Chapter 9

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"Hey Big D. I know I'm not suppose to touch your stuff, but you how sometimes things and sometimes things happen and you don't want them to happen and that just so happens to be what just happened. Upstairs.(Donald points at Douglas. Leo looks at him and screams)"-Leo

Chase was lying on a bed in Donald's lab. After Chase's chip imploded Douglas fled the lab leaving the boy he had knocked unconscious. Now Chase was hooked up to an oxygen mask and an IV. Donald was currently operating on the back of his neck. He needed to see if he did any permanent damage. All he found was a bruised collarbone, and a fried bionic chip.

Upstairs everyone was sitting in total silence. They were on extremely worried about Chase, because Donald wouldn't tell them Chase's condition until the surgery was complete. It was a long long wait. And everyone was nervous.

Harriet Atwood sat on her bed, rewatching the video she had taken earlier that day. She was still mesmerized. She was having a debate with herself whether or not to post the video. The video itself would be extremely popular. But she didn't want popularity. She wanted the world to know the truth.

She got out of bed and walked into the kitchen of her small apartment. Harriet lived alone. She was 18 years old and made good money working at the apple store. She could make a living for herself. She was about 5'7". She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She got a bowl of cereal and walked into the other room in the apartment. Inside was her life savings. Multiple desktops, laptops, and tablets surrounded her in this small room. She sat down in her chair that surrounded them all.

Harriet plugged her phone into a cord that connected to her main desktop. A window popped up on the screen asking her if she wanted to upload the video. She clicked except and sat back eating the cereal. After the video was finished uploading, she inserted it into a video editor. She had decided, along with posting the video, she would pixelate the faces. She did so then clicked export. It asked her where she wanted to export to. She clicked export to YouTube. The desktop then asked her what she wanted to call the video. She called it, "Bionic People Really Exist!", then she uploaded the video containing Adam, Bree, and Chase using their bionics earlier that day.

Donald walked upstairs. He was ready to give his family the news. They all stood up when he walked into the living room.

"Chase is going to be ok!" he said. Everyone exhaled. Leo hugged his mother, and Bree hugged her brother.

"Can we see him?" Bree asked after she had let go of Adam. Donald nodded and Bree super sped down to the lab. Everyone slowly followed until they heard a scream. Everyone ran downstairs. The bed Chase was suppose to be on was empty, and it was covered in blood.

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