling tree outside the window – danced across the foot of Bonnie's parents' bed, where Buzz and Jessie lay listening to the radio and just enjoying being together. Jessie had won the choice of the country station, and she was contentedly cuddled against Buzz, her head resting on his shoulder and his arms wrapped tightly around her.

As they lay in their peaceful retreat, a song began to play that Buzz didn't recall hearing before, and he turned his attention to the lyrics…

Girl you cut those jeans just right
I know you didn't buy 'em like that
So baby don't even try that
You dance, oh you move
Like there ain't nobody watchin'
But girl you know I'm watchin'

A smirk formed on the space ranger's face, and he chuckled.

"What?" Jessie pivoted her head ever so slightly up to face him.

"That is YOU, Jessie," he remarked, amused.

"Huh?" The cowgirl focused intently on the next verse, pursing her lips as she realized what the song was about.

You've been lookin' over here all night
And when I look, you look away
Oh I love the little games you play
Yeah I bet you didn't mean to brush my hand when you walked by me
Like you didn't mean to drive me crazy

"That is NOT!" protested Jessie emphatically. "I don't mess with ya like that!" Her face feigned shock.

"You don't now, no – well, not like you used to, before." Buzz smiled at her indignant pout. "You knew exactly what you were doing to me back at Andy's, always teasing."

Jessie looked at him through innocent puppy-dog eyes. "I didn't tease ya, we were just friends then!"

"Oh, please. You flirted like crazy. It was like you were on a mission to get me flustered."

"Didn't take much," she giggled at the memory. "But I wasn't messin.' YOU were just a mess!"

"Hey!" The space ranger retaliated by rolling onto his side, freeing Jessie from his embrace and tickling her sides. As she squealed and squirmed beneath him, their playful battle being fought without words, the couple could hear the chorus play a final time…

Don't lie, you've got it all figured out
That smile, has got me spinnin' around
Don't even try actin' like it ain't no thing
Cause I can see you move a little closer, closer
Girl I gotta get to get to know ya, know ya
Everything about ya makes me want ya, want ya
Know what you're doin' baby don't ya, don't ya

"Don't lie, cowgirl." Buzz raised an eyebrow and glanced down defiantly at Jessie. "You can't deny it."

She grinned up at him mischievously. "You can't prove anything."

Once again the space ranger's fingers grasped his girlfriend's sides, and she let out a high-pitched squeak as the tickling resumed. "I think I CAN," he challenged. "Where do I even begin? As I recall, you didn't waste any time in starting to tease me. Remember when…"