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Jasper was walking out to his car after school with books in tow. It had been a long day in school, but it was worth it to see Annie. Her parents still didn't want her seeing him, but they couldn't really stop her from seeing him at school, could they?

Adrianna was leaning against his black cadillac convertible, looking jumpy and anxious. "Hey, do you think I could get the same stuff I got last time?" She whispered to him when he walked up. Her eyes were wide and she was sweating. Normally, Jasper would have just given her the drugs and collected the fee, but with Navid on his case, he couldn't take the risk. But even more than that, Annie parents were suspicious of him... which was even worse considering her dad was the principle. "Sorry Ade, I'm not selling right now. You'll have to find someone else to deal for you." He knew the real reason why he wasn't selling... not because of suspicious ex-boyfriends or parents... because of Annie. She had become such a big part of his life... a part he wasn't willing to give up. If she knew that he was dealing drugs after he told her he wasn't... she would never forgive him and he would lose her forever.

"What do you mean? Are you worried about Navid? That he'll tell someone or something?" She was angry, which wasn't surprising... most drug addicts got angry when they couldn't get their fix for the day. "Uh, yeah... I'm just getting more notice than usual around here, so I gotta lay low for... awhile. I'll give you the number of someone I know who can hook you up." Jasper took out a piece of paper and scribbled the name and number down and handed it to Adrianna, who took it eagerly. "Thanks, And you'll tell me when you're done laying low?" She said. "Sure, you'll be the first to know." Jasper doubted that he would ever start back up... unless things didn't work out with Annie, but Jasper hoped that it did.

With that, Adrianna walked away and to her car, all ready dialing the number he had given her. Jasper tossed his things into the back of his car, and started the engine. He was about to pull out when Navid ran up to him. "Hey, what was that with Ade?" Not this again Jasper thought. "Listen, Adrianna wanted my phone number so she could call and get notes from class from me, thats all. I wasn't selling her drugs if thats what you think, because I'm not a drug dealer okay? Haven't we had this conversation before?" Jasper was getting really fed up with Navid and his over protectiveness over Adrianna. Seriously, didn't this guy have better things to do with his time than to follow her around? Although... if it were Annie, he would be doing the same thing... Navid interrupted his thoughts with a sigh. "Sure, just stay away from her okay?" He turned and walked toward his own car.

Finally. Jasper thought. I can go home.

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