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'Thoughts or telepathic talking'

/Parceltongue/ which comes later in story.

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In house number 4 privet drive,Surrey, lived a 5 year old boy called Harry Potter. Little Harry Potter never knew his parents because they were were murdered, but Harry will never know this because his horrible aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley told Harry his parents died in a car crash, they never told him of how he, a one year old infant defeated the most powerful and evil Dark Lord of all time, no what they do is constantly give him chores and his uncle beat him senseless, Harry doesn't know how many ribs and bones he has broken over 5 years of abuse from his uncle, but he is probably going have to add more to his list.

Harry was busy making his horrid 'family' breakfast which he knows he will never have when his whale of a cousin came through door and turned the gas stove on high while harry was busy washing a tamatoe.

"Dad the freak is burning our breakfast!"Exclaimed Dudley to his father

Harry froze in fear for he was told that the next time he supposudly burnt the food he would get the beating of his life, he knew he might not come out of this one alive and he really didn't want to die.

"You freak! How dare you burn our breakfast you ungrateful little shit!"Said Vernon angrily as his face changed from red to purple, most people would think he is about to explode or ate a really hot chili pepper. "I've had it up to here with your freakiness infecting my family, I will beat it out of you once and for all, even if you have to die"

Uncle got out of his seat and made his way to Harry his foot stomps almost shaking the house because of his overly sized belly. Harry tried to back as far away from his uncle but was stopped by the edge of the counter. His uncle stopped infront of him, Harry whimpered, his uncle raised his fist and brought it down hard on Harry's face, breaking his glasses and his nose. Harry fell to the floor as tears came to his eyes.

"I'm s-s-sor-sorry u-uncle."Harry stuttered out as he looked at his uncle, fear and panic evident on his face and shown in his emerald green eyes.

His uncle ignored him and brought his down again on Harry's chest, Harry could hear a cracking noise knowing that one or two of his ribs had just broken and he is sure his ribs weren't fully healed from the last beating. Vernon started to kick harry fracturing and breaking more bones due to his malnourishment and lack of calcium.

Harry screamed and cried in pain begging for it to stop, Aunt Petunia came and saw the scene before her, her husband and son kicking and stomping on her nephew, she knew most people would defend a child getting beat, but she was not most people who had a freak of a sister and had to take care of her freak son because she decided to get blown up by some lunatic.

Vernon took off his belt and started to whip the broken and fragile boy, blood started to pool around Harry's body. Harry started to lose consciousness, probably due to his blood loss. 'How come no one heard his screams of pain, surely his screams should have alerted the neighbours, but he knew no one is going to come to his rescue no one has before so why start now.'Harry thought sadly.

"You little freak! How dare you infect our house with your freak filled blood!"Yelled Vernon.

Vernon and Dudley kicked, whiped and punched harder. Harry could feel his life force ebbing away slowly, Harry could hardly feel the pain anymore but he could feel the force of the kicks and punches.

Harry didn't want to die, he wanted to live, to finally leave this hell hole he was supposed to call a 'home' and he never wanted to see these 3 people who have caused his life hell since he was able to walk.

Unknown to Harry and his relatives, Harry's magical core was at its limits tring to heal the boy as quick as it could, due to his many injuries the magic had to heal it became quite powerful and Harry with no knowledge of it could lose control of it quick, but that not the suprising thing it did, no, what it did was awaken a gene in Harry's body that would of remained dormant if Harry had been loved and cared for and not hated and abused.

This gene was known as the X-gene or mutant gene as some would call it, giving humans incredible powers that made them special.

'HELP! ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!' Harry screamed in his head because his jaw was dislocated. Harry felt something forming in his head getting stronger by the second, he was confused at mistaked it to being death coming to collect and reunite him with his parents, but it wasn't death, no it was telepathic energy building up in his mind that contained that one message he screamed in his mind.

When the energy finally released, a powerful wave of energy erupted from Harry flinging Dudley back into a wall and Vernon falling to the floor a few meters away. Harry finally slipped into unconsciousness and let the darkness take him.

His uncle got up off the floor, walked over to Harry, picking him up by the collar of Dudley's hand-me-down shirt, walked to the cupboard under the stairs and threw Harry into the tiny room with a bug eaten bed. Harry crashed into the wall with a thud and landed on the bed limply, his body unmoving, most people would think he was dead, no he wasn't, the only thing keeping him alive was his magic and his determination to live.

In America, New York, at a school for the gifted, the students were all enjoying lunch after attending their classes. During the lunch period a rush of power swept over the cafeteria that knocked out some students and giving others a headache, two teachers did not pass out but did get a headache heard a message filled with panic and immediatly stopped what they were doing.

The message saying this:


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