I only own Katherine, Drew and Erin. Story inspired by Taker's soul girl story Owen's Story

When Drew got home that night, she was greeted by her brother Adam and her boyfriend Christian, both of which work for the WWE and had returned home, that day without telling her. When Drew walked through the front door, she still had what was happening to Katherine on her mind and still feeling guilty for what she had said when walking to the bus stop with Erin. She was just about to put the light in the hall on when it suddenly come on, on it's own.

"Ahhhh, What the hell are you two doing here?" asked Drew trying to catch her breath after the scare that she had just recieved from Adam (Edge) her brother, he hugged her trying to calm her down at little before answering the question his younger sister had asked.

"Sorry Drew, didn't mean scare you, I came back as a surprise visit to you, since I haven't seen you in months" Edge replied, softley answering his sister's question with a kind of smile, noticing that she was distracted by something. "What's on your mind little sis?" asked Edge, then he took hold of her hand and lead her through to the living room, where Christian was sitting, as usual with a hugh smile on his face that he got to see his girlfriend. "Christian, there is something wrong with Drew, so I thought we could both help her get through the problem" Said Edge looking over at Christian, who nodded his head, wanting to do anything to help Drew.

"What's the problem?, And we know it' a big one, you're not normally this distracted" asked Christian looking a little worried about is girlfriend. Drew look at her brother Edge and then to her boyfriend Christian, then she began to explain, everything she was told about Katherine, about her nightmares about the past, about seeing the ghosts of Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Brian Pillman, and how Owen had spoken to her and even what she had said to Erin.

"Errr Drew, Katherine probably can see them, most people who were close to them, can see their ghosts, hell Bret has said a few times that he see's Owen, when nobody else can" said Christian with the sad face, but also one of truth and concern.

"Katherine's dad talk her to live PPV events, in the 90's, and on one of her birthday's she got to meet her favourite wrestlers, which were the Hart Foundation. Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart, Bret "the Hitman" Hart, Owen "the Rocket" Hart, British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and the Loose Cannon Brian Pillman. Owen even named her as the thirteenth Hart, and both Owen and Bret though of her a the little sister that they never had" added Edge, informing his sister that Katherine was the young girl that was always hugged by Owen when he hugged someone in the crowd. By this time Drew kind of felt worse that she didn't believe what Katherine was trying to tell her.

"Oh my god, and I thought that she was making it up, I never actually thought that she was that close to some wrestlers that work there, Katherine mentioned something about letters" suddenly said Drew feeling really guilty that she didn't believe her best friend.

"Owen and Bret used to always write to her when they were on tour, even when they were at home, they really did think of Katherine as their younger sister, even loved her as one, wait you said that Owen spoke to her" said Christian just realising what Drew had said earlier on.

"Yeah, she said that Owen said Sorry to her, and when she asked him why the three of them are haunting her, he replied because she never said a proper goodbye to them" Replied Drew to what Christian had asked. Christian and Edge looked at each other and immeditly knew what he had meant by that.

"Owen was basically saying, because she never went to their funeral's even though she was invited, she never went, so until she is ready to say a proper goodbye to them, they will always be there when she needs them, when she is sad, thinking about the past or waking up from the nightmares, they will appear to her" said Edge, noticing that there were tears beging to appear in his sisters eyes, from everything they had told her. With that Drew got up and went out of the room, leaving Edge and Christian to think of a way to help Katherine get through what she was going through.

Drew got her phone out her bag and scrolled down on speed dial until she got to Katherine's number, then she called it, waiting for Katherine to answer, when it went to answer phone she left a message "Hey Katherine, It's Drew, i'm so sorry that I didn't believe what you had told me earlier, my brother Edge and boyfriend Christian have just filled in the missing blanks for me, and i'm so so sorry that I haven't been a very good friend to you, call me as soon as you get this" said Drew with tears running down her face, hoping that Katherine would ring back and would be able to forgive her. With that she went back into the living room to where Edge and Christian were waiting for her. While Drew was at home with her brother and boyfriend, Katherine was at home trying to sleep, but once again having the nightmares about her past.