I do not own any of the fast and furious characters! please read and comment. Honest feedback is appreciated. This is my first fan fiction and my intake of what Fast 7 could be like. Please do not take it too seriously! it started out like a silly project but as I continued writing I got more into it and took it more serious. Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks!

Hobbs, Torretto, and O' Connor were at an underground biker bar in Tokyo tracking Ian Shaw. They had received a tip earlier that the bar they were staking out was a frequent front for Ian Shaw. The bar was crowded wall to wall with bikers and pro riders from all over Japan and Asia. Pink and greens neon lights aligned the ceiling walls the bartender was at the center with a alcohol stacked to the top and a stairway leading up to the VIP rooms. Dom's focus was on the Target: Shaw. Dom has spent years in exile and had just reunited with his lady love Letty and he wasn't about to let anyone threaten or tear apart his family again. Dom wanted to strike and hit Shaw fast and hard. He didn't want another Braga or Reyes slip through. Brian was in it no matter what, most likely motivated to protect Mia and his son like any new father would. Hobbs joined Torrettos mission with little to no question. All Dom had to do was give him a call and he was there the next day though with investigation he knew what type of man Ian Shaw was.

Hobbs slapped Brian's back "You're too aggressive. Try sitting down at the bar and knock a few back maybe that would better your image."

"Well you're not exactly approachable either," Brian snapped back.

"That's why I'm going to have a Drink." Hobbs replied before heading over to the bar leaving Brian behind to catch up to him. Brian orders a beer in his best American Japanese tourist accent.

Hobbs once again came out from behind and suggested to Brian "If you want to be a big Dawg why not get the big Dawg drink?" He baritoned "Bartender! Glass of Tokyo Iced Tea!" Hobbs points a crystal bottle within a glass box above the bartender. He then described to Brian that the Tokyo Iced Tea was a highly dangerous alcoholic drink band in several countries. Brian smiled and accepted Hobbs offer. He slammed down 3,000 yen and saluted to Hobbs who was also joining him in the drink.

Meanwhile Torretto found a waitress who verified that the bar they were at was indeed one of Ian Shaw's many offices. She pointed out the staircase that led to his private VIP room. Dom sat down at the bar next to Brian and Hobbs completely oblivious to what the two were up to. Dom was just too focused on the stairway, even a single blink could cause him to lose his target.


It would appear that Dominic had not moved a single inch. His focus matched that of a predator hunting its prey. No one questioned him; no one noticed he wasn't drinking or socializing. He was just waiting for something to happen, for someone to walk down the staircase. His body was completely tensed, ready to spring at action like a bullet in the chamber. At that moment, the only thing that existed for Dom was the door to the VIP room until Brian broke his focus when he yelled out, "Wh-what are you talking about?! I was there from the beginning. I was rolling with his crew and watching his back while you were still getting your tags!"

"Bullshit, you were snitching on his crew. I'm telling you right here and now that you will never be in his league; you will NEVER be good enough." Hobbs snapped back angrily.

By this point Dom figured that both Brian and Hobbs were overly redemption hammered.

"Oh and you are?!" Brian asked sarcastically.

"That's right I am. I'm not some wanna be rolling with Dom trying to be a big guy; I am a big guy, I'm 'THE' big guy." Hobbs exclaimed.

"No man your just a cop living on the other side of the spectrum. I broke free from that life. I am the father of his nephew, I'm real family." Brian yelled from his place.

"YOU ruined his real family. You got Letty killed, I brought her back." Hobbs Exclaimed.

Dominic realized that the squabble was over him now, and that Brian and Hobbs had gotten the attention of everyone at the bar.


Letty was pacing back and forth in a Mia's hotel suite with arms crossed over her chest and was nervously biting the tip of her thumb's fingernail.

"There not coming back anytime soon" Mia said exasperatedly while sitting on the edge of the bed bouncing baby jack on her lap.

"I know." Letty muttered annoyingly at Mia's comment.

Initiatively Letty made it clear to Dom that she was joining him on going to the bar where Shaw was confirmed to be at. At first Dom did not oblige to the idea after all the day they return back from London Dom had promise Letty to never leave her alone again and they swore to each other that neither of them would walk away from the other. Dom couldn't bare any more guilt after the night he had walked out on her while she slept back in the DR which had then led to her presumed death. Dom had lost her once and was not planning on ever going through that heart ache again. He promised on his father's grave to always keep her safe for she was the woman who held his heart and no other woman could fill his heart like she had. Dom however had pleaded Letty to stay home just for that night with Mia and baby jack. Letty looked into Dom's eyes filled with sorrow and saw the sincerity in them as he asked her to stay and watch over them for if god forbidden anything bad would have happen to them later that night at the bar. As stubborn as Letty was with much time and much reasoning she eventually agreed to Dom's plead and decided to stay and help Mia.

Mia watched her friend nervously pace the room hastily back and forth. She chuckled lightly under her breath.

"relax girl. I'm sure everything is going to be okay" Mia assured to her edgy friend.

"I know. I just…. I just want to know what happened already and why their taking so long" Letty said quietly while gently moving the window curtain to the side leaving just the bare minimal space for her to peak outside.

"Wow Letty you never strike to me as the nervous type." Mia teased grinning over at her.

Letty stepped away from the window and turned to face Mia. She tilted her head curiously before biting down on her lower lip "Yeah your right," she agreed then snorted out a laugh "and to think I stayed to keep you calm." she said sarcastically.

Mia chuckled. She lifted herself up from the bed and carried Jack with one hand snaked around his lower back and supported his weight on the side of her hip. She walked over towards Letty and with her free hand she touched her shoulder "I'm glad you stayed Letty. I really missed you"

Letty gave the tanned slim Italian woman a warm and comforting smile. Even though Letty hadn't had all her memory back just a few flashbacks here and there she genuinely felt loved and cared for from the people who referred themselves as family. Months prior Letty had a flashback from a night where she was at the DR at a street race and was also the last rendezvous with Han. She knew for a fact that Han had risked his life to bring her back from London and in the process lost his loved one. Letty felt like she owed it to him and she was more than determine to help and avenge his death. But regardless of Dom's decision for her staying in tonight she was still contempt on helping Mia with her adorable baby boy.

Dom Felt the stares of everyone at the bar burning into him. His rage was building up; he couldn't believe or comprehend what was going on. Dom had to step in and stop them before it dragged on any longer. He had never felt so humiliated. He got up from his stool and stomped his feet right up to them. The boys eyes were locked on each other, when finally Hobbs told Brian, "Do you think you would still be here, if you hadn't knocked his sister up?" Right when Dom was about to pull Brian away and scold them both, Brian gives Hobbs a left hook. Hobbs regained his balance and retaliated with a punch of his own but Brian dodged it and dove for his waist. Embarrassingly Brian wasn't able to budge Hobbs and left himself open to get lifted and thrown onto the bar table. Dom tried to intervene and wrapped his arm around Hobbs neck from behind but underestimated the hulking Mountains strength, so he was easily brushed off.

Dom pleaded with them, "Stop! Don't make me take you down!" Dom threatened but with no avail.

The two were engaged in a battle. Hobbs had his hands on Brains collar and Brian was using all his strength to get Hobbs off of him. Both their eyes were glossy and angry. Hobbs veins were popping off the side of his head and Brain's face was turning red. Dom's face was also turning red but for different reasons. The cheering crowd was getting into it but then the cheers suddenly stopped. and a hush spread through the bar. Dom's eyes were once again focused on the stairway, but this time Shaw was standing there with four of his men. Shaw had a bewildered look on his face; he never would expect that the notorious men responsible for taking down his brother would be on his front door step making a spectacle.

"Dominic Torretto." Shaw exclaimed. Dom released Hobbs, Hobbs and Brian also calmed down but were still a bit dazed.

"Shaw." Dom grumbled and walked right up to him. Immediately Shaw's men drew their firearms and aimed for Dom, but Shaw dismissed them. "There's no need for that. When I learned that a group of outlaws took out my brother, my blood, I decided to take matters in my own hands, from what I've learned about you..."he chuckled and dropped his head " I was impressed, I thought I was going to have the fight of my life. A match worth meeting. I was ready to get my hands dirty and here you are in all your glory."

Dom's face was unemotional. He wasn't sure what was about to happen but didn't say a word. Shaw paced between his men and finally turned to Dom with grimace. They stood and stared for what felt like 20 hours, but were really only 20 seconds. Brian was still on his back but got on his feet and brushed off the broken glass, while Hobbs remained standing but his face clearly showed that he was not going to remember the night the next morning.

"We have unfinished business." Dom baritoned. Shaw rubbed the stubble on his chin as he gazed at the trio. " No. we don't."

Dom's eyes widened "You killed my friend."

"And my brother is dead. Owen knew what he was doing and if he got killed it's because he made a mistake and if you make a mistake you pay for it. Dominic Torretto. I no longer want any part on your revenge, your team nor your humiliation. From now on we are not to even be in the same hemisphere. I want you out or else I will demonstrate to you the consequence of going against me." Shaw exclaimed

Dom almost looked shocked and hurt. He couldn't believe that it ended up like this; that everything fell apart. As Shaw's men restrained a wobbly Brian and Hobbs and escorted them outside, a confused Dom thought about fighting back and continuing on with his original plans, but at the last second he allowed Shaw's men to escort him outside. Everything was ruined. Dom stormed though the parking lot while the drunken duo tired their best to compose themselves as best as possible. The trio walked in silence to find the car all while Dom was replaying the night over and over in his head.

Hobbs called out to Brian "jew no wut Brian yu a good man sorry man."

Brian returned the apology "No man im sssorry, everything you ssssaid wasss right. I don't belong here…"

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!?" Dom yelled angrily as he pulled out his phone.