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'Thoughts or telepathic talking'

/Parceltongue/ which comes later in story.

[Computerised voice/intercom]

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The next morning Jean entered the med-bay to check on the small healing boy.

'Hmm its so dull in here nothing but metal walls.' She thought to herself then turned and walked out the door to that garden and picked a few flowers. A few minutes later she walked in and placed the flowers in a vase next to the boy's bed. 'It might not be much but its something.' She thought happily then turned around to the computer and logged in to check her emails. When she was done opening and answering them she turned around only to gasp in shock and gape like a fish out of water. The flowers in the vase next to the bed were slowly wilting and dying, as she looked closely she could see several faint silver tendrils leaving the plant stems and connecting to the blue dome that surrounded the child. After she got over the shock she quickly sent a telepathic message.

'Hank! Get to the med-bay now! There something you should see' A few minutes later the big blue beast walked into the med-bay with a questioning look on his face. As he was facing away from the child he didn't see the plants dying.

"Yes Jean what is it? I was looking at some really fascinating molecules." He stated. Jean pointed to the boy and Hank turned around and gasped at what he saw. "Oh my.." He trailed off. He quickly went to the computer and pulled up a x-ray image of the boys skeleton, muscles and tissue and stared wide-eyed as he saw the broken, shattered bones, damaged muscle and tissue repairing far quicker than it was yesterday.

"Call the professor and the others they need to see this, I have never seen this type of healing before." He told Jean. She then sent a message to the Professor and the team and told Storm to bring a flower, a few minutes later they were shuffling in the room, some with curious, questioning, confused looks except Logan who looked angry at being interupted in his morning routine of exercising, Storm came into the room with the flower and a confused face.

"You called for us Jean, is something wrong with the boy?" Questioned the Professor, Jean shook her head no and answered.

"No nothing bad, actually its something good, shocking and amazing." She stated, they gave her more confused looks and she pointed to the boy, they turned around to see the child still asleep in his blue dome and noticed the dead flowers.

"Umm what the hell are we looking for exactly?" Questioned Logan.

"Look at the flowers." Jean told them, they looked at the flowers then back to her, signaling for her to continue. "I brought those in 10 minutes ago, fresh from the garden and now they are dead." The group of people still were confused so she explained, "I was working on the computer and when I turned back around I saw the plants wilting and dying and feint silver tendrils coming from the stems leading to the dome, so I called Hank and he came in but was also shocked, he then pulled the x-ray up and saw the damage of the muscles and tissue and broken bones healing faster than they were yesterday."

"Really, I presume you asked Storm to bring the flower so you could show us?" Stated the Professor, Jean nodded and took the flower ferom Storm and put it down on the table next to the bed and the group waited to see what happened, after a few minutes they gasped as they saw a silver tendril leave the plant and attached itself to the dome and began to wilt. Hank pulled up the x-ray and the group watched as all the damage to the boy started to heal, they watched the flower turn black then turn into nothing but ash and saw all the injuries the boy had were gone.

"Well, I have never seen that before, but it appeard he uses the plants life force and drains it to quicken the healing process." Explained Hank.

"Truly magnificent.." Stated Storm, her face full of awe.

They gasped again as they saw the dome surrounding the boy grow a bit brighter and they felt the preasure of its power in the room, they noticed cracks started to appear on it, a few seconds later it expanded a bit then exploded into shattered pieces of energy before disapearing, the group was pushed a bit back as a small force of wind pushed them back. As they steadied themselves they heard a small whimper and moan come from the bed as the boys eyes began to flicker open.

The first thing Harry noticed was how bright the world was when he opened his eyes, he immediatly closed his eyes and groaned at the pain they caused. 'If this is Heaven could they at least tone down their lights, I wonder if everyone who comes here gets blinded when they open their which kinda makes sense as you can't get hurt if you fly into a cloud' he thought to himself. His body stiffened when he heard a laugh that sounded like a women, he opened his eyes again and was met with another pair of green eyes of a women with red hair, she kinda looked like his mother from the pictures he took from the attic at the Dursleys house.

"Mum?" He asked as he stared into the warm and kind eyes of the women.

"No sweetie I'm not your mom, my name is Jean Grey and I'm a doctor." Replied Jean and watched as disappointment flooded the boys emerald coloured eyes. It saddened her.

Harry looked down with disappointment but something blue caught his attention at the corner of his eye and he turned to stare at what ever it was only to get the fright of his life, infront of him was a blue ape and he instictivly raised his hands to cover his head, as he did that movement it caused Hank to fly into a wall. Harry looked at his hands in shock, then fear filled him, he did something freakish again, he was gonna get beaten again because of something he had no control over. He jumped out of the bed and scrambled to a corner so fast it startled Jean who stumbled into Scott. Harry cowered in the corner with his arms covering his face as he said.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't hurt me, I didn't mean it I'm sorry, I'll be good!" He sobbed into his hands waiting for the pain that normally came.

The group stared in shock at the boy of how terrified he looked, Jeans eyes and Storms darkened in anger at the people who hurt this boy like this. Jean raised her hand in a surrender look and walked slowly to the terrified boy and spoke in a calm, warm voice.

"Hey, hey its okay no ones going to hurt you, you're safe here I promise, I won't let anyone hurt you" He looked up at her and saw sincerity and warmth in her eyes and launched himself at her and hugged her, she was shocked at first but then quickly hugged the too thin boy back with tears stinging her eyes. " There, there sshhh its okay" she soothed him and he calmed down, he opened his and saw the other people that were in the room.

"Ummm hi" he said in a soft voice with a small smile. A man in a wheel chair rolled near him with a kind grandfatherly smile and spoke to the boy,

"Hello child my name is Charles Xavier and I am the principle for Xaviers School For Gifted Youngsters." He smiled and held out a hand for the boy to shake, Harry looked at the hand and took it slowly into his smaller hand and shook it.

"And who might you be young man, I'm sure you have a name?" Asked Charles, Harry looked at the man nervously before answering in a small voice, "I don't know my name."

Charles frowned confused, " What do you mean you don't know your name, everyone has a name?"

" My Aunt and Uncle never told me my name they only called me 'boy' or 'freak'. " He said.

"Why would the call you a freak" asked a rugged looking man with big muscles, Harry looked at him before answering, " They called me that because I could do thing I couldn't explain and uncle always used to beat me for doing something that might infect their son." Logan looked shocked, others looked sick, Jean and Storm had anger written on their faces that read retribution.

"Would you like to find out what your name is?" Asked the Professor

"How could you possibly find out my name?" Asked Harry, the old man smiled before answering, "I can take a look into your mind and locate your name for you, if that's ok with you?"

Harry hesitated before nodding his consent, he felt a small tingle in his mind and did everything he could not to freak out.


Charles looked around and saw a beautiful landscape with sunshine, a lake and a soft calming wind it was truly peaceful, he looked behind him and his smile dropped, behind him there were black clouds, burnt grass and dead trees, lightning decorated the sky. He would think about that later, right now he had to find the memories and started searching.

Eventually he came to an oak door that had the word 'Memories' written in gold, he was about to touch the doorknob when chains came out the ground and wrapped themselves around the door. Charles tried to move but found he was stuck.

"WHO GOES THERE!" Yelled a voice. Charles looked around for the source of the voice and saw a teenage boy about 15 or 16 with black hair and green eyes, standing, glaring at him. " Tell me what you are doing here and explain to me why you you were going to break into the memories?" Said the teenager.

"I just need to get them so I can tell the boy his name, who are you?" Asked the Professor.

"When the time comes you will know what I am but for now you will not know, his name is Harry James Potter, now leave." Said the mysterious figure. Charles left the mind of the boy with a lot of questions running through his head.

"So did you find out what my name is?" Asked the boy with a small voice, eyes filled with hope. The Professor smiled and said, " Yes, your name is Harry James Potter." The boy smiled and lay back down on the bed and fell back to sleep.

Charles turned around and addressed the people in the room, "We must keep an eye on him, I sense this boy is very special and powerful, he's going to make a difference somewhere."

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