Sorry I haven't updated in ages, but I've had a lot of coursework to do :( but I'm here now with an update. Sorry if it's to short. Hope you enjoy it :)

They spent the rest of the period in that classroom. Connor holding Imogen tightly to his chest while she let out heartbreaking sobs. He whispered sweet reassurances into her ear until her crying subsided.

After five minutes of silence and Connor trying to figure out what to say, he finally spoke.

'You need to tell someone.' He stated.

'I-I can't! If Steve-O finds out I told he'll kill me! And you!' Imogen panicked, her fear for Steve-O had grown since the incident and she feared she would break down if she even saw his face again.

'Not if he's in prison he won't! He raped you Imogen,' said girl's flinch at the word 'rape' did not go unnoticed by Connor, but he continued anyway. 'And that is not okay! He needs to be put into prison, he needs to be punished!'

'Steve-o has connections, and loads of them. If he gets sent to prison his friends will come after us, our lives will be ruined. I'm not gonna let him make our lives hell. That's what he wants.' She had a point, Connor thought, but his anger towards Steve-O didn't falter. If he could get that beast locked up for good then he would do anything to do so. Well, except go against his wife that is.

'Fine. But you at least have to go to the hospital and get a rape kit. He could have had an STD or something, you need to get checked out.'

'No way. Connor I'm scared to even let my husband hug me never mind letting a stranger... You know what I mean.' Imogen flushed red and Connor squeezed her hand comfortingly.

The door to the classroom slammed open, startling the young couple. Dynasty entered swiftly, her heels clicking against the laminate floor sharply, Kevin followed slightly behind.

'Is it true then? Did he touch ye? I'll kill him! That worthless piece of-'

'Dynasty!' Connor cut her off angrily as tears welled up in Imogen's eyes.

Dynasty pulled the dark haired girl into a tight hug and surprisingly it was reciprocated. Kevin appeared sheepishly from behind and tried to avoid Connor's glare.

'I had to tell her! Imogen needs all the helps she can get!' Defended Kevin and Connor relaxed slightly, knowing he was right.

'Why didn't you tell someone babes? You could have told me as soon as it happened and I could've helped! I could've made you feel better! You should never keep something that big from me!'

'I'm sorry, I just feel so angry with myself. I feel like I've betrayed everyone and I hate it. I'm disgusting.' Imogen babbled, fresh tears threatening to spill again.

'It's not your fault! You've done nothing wrong. And Steve-O's the disgusting one, the little bastard makes me sick.' Dynasty exclaimed angrily, rubbing her back to comfort her.

'We're gonna help you get through this Imogen. You don't have to be alone anymore, you've got us.' Connor reassured her, and the others agreed.

And Imogen believed them. She finally had someone to talk to, someone who could help her. She felt like the weight of the world had been lifted of her shoulders, and she knew that the worst was over now.

But little did the teenager know, as for her, the worst was yet to come..