Chapter 4

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"*Gasps* IT'S EVIL UNCLE DADDY!" -Adam

Short but funny. I've got others. Here's chapter 4

Douglas laid alone in his bedroom. He had always been alone. Now he wasn't. He had his youngest son on his side. Willing to do anything that he wa asked to.

But Douglas was worried. Worried Chase might double-cross him, worried he would be busted by the authorities. Because if he was discovered by the government, so was his family. He could honestly care less about Donald. It was Adam, Bree, and Chase he worried about. He had been worried about them since he created them, and he got even more worried when Donald had taken them away. Not that he didn't care about Marcus when he was alive, but Marcus wasn't flesh and blood. He wasn't as carefully crafted like Adam, Bree, and Chase. He just quickly built him while trying to hunt down Adam, Bree, and Chase. He didn't love Marcus. He loved Adam, Bree, and Chase. That's why he wanted them back.

After trying to turn them into his bionic soldiers, he realized that he just wanted his kids back. But it was too late now. They thought he was a monster, but in reality he was just a man who wanted his kids back. He had one, but Chase could double-cross him at any moment.

Douglas couldn't sleep. Before he could he had be sure of one thing. He walked down the hall, and knocked on the door in the spare bedroom. Nobody answered, so he opened the door quietly.

"Chase?" Douglas asked,"are you still awake?"

Chase sat up in bed.

"Yes I am" Chase responded,"do you want something?"

"Yes. Actually I do" Douglas shut the door and sat down on the bed next to Chase.

"Do you trust me?" Douglas asked.

"Yes. Why?" Chase responded. Douglas ignored his question and continued.

"And do, do you love me?" Douglas choked out. Chase looked shocked by the question like he didn't know what to say. Or he didn't want to answer.

Before anyone could say anything, Douglas got up and left the room. When he shut the door behind him, a single year escaped his eye. His youngest son didn't love him, even though Chase was on his side. Douglas was crushed. He walked back into his own room and slumped down on his bed. At least now he knew how Chase felt about him. A business partner and nothing more.

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