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Several years later...

Harry was excited for today, why you ask, well today is his 15th birthday so of course he was excited, who wouldn't be. He was busy looking at himself in the mirror and compared himself to what he looked like now than when he was 5.

He was taller ,though still the shortest 15 year old in the mansion which pissed him off to no end, he blamed his miserable excuse of a family who refused to feed him when he was still with them, he was around 5'9 now. He had unruly black hair that would never lie flat and bright emerald green had a small petite frame that was fast and agile aswell as nicely developed muscles which were from his martial arts training from his Aunt Raven and his father Scott. Yes Jean and Scott adopted him he had been the happiest 5 year old in the world, finally a family that will love him and not call him a freak. He still has nightmares about his old mother always held him, rocking him to sleep, whispering words of comfort to him until he fell back to sleep when he was younger. He had a new family that consisted of his Mom and Dad, Aunt Storm, Uncle Logan, Aunt Emma, Grandfathers Xavier and Eric and Uncle Beast.

He looked over at his two roommates Bobby and John, he had become friends with these two after a few days of being in the mansion and eventually they became inseperable. Bobby was tall with a lithe form with well developed muscles, he had brown hair and ice blue eyes. He was kind, helpful and always had respect for everyone. His power was to control ice and produce it. John on the other hand was the complete opposite in personality. He was a jerk, he had a hot temper and liked to break rules and not listen to anybody. Well except to Harry he can't say no to him, and if he ever uses that attitude of holier-than-thou on him. He knocks some sense into him. He was also tall but a bit shorter than Bobby, he had blonde hair and amber eyes. His muscles were also developed. He could control fire but not produce it, thus explaining his hot temper. They became the brothers Harry never had.

He noticed the time and realised if they didn't get up they would be late for breakfast, so being the kind friend he was he filled two buckets with water and used his telekinesis to levitate the buckets over the sleeping forms, he smirked and with a twitch of his finger the buckets tipped and deposited the water onto his victims. They immediately bolted straight up with a yelp of surprise and turned to glare at the perpetrator only to find him gone, only hearing the laugh echoing down the hallway.

"I'll kill him." John said coldly as the water on him started to evaporate due to his rising body temperature.

"I agree, we will get him at breakfast." Bobby gave an evIl smirk to John that signalled justice will be served and they started to get ready.


Harry arrived at the cafeteria and the staff and some student noticed his look of innocence and knew he had done something. He smiled and waved to his adoptive family before getting his breakfast and sitting with his other friends, Kitty, Collosus, Jubilee and Rogue.

"What did you do this time?" They asked all at once. He gave them a look of innocence and replied,"Nothing." They all scoffed at him not believing him at all. Thier answers came when John and Bobby burst through the doors with a look in thier eyes that screamed retribution.

"Oooo your in shit now." said Jubilee with a grin on her face.

"What did you do to them this time?" asked Kitty with a smile.

"I may or may not have dumped water on them to wake them up." he said. They all laughed at him.

"Well well well if it isn't the water thrower." said John. Everyone in the cafeteria stopped and watched the exchange. These ones were the funniest things you ever see in the mansion.

"Hey guys how are you this fine morning?" he asked with bright green eyes.

"Oh you know good and all, I just had to wake up though to a bucket of water being dumped on me while it floated in mid-air, mmmm I wonder who it was. Do you know Harry?"

"Nope not at all sorry."

"Oh well thats ok we'll just go and try find him or her." and with that they walked out of the cafeteria. Harry gave a sigh of relief and turned around to his friends. He was about to talk when he was picked up and thrown onto someone's shoulder. He saw Bobby's smirking face and knew it was Johns sholder, they started to move towards the doors of the cafeteria and he didn't know what they would do to him so he did what he did best, threaten.

"I swear if you don't put me down NOW! John st Alderyce I'll throw you against the wall so hard you wont be able to have children...ever." he screamed while punching Johns back. All John did was laugh at the threats, Harry should know by now that Bobby and him are immune to them.

"Help me someone. Rescue me from these savages, anyone? Logan help me please." All Logan did was laugh and wave good bye.

"Mom help me, who knows what they'll do to me." Jean laughed at her adoptive son and just smiled and waved.

"Cruel Mother, cruel." "Does anybody have something to say to me before I meet my fate." He said dramatically, Bobby was just laughing. All at once everyone said at the same time.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" was the last thing he heard before the doors closed behind them.

"Where are you taking me you jerks?" he asked while attempting to glare which falied due to his position.

"Wait and see." was all Bobby and John said. Harry didn't know where they were going until he caught the scent of the garden.

"You're gonna throw me into the lake aren't you?" he asked with a voice of defeat.

"No, but a very good idea." said John. Harry was going to ask another question when John suddenly put him on the ground and spun him around. He gasped, there before him was a big blanket, it was huge and all of his friends and family were there. He turned back towards Bobby and John with a huge smile."You did all this for me?"

They both nodded and grinned and suddenly found themselves struggling to breath because Harry decided to hug the life out of them.

"Can't breath."gasped Bobby. Harry let go and gave them a sheepish smile.

"Damn bugger stronger than he looks." they both laughed and Harry just glared at them. They made thier way over to the blanket.

"Happy birthday Harry." said Jean hugging him.

Scott clapped him on the back. "Happy birthday son." Both Jean and Scott loved thier adoptive son and would do anything for him. The reason they decided to adopt little Harry all those years ago was because Jean was unable to have children which saddened her but fate gave her Harry and she was happy and made a vow to his deceased mother that she would care for him greatly.

"Thanks mom and dad, have any of you seen Saline she wasn't in our room when I woke up?" Everyone shook thier heads. Saline had also become like some mother to Harry, she was fiercly protective and made sure he ate enough and did his homework. No-one could explain why he could talk to snakes so they just went along with it. She had grown a lot since that day he found her, she was about 7ft long and gave lots of people a good scare when they saw her. It was especially amusing to Harry when Bobby or John woke up to Saline staring them down and they jumped up running from the room.

/I'm right here massster./ Saline came slithering out from a bush and passed between Bobby's legs, he jumped and ran towards the other sidenof the blanket. She looked back and gave him a smile which was odd on a snake. Harry just laughed at them. /Happy Birthday masssster./

/Thank you Ssssaline, I ssssee you planned on sssscaring Bobby./ she laughed and shook her head in the affirmative.

Once everyone said Happy Birthday to Harry they all sat down and had thier breakfast picnic while Saline feasted on a rat she caught much to John's disgust.

"She's doing that on purpose isn't she!" John exclaimed while glaring at the oblivious snake. Everyone laughed as Harry nodded his head. Once everyone was finished with thier meal, Harry turned to his mother with big emerald eyes asking the big question.

"Hahahaha no dear, presents will come later tonight." she told her son with a mischievous glint in her eye.

"What! Why? Not even one?" he asked. She laughed and just shook her head.

"Harry you can wait until tonight it won't be that long. Come on you have Danger Room training with Logan." said Scott.

"Oooh thats Logans present, I get to skip it?" Logan laughed hard, falling down with tears in his eyes.

"Thats funny kid but no, that will never happen." Harry's face deflated.

"We got you a present Harry." Both John and Bobby said at the same time. Harry's face lit up into a smile and turned around to recieve...a face full of water, while John and Bobby laughed themselves silly. Everyone laughed at his shocked face. He narrowed his eyes on his friends. "Well played."

"Alright kids to the danger room the lot of you. We're gonna be doing a team exercise. " they all cheered at these words. The teens made thier way towards the danger room.


They were all changed into thier uniforms, pumped and ready for action. Logan came out looking all stern.

"Alright we are going to be going against a horde of robots that won't stop attacking you unless you get exhausted or they surround you and subdue you, he gave a maniacal grin, they shivered.

"Cerebro activate sequence." Logan stated pulling unshinking his claws. Bobby turned into his full iceform, Jubilee had fireworks dancing between her fingers, Colossus turned into his metal form while the rest who didn't have any other form got into a fighting stance.

[Initialising sequence one.] The room shimmered until it resembled a forest. All at once robots shimmered into the room and immediatly started attacking them. Some were firing lasers at Logan while othere were shooting missiles at Colossus. A missle headed straight for Kitty but passed right through her thanks to her phasing ability. Rogue absorbed Logans healing ability and Bobby's ice power and started fighting. Jubilee shot firework after firework at robots with a gleeful smile on her face.

"Jubilee watch out!" Yelled John. She turned around to see a missle heading for her and was about to dodge when it impacted with a blue dome. She gave a grateful smile to Harry and went back to blowing up robots.

"Hey Bobby you know that plan we discussed." Harry said while smashing two robots together with his telekinesis.

"Yea" he said while freezing a robot then punching it.

"Wanna give it a go?" Said Harry with a grin. Bobby smiled, "Heck yea."

Harry erected a dome around them and flung the surrounding robots away. Bobby started making pointed icicles. Harry picked them up with his telekinesis and shot them towards a group of robots. The ice spikes impaled the bots and they exploded. They gave each other a smile and set back onto thier task. Logan gave them a smile of approval. John gave a smile at his best friends plan they had been wanting to try it out since they came up with it 2 weeks ago. They were all succeeding until.

[Target telekinetic mutant.] said one robot. Immediately the robots abandoned the others and converged onto Harry and Bobby. They started firing lasers and missles at the dome, Harry began to feel the pressure.

'Must protect Bobby.' He thought to himself. Jean got out of her seat in the control room and looked upon the danger room battlefield with worry. Harry's shield started to crack and flicker. With a big push he picked up Bobby with his telekinesis and flung him towards the others. A laser blast breached his shield and hit him on the arm, he hissed in pain but dud not drop his shield. Silver tendrils shot out of his arm and attached themselves to the grass absorbing it's life energy to heal his wound. He felt all the pressure of the lasers and missles aswell as the burns from lasers that breached his shield. It became to much and his dome finally was destroyed into tiny pieces. Harry was breathing heavy, he looked up and found himself face to face with a missle launcher.



A 16 or 17 version of Harry stood infront of a giant glass ball resting on a pedestal. He stared at it intently and frowned. He felt a presence come to rest beside him. He looked and it was a women with red hair , emerald eyes, wearing a red dress.

"It's time." Said Harry. "For to long have we been dormant, now it is time to reignite the magical core." She nodded her head in agreement.

"Yes, but you do know that they can never coexist together?" she looked at him.

"Yes I do but that's why you're here isn't it. " She nodded and turned back to the empty glass ball.

"Lets begin shall we." he spoke and gain she nodded. Harry raised his hands and touched the glass ball. As soon as his fingers came into contact with it a spark ignited in the centre. He smiled and did it again, another spark apeared and then another one, as the last spark came the core ignited, illuminating them in a blue glow. Harrys eyes turned blue and he smiled as the magical core was awakened. He watched it start to rotate, getting faster and faster lifting off the ground and spinning at high speeds. He frowned when a crack started to appear and lightning shot off the glowing ball striking the ground and trees.

"The core is in overload, he is going to implode, it's to much power at once." He stated with a frown.

"I've got it under control." said the women, he watched as her eyes turned black and she was engulfed in flames. Pieces of the flame split off from her and rested in the centre of the core until the fire shaped into its own sphere directly in the centre. Immediately the core slowed down in its rotation and lowered a bit to the ground. The cracks started to mend and the lightning retreating back into the core.

"It is stabilized and alive again...for now." he said with a grin appearing on his face. He gave a grateful towards the women.

"Thank you Phoenix we appreciate this." she smiled at him before turning serious.

"You know his life will change now right, for better or worse." He nodded his head a grave look on his face.

"You're right but only time will tell." He settled to stare into the glowing magical core with a look of concentration.



Harry looked at the robot before doubling over in pain. The robots were thrown away from Harry, some ripped apart. He started to glow blue faintly until it started to grow amd grow. He lifted off the ground still shrieking in agony.

[Warning Power level increase detected. Unknown Power source detected.]

Harry's cries of pain became softer turning into whimpers. Everyone gasped as they saw a crack appear down his chest. He glowed brighter as lightning arched off his body and hit the surrounding robot. Bobby and John tried to approach him when lightning struck the ground near thier feet. They jumped back from fright.

"Whats wrong with him Charles?" asked Jean frantic.

"I don't know. "replied the wise Professor. "I've never seen this kind of thing."

Harry yelled out in pure agony which broke Jeans heart, she was about to go help Harry when he suddenly had flames joining in with the lightning. They all watched with awe as the lightning receded in Harry's body, the pressure of power built until it exploded. The last thing Harry saw before he lost consciousness was all the robots being destroyed by his blast and his friends and family running towards him with looks of worry.


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