Another's author's note I know, I'm sorry! But I was reading the reviews today and I'd like to say that you guys are all very sweet! But there are some issues I'd like to address, soo..

1) I'll be leaving this story as Connor/Imogen for now, as that's the easiest I can do for the storyline. Sorry for anyone who wanted Kevin/Dynasty but maybe I could squeeze that in in later chapters.

2) I got a lengthy yet informative review from LisaT, the author of one of my favourite stories right now 'The Mulgrew's of Waterloo Road'. In this story I mentioned a few times about Imogen taking out her hearing aids and leaving them out when walking around alone. Incase you haven't already guessed I have no self experience with any of this so I apologise if any of it sounds unrealistic but I try my best. In your review I couldn't tell wether you were laughing at me and how unrealistic I sound or just trying to inform me... Either way I apologise for my lack of knowledge on the subject and please just continue to read the story and pretend I didn't write that part because it's to late for me to go back and change it now. Thank you for informing me.

Thank you for your time. Please keep the lovely reviews coming, you guys give me the motivation to update. Also sorry to anyone who thought this was a chapter. I'll try and get one up for tonight.