Friends From The Beginning
Naruto x Sakura
Author's Note
Unrated versions of my stories are being posted on Xamuland/Yourfanfiction 2.0. This of many chapter concepts of oneshots I'll probably put out. Depending on how popular it is I'll make a it a multistory.

This is based off a concept of Naruto being Sakura's first friend and it follows the story from their.
Story Start
In the middle of a park playground stood a little girl with bright pink hair, large green eyes, and fair skin. The girl was incredibly shy and self conscious. She was smart for her age and a bit of an introvert. As most people know children could be rather cruel, especially due to the circumstances in a particular society and even Konoha was no exceptions.

"Oh look its the forehead!"

A whimper escaped the little girl's lip. She recognized the sneer and that purple hair. It was Ami and her friends who took delight in torturing Sakura for the size of her forehead.

"A-Ami-san I don't want..." she let out a cry as the girl suddenly shoved her.

"Who says you can use my name forehead!" the girl taunted as her friends pointed and laugh.

From a nearby tree something began to stir. The figure brushed away the tree branches to reveal that of a young boy with tree branches and leaves in his hair. He was drawn by the noise and saw the scene.

"H-hey," the blonde tried to shout, but the word came out as a flimsy whisper. He cleared his throat, and called again, this time with some confidence, "Hey! Leave h-her alone!" he shouted as he dropped from the tree. "Hey? Isn't that the orphan boy?" a girl with thick coke bottle glasses asked.

"Yeah, my daddy says he's a little urchin."

"Oh yeah, urchin this." Naruto scooped up some dirt and threw it at the girls. He ended up hitting the girl with a ponytail who proceeded to burst out crying at her new dress being ruined.

"I-I'm going to get my daddy and you're going to get it Urchin-boy!" Ami sneered as the girls ranway.
The blond stepped up to the girl and asked, "Um...are you okay?"

She jumped violently and looked up at him from behind her thick bangs. She nodded, scrubbing the tears from her cheeks. "T-thank you."

He grinned and introduced himself. "No problem. Those girls were nothing but bullies. My name is Uzumaki Naruto what's your name?"

"S-Sakura...Haruno Sakura." the girl timidly answered.

"Wow, you're name is pretty. Was it because of your hair color? I've never seen pink hair before."

"T-Thank you." Sakura answered as she finished drying her tears. This was the first time someone near her age complimented her hair. All she ever heard was how weird or strange pink hair was. As Sakura looked at the boy she noticed his cerulean eyes and deep golden blond hair. She had never seen the boy before and his name seemed rather familiar.

"Why were those kids making fun of you?"

The girl averted my eyes. "M-My forehead. Its big, ugly, and stupid." she sniffled.

"Huh? But there's nothing wrong with your forehead." he said as he placed his hand on her forehead with his left hand causing the girl to stir in surprise. "Its really cute."

Sakura stared at him as if he had grown a second head. "You really mean it?"

"Of course. Ignore those bullies, they're just jealous."

Sakura smiled at the words. "Thank you. H-How come I've never seen you at any of the academy classes?"
"Well, I go to the shinobi academy. I'm going to grow up and become Hokage. I'm going to be the best and strongest shinobi and everyone in the village will respect me." he proudly explained.

"Wow that's really cool." she then paused and hesitated."Want to play together?"

He was stunned. "Y-You want to play with me?" people, especially parents of children seemed to go out of their way to make sure that they and their progeny did not associate with him. As such he really didn't have any friends as any children would thoroughly and harshly reprimanded their children resulting in them cutting ties with him.
"Yeah? What's wrong?"

He seemed to study me for a few seconds before answering. "But if your parents see us playing… they'll get mad at you and then you'll hate me." Naruto looked down at that point and his voice lowered. "Just like all the other kids do."

"I won't hate you."


"Yup! I promise! Pinky promise!" I held out my right hand with the pinky extended. "I'll never hate you! We'll be friends forever!"

"Okay!" he shouted as he clumsily entangled his pinky with my own. "Friends forever!"