This isn't a chapter but a clarification for those who received alerts for chapters 57 and 58. I keep getting pm's/reviews asking what happened to later chapters and thought it'd be easier to communicate this way since I'm stuck at work and haven't had time to personally pm everyone back.

The beginning of this story was written in drabble-type chapters. After I completed the story I combined several chapters into longer ones so they would be easier for people to read without hitting 'next' 58 times. Sorry for any confusion this has caused.

People have requested more chapters to follow because they would like to know what happens with Jasper, Alice, Renee, etc. This may be something I add later, but for now I will leave the story marked as complete. Feel free to put the story on alert just in case. :)

Thank you for all your reviews/pm's. I've had a busy work schedule recently (saving money for the TFMU!) and I'm sorry for being a fail at timely responses. Know that I love your support/encouragement with all my stories.