Chapter 1

I'm the first one to post this so all rights are mine! Don't worry I haven't given up on Bionic Hearing, I just NEEDED to type up at least one chapter of this before anyone else did. I feel accomplished. So instead if blabbering I'm going to let you read. Oh and sorry if the quotes aren't word for word. I JUST watched it and I have to watch an episode AT LEAST twice before I can copy the whole thing word for word :)

"Don't worry guys. Chase could still be out there" Donald said, as he Adam, and Bree walked into the lab. They looked up and saw Chase, with a somewhat evil grin on his face.

"Chase" Donald said in shock. He was as surprised to see him as everyone else. They were also surprised to see Douglas step out form behind the air compresser, thingy.

"IT'S EVIL UNCLE DADDY!" Adam gasped.

"Douglas" Donald said dully,"Chase. Slowly back away from him"

"No way Donnie. He's with me now" Douglas said, wrapping his arm around Chase.

"He would never join you" Donald replied.

"It's too late now Donnie. You can't beat us" Douglas said, pulling a USB port out of the cyber desk,"now he has all three of their bionics, and room for upgrades"

"That's it. Get away from my brother!" Adam said, his eyes turned red and his heat vision shot toward Douglas.

"Mr. Davenport watch out!" Chase shouted, forming a Forcefield around him and Douglas. Adam's heat vision deflected off of it, and Chase smirked. The other Davenports looked shocked.

"Chase. How...why?" Bree started, she sounded like she was on the verge of tears.

"What? You thought he was trying to double-cross me? Seriously Donnie. Man up. Lets go Chase" Douglas turned to leave, just as Leo ran into the lab

"Hey Big D. You know when something happens, but you didn't mean fr that something to happen, but it happened by accident, and you would understand how that happen?"

Nobody understood what Leo said or meant. Leo also didnt realize that Douglas was standing only two feet from him. Donald pointed toward him. Leo looked over then screamed like a girl. This made both Chase and Douglas laugh.

"You are not going anywhere Douglas. And neither is Chase" Donald said.

"Oh yeah?" Douglas asked. He put the USB port on the back of Chase's neck, then pressed his thumb against it. Chase's skin obsorbed the USB port. After about ten seconds Chase collapsed on the floor. Douglas immediately nealt down beside him.

"Chase!" Bree screamed. She ran over next to Chase and nealt down, ignoring the fact that Douglas was there. Adam and Donald ran over too. Leo went also, but he went around the other side of the desk, away from Douglas and near the protection of his bionic siblings.

"Come on Chase!" Bree said, shaking him. Then his hand shot up and grabbed her collar. She screamed, and Adam quickly broke her free. Adam, Leo, Donald, and Bree quickly stood up and backed away. Douglas helped Chase stand up.

"Chase. How could you?" Donald asked in shock.

"The power of bionics Donald. Maybe you might know" Chase responded. Then he grabbed Douglas and they super-sped out of the lab alone.

So how was that? That was just a bit of a prologue type thing, and I just made my time limit so woohoo! I just wanted to get this idea up before ANYONE else did. I just have a feeling it will be popular. So until chapter 2(which I will explain a lot more in, both in ANs in the beginning and ends, and in the actually chapter) follow, favorite, and review!