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Letty was sitting on the hood of the car while Dom was leaning against it with his arms crossed over his chest. Both were casually waiting for the rest of their group to arrive at the finish line. When both team Tej's and Brian's cars pulled up to the finish line, Brian got out of his car with a shocked look on his face. "How did you guys get here? We thought we lost you!"

"We took a short cut." Letty replied quickly. Hobbs got out from the passenger side and walked over to Dom and Letty and took notice of Ian Shaw's car flipped over and totaled. "And Shaw?"

Dom uncrossed his arms and banged on the top of his trunk two times.

Hobbs smiled at the implication that Shaw was trapped inside Toretto's car.

Hobbs cleared his throat. "The other racers aren't that far behind. But once they see the race is over they will most likely scatter into the winds." He pulled out a satellite phone and radioed for back up.

Tej looked over at Dom and Letty, he furrowed his eyebrows. "Um trunks aren't very well ventilated. Are you guys sure he is still alive in there?" He asked concernedly.

Dom walked over to his car's trunk. "Let's give it a look." He baritone. He opened his trunk and saw a fully conscious Shaw. Shaw let out a loud groan, a very clear indication that he was alive. Dom shrugged noncommittally and accidently slammed the trunk down onto Shaw's head. "He looks pretty alive to me." He said teasingly.

Tej nodded and shrugged. "Well at least he didn't suffocate."

Letty chuckled. "Well it's not day time, so at least we know that he won't die of heat exhaustion."

Several minutes later helicopters showed up over the horizon and landed near where the gang was at. Once the Special Forces Hobbs ordered arrived, Dom pulled Ian Shaw out of the trunk and pushed him over to Hobbs. Hobbs got a firm hold on Shaw's wrist and dragged him over to the one of the helicopters and pushed him while his fellow officers helped restrain Shaw to the seats. Dom stared down at Shaw one last time before they took him away. Shaw had a bloody nose and looked pretty upset in contrast to Doms satisfied smirk. As the helicopter lifted away, Letty rested her head on Dom's broad shoulder. Dom wrapped an arm around her, holding her closer into him.

Roman raised both arms in the air and waved good bye to Shaw. "Yeeahhh!" he shouted as the Helicopter with Shaw in it disappeared over the Horizon.

Brian looked over at Dom and Letty. "So what's next?" He asked.

Still holding onto Letty, Dom looked over at Brian. "We finally go home." He turned his head to the side and looked down into Letty's eyes. "We can finally get that family started." Letty smiled as she got up on her tippy toes and kissed Dom on his lips.

Brian was a little thrown back at Dom's statement. "Wait a second? Letty you're pregnant?" He asked confused.

Dom and Letty both nodded in unison with huge smiles splashed onto their faces.

Roman amusingly raised his eyebrows and shouted in Tej's ear "I told you so! Pay up!" Tej rolled his eyes and reluctantly handed Roman an unknown amount of money.

Everyone smiled and rejoiced at the news of the new incoming member to their family. They all took turns congratulating them. They hugged Letty and patting Dom on the back.

Letty chuckled after she accepted Romans embrace. "Wait a minute you guys were betting on whether or not I was pregnant?"

Roman chuckled. "We were betting on whether Dom was going to knock you up or not."

Letty's eyebrows rose from utter surprise. "Why would you guys bet that?"

"Seem logical since you and Dom were going at it like Jack rabbits like every hour or so." Roman shrugged. "So it seemed like a good bet to make at the time."

Letty crossed her arms over her chest. "But how the hell would you guys know that we were going at it as often?"

Roman grinned and looked over at Tej, signaling for him to answer. Tej rolled his eyes at him and then looked over at Letty. "Well you guys were late for everything and when you guys did show up, you always looked like you just made love, not to mention the sexual tension you two had during the interrogations with Hector."

Letty let out a small huffed and walked over to Dom. She wrapped her arms around his ribs and Dom wrapped his arms around her lower waist. She snuggled her head against his muscular chest as Dom gently rested his chin on the top of her head.

Roman grinned. "Aw look at you two." He teased. Letty rolled her eyes and teasingly flipped him off. Roman chuckled. "Whoa take it easy girl." He teased back.

Hobbs was standing from afar watching the team he got to know very well over the time continue to warmly embrace each other after their successful mission was done. One of the armed officers from the helicopter informed Hobbs that they had hunted down most of the other racers from Shaw's race and are taking them into custody. Hobbs looked back at the team one last time before he began to head to the Helicopter when He heard Dom's voice from behind.

"Hobbs, where are you going?"

Hobbs looked back to see everyone looking over at him

Dom grinned. "You're part of the family man you don't want to join us in the celebration?"

Hobbs smiled back at the gang, he turned to his fellow officer and informed him that he would catch up with him later and then walked over to the group where they all opened their arms and accepted him into their embrace.

Tej went over to his car and pulled out another metal suitcase and brought it over to everyone. He placed the suitcase on top of the hood of Dom's car. "It's not over just yet."

He opened the suitcase and pulled out a chilled bottle of champagne. Roman reached in the suitcase and passed out cups to everyone except Letty. "Sorry Letty."

While opening the bottle of champagne Tej enthusiastically added. "This is to another job well done with some of the craziest and most amazing people I've ever had the honor to ride with." He shook up the bottle with his thumb over the mouth hole and began to spray every one with the champagne as everyone let out a genuine enjoyable laugh.

5 months later

Back in L.A. the gang had finally settled in back into their comfortable lives. Everything seemed to go back to normal, in fact Leon and his family had even decided to move back to the States. Life back at home couldn't be any better, especially for Dom and Letty.

It was a Sunday morning when Letty was already showing a baby bump. She stood in the middle of what would soon be her new born child's bedroom. She was standing on her tip toes trying to hang up some curtains when Dom entered from behind. He cleared his throat. "I would help you out but my hands are kind of full right now."

The next noise Letty heard was the sound of a puppy whimper; she immediately turned around to see Dom Holding a small three week old puppy in his hands. Letty's mouth dropped at the sight of the little cocker spaniel Dom held in his hands. She dropped the curtains on the floor and rushed over to pick up the puppy.

"Oh my gosh you remembered!" Letty joyfully cried out.

Dom shrugged. "You promised me a baby and I promised you a puppy."

Letty gasped "You kept your promise!" Her smiled widened and she kissed her gratitude onto Dom's lips. She then lifted the puppy high in the air and inspected to see if the puppy was a male or a female.

She grinned. "So what are we going to name him?"

Dom shrugged. "Whatever you want Let, it's your gift."

Letty softly bit onto her lower lip and pondered for a few seconds as she took a real good look at the golden color puppy. "Frankie" She finally spoke after a short silence, and without any means of hesitation sounding in her voice.

Dom smiled and nodded. "Frankie sounds good."

Letty smiled back and then took notice of the buckets of paint next to Dom's feet. "What color did you decide for the nursery?" She asked him curiously.

"Pink for our baby girl." Dom grinned.

Letty rolled her eyes and smiled. "Oh god Dom, so typical of you to choose that color. Why not lavender? or green?"

"Come on Let she's my first daughter. Let me enjoy this!" Dom said with a huge smile on his face.

"Fine but don't over spoil her." Letty teased.

Dom chuckled and looped an arm around Letty's lower waist from behind while she still held onto the puppy. He pulled her into him and walked them over to a rocking chair. He sat down and brought Letty to sit on his lap. Letty leaned down and gently lowered the puppy onto the floor. She then rested her body back into Dom's arms and he slowly rocked them back and forth, holding her in his arms.

Dom rubbed a large hand against Letty's baby bump. "So we have the dog's name taken care of, but what about our baby girls name?" he asked.

Letty nervously bit onto her lower lip and gave a half shrug.

Dom took noticed at her bodies involuntarily reaction. He chuckled under his breath, boy did he knew his Letty too well.

He chuckled. "Come on Let, spill it, I know you already decided on a name."

Letty immediately whipped her head around and looked at him. "How do you know I already know what I want to name her?"

Dom chuckled. "Let every time you bite onto her lower lip it either means you're thinking really hard or you're nervous, and by the quick shrug you gave, I know you already thought of a name to name our daughter." He smiled and rested both large hands on her belly. "Now come on babe tell me what it is?"

"You really want to know what name I want for our daughter?" She asked teasingly.

Dom smiled and nodded. "Yes I think I would like to know."

Letty once again nervously bit onto her lower lip. "You may not like it." She warned.

"Try me."

Letty looked deep into his eyes and a radiant smile crept onto her face. "Isabelli." She informed.

Dom placed an elbow on the armchair and casually rested his chin on his fist. He thought for a few seconds on the name. He gently nodded his head, really taking consideration of the name. "Isabelli." He breathed.

"Isabelli Toretto." Letty confirmed.

Dom met her dark gaze and smiled. "I like it. Isabelli Toretto."

"Really? You like it!?" Letty happily exasperated.

"Of course I do." Dom chuckled. "Why would you think otherwise?"

Letty shrugged. "I don't know, but I'm glad you liked it" She wrapped her arms around his neck and chuckled. "That was easy; I thought I would have to convince you."

"No it's pretty, it fits well. Isabelli sounds like the perfect name for our baby girl."

Letty pressed her lips against his and Dom gladly allowed her warm tongue to glide against his. After savoring each other's familiar taste, Dom slowly pulled away from Letty's lips and softly spoke into her ear. "We can finish this later; let's go downstairs everyone is here already."

Holding hands Dom and Letty made their way downstairs. Dom also held the puppy in his free hand.

Once they reached downstairs Dom reached into a cooler and took out a beer for himself while Roman got up from his seat and gave Letty a big bear hug "How's it going mama?"

Letty chuckled and smiled at him. She then made her way to the kitchen where Mia and Brian were setting up the dining room table.

Roman returned back into the living room and started playing video games with Tej on the floor. Hobbs was out in the back by the barbecue grilling some steaks and Leon and Suzuki were in the kitchen area cradling their new three month old son; Han, while the toddlers were playing on the floor with puppy Frankie.

After Dom and Letty fully greeted everyone downstairs, they all took their seats around the long rectangular table.

Dom sat at the head of the Table with his Letty close to his side. Hobbs came in and placed a tray of steaks in the middle of the table and found a seat next to Brian and Mia. Dom cleared his throat and got up from his seat with his beer in his hand. "To everyone in this room, none of this would even be possible if it weren't for your love and for your friendship. We have lost a lot but we have also grown closer together. It's hard to believe that this all started when Brian and Hobbs got black out drunk back in Tokyo. But everything happens for a reason; if that night the two of you would have not blacked out then the journey we all embarked on together would have never happened. I never would have imagined that it would have escalated to me becoming a father. If things would have gone differently our first night in Tokyo, if things would have gone according to plans, then I don't think we would have been where we're at right now. Our mission to avenge our friends' death was stretched longer than we originally expected, but there is always a good side to everything. The extended time we spent together we learned to grow closer and appreciate one another a bit more on each day that passed by." Dom raised his Corona. "So in other words what I am trying to say is thank you Brian and Hobbs for getting wasted and for 'screwing up' that night. And for throwing all of us under the bus." He joked. Everyone laughed together and raised their glasses for a toast. All in unison they all yelled together. "To Brian and Hobbs!"


After everyone took a sip of their drink, Letty cleared her throat. "So um… Dom and I finally decided on a name."

Mia grinned. "Oh my god what is it!?" She asked excitedly.

Letty looked over at Dom as she smiled and then looked back at their guest in the dining table. "Isabelli. Isabelli Toretto."

"Aw what a lovely name!" Mia proudly exclaimed.

"Beautiful name. Welcome to the family baby Isabelli Toretto." Roman grinned as he rubbed her belly.

"Well alright baby Isabelli Toretto. Rolls off the tongue." Leon expressed in great joy. He stood up and patted Dom's back. "Congratulations, you finally made it to the daddy life Dom."

Dom returned the friendly pat on his friend's back. "Thanks man."

"I always knew you two would end up together. There was no doubt about that." Leon said with a sincere smile and with confidence sounding in his voice.

Mia looked over at Brian and grabbed his hand and interlocked their fingers together. She and Brian looked into each other's eyes and smiled and nodded at one another. Mia cleared her throat. "As long as we are on the topic of expanding our family, Brian and I also have an announcement to make. I went to the doctors yesterday and we found out that I'm also pregnant again."

Huge smiles grew on everybody's faces. Letty got up from her seat to wrap her arms around Mia's neck while Hobbs heavily patted Brian on the back. Brian tried to hide the pain he felt from Hobbs affection.

Everybody took turns on congratulating at both expecting couples.

"Dang this family is really growing big." Tej exclaimed.

"Well good job Blondie!" Leon said while raising his glass up to the happy couple.

Dom walked up to his sister and pulled her in for a brotherly embrace. "Congratulations little sister."

Mia smiled. "Thanks Dom, but more congratulations to you big brother, you're having a baby girl with the woman you have always loved."

And once again the whole gang banged their drinks together in celebration of both great news.

Roman was the only one to bring up, "So hey what ever happened to that Elena chick?" Hobbs put down his glass on the table and answered his question in a serious tone. "She showed up back at my office 3 weeks after we returned from the race, she turned in her resignation after confessing that she helped Hector escape."

"Good riddance." Letty quickly inserted.

"Well that's not even the half of it," Hobbs continued "apparently she is also going to sprout out a kid."

Everybody's mouth dropped to the floor from utter shock.

Roman confusingly thought about it for a second and asked "Wait a second, so hold up. You don't actually mean that she and Hector?" Hobbs slowly nodded his head over at Roman. "Damn!" Roman exclaimed and balled his hand into a fist, covering his mouth while chuckling.

Tej hissed sympathetically. "Dang that sucks."

Letty took a sip of the water she had and muttered lowly to herself. "Now that bitch truly hit rock bottom." Dom overheard and chuckled as he brought Letty closer over to him and kissed her forehead.

Everybody graciously took their seats again and held hands to say grace.

Later that night

Letty laid in bed on her back and Dom was position in between her legs with his left cheek resting against Letty's round baby bump. Together they both laid together in pure silence in their dark room. The only light came from the gleam of the moon from outside their slightly opened window. Dom had his eyes closed and was listening to the life inside Letty's belly. Letty was gently messaging the top of her new puppies' head that slept comfortable next to her. The silence between them both was a nice kind of silence; it was a tranquil calming silence.

"What are you thinking of?" Letty broke the silence.

"That I still can't believe how perfect everything is. I couldn't ask for anything better."

Letty stopped massaging her puppy Frankie and positioned herself upwards. "You deserve it Dom. After everything you have gone through for the family. After everything you have done for me I can't imagine a better ending for us to live."

"It's not an ending, it's our new beginning Letty." Dom lifted his head up and looked deep into Letty's dark eyes. "I Love you."

Lettys eyes almost began to water up. She leaned over and cupped Doms face with her soft hands and whispered into his ear "and I love you Dominic Torretto."

They softly gave each other a gentle kiss on the lips, breathing in each other's breath. Dom placed his hands on Lettys face and kissed her more passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing his lips to press more tightly against hers.

Because Dom was absolutely right; this was only the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The End

Thank you to everybody who supported me on continuing this story. This was my first fan fiction ever, so I especially want to thank those of you who supported me from day one. As you all remember the story started out as a silly concept because I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but all your lovely comments really motivated me to keep going, and to give you what you all expected from me.

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