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Anyways, here is another fanfic from yours truly. I figured I write my own little story of the Inuyasha gang in high school. I hope you guys enjoy and review. Also, understand I don't own Inuyasha or any of its characters, so I don't want no random phone calls or visits from government people. Okay? Okay, great, let's move on shall we?

Chapter 1: The Old New Guy

Kagome's P.O.V

"K-K, breakfast is ready", Mom yelled upstairs from the kitchen. I was just finishing my hair when I yelled back:

"Coming, Mama".

After taking one last look as my curled hair that was halfway in a ponytail, I ran downstairs. The smell of sausage and eggs excited me. I sat at the table and a minute later there was a plate of food put in front of me. Scrambled eggs with melted cheese, cheese grits with sausage in it, blueberry pancakes, and apple juice on the side; Mom must be feeling good today.

"Wow, Mom, thank you. This looks delicious".

She smiled as she started washing dishes, "Thanks, hon, are you ready for school"?

"Yes, ma'am. This year is going to be awesome. I'm going to be on the track team", I said with my mouth full.

My mom giggled at me. I took the last swallow of juice and ran upstairs to get my book bag. I looked in the mirror and gave my reflection an approving grin. My khaki skinny jeans hugged my newly thick thighs, wide hips, and fat butt perfectly. My white tank top was fitted and my college like jacket was a great fit. It was green and black just like my Jordans. I grab my bag and ran out of the room. Right when I get to the bottom, my friend Sango blows the horn to her convertible Beetle. I yelled a bye to my mom and went out the front door. After climbing in her sky-blue car and throwing my bag in the back, I give her a hug.

"Hey girl, how you been"?!

I laughed. Sango was always a loud type of person, where I was the complete opposite. "I'm good.

"So, are you ready for junior year"?

"Yup, I'm going to be on the track team and have no problems".

"You should be on the dance crew with me".

"San, you know I don't dance anymore".

"K, you came out of the womb dancing. You can't just stop".

I couldn't help but laugh at her. She was kind of right. Dance was always a part of my life. Even now, almost every time I hear even a little tune, I'm dancing in my head. But I'm not going to dance anymore; not after what happened to my dad. I just shook my head and answered Sango with:

"I'm not up for it anymore".

She sighed. Sango was most likely going to ask me later anyways. But she let it go for now. We pulled into a parking spot in front of the school. Shikon High School, I thought as soon as I get out of the car, Home of the Ninjas. Nothing was going to be like last year. It was going to be different for me. I can't wait. Sango and I walked into the front office to get our schedules. We left to our first period which was Science. We walked in together and stood at the front of the classroom that was already filled with students for the teacher to assign our seats.

"Sango Taijiya, you are partners with Miroku Houshi".

San would've jumped off a cliff if she got the chance. Miroku Houshi was a wide receiver for our football team. He was perverted and a flirt. Plus, he has had his eye set on Sango since sophomore year. I giggled as she glared at the sensei and ever so slowly walked over to where Miroku was waiting with a flirtatious grin. I smiled when she sat down and tried to shoot herself with her hand.

"Kagome Higurashi, you will be Inuyasha Takahashi's partner".

Ok, this was officially my favorite teacher! Inuyasha Takahashi was Miroku's best friend, the new quarterback on our football team, and my crush since fifth grade. The boy looked like a king! He had the manliest body structure I have ever seen in my life, not too big, but surely not weak at all. His long white hair was pulled back into a low ponytail yet the stands of it that made up his bangs were slightly in his face. Pure melted amber made up his eyes and I felt my knees become weak just looking at them. With a red muscle shirt that showed off his chest and arms, regular blue jeans and white and red Jordans, the boy was just as attractive as can be. Plus, he was amazing on the inside as well. He was popular, but he wasn't snobby and rude about it. He would talk to anyone. Weirdly, Inuyasha managed to keep to himself as well. At times, he would barely crack more than a small grin. Sometimes, it was rare for him to laugh and he mostly had a blank look on his face, unless he's with Miroku or any friend of his. He would be even cuter if he just smiled. I know Inuyasha has never been to this school though he was very well-known by the entire student body. I mean, freshmen just coming in knew of Inuyasha.

During the summer, our school holds its tryouts for the school teams. I went there for track and when I saw Inuyasha in the football line-up, I almost tripped over a hurdle. God, he was beautiful. I slipped onto the stool next to him. The sensei went on with the class, but I barely heard him. My heart was beating so loud; I'm sure Inuyasha heard it being a half-demon and all. Nowadays, half-demons and demons were accepted, but growing up they weren't. Inuyasha has very keen hearing because he is half dog demon. That also meaning that he owns the cutest pair of dog ears I have ever laid my eyes on. I glanced over and he was just writing notes down. I mentally cursed myself.

Damn you, self, why didn't you wear something cuter?

To be honest, he's the reason I tried to get as fit and thick as I could. When Miroku told everyone last year that his best friend was coming to our school, I knew it was Inuyasha. I knew them in fifth grade along with Sango. The sensei turned my attention away from the silver-haired teenager now drawing something in his notebook.

"Ok, class, you are going to begin a project with your partner. You both will research a certain topic and will make a diagram of a key point".

I didn't hear anything after 'with your partner'. My eyes drifted to Inuyasha but he was still sketching some girl in his notebook. I felt a little jealous as he made another curl in her hair with his pencil. The sensei passed around a hat with slips of paper in it. Miroku picked for him and Sango and, since Inuyasha wasn't paying attention, I picked for us. Praying to God that I picked one that Inuyasha would like, I pulled a paper out of the hat. It said Egyptian Pyramids.

"We're in science and he wants us to research history"?

Someone said; but not just someone…Inuyasha. I literally jumped at the realization that he was talking to me. The stool wasn't as reliable as I hoped. It wobbled and tipped over. Oh God, here comes embarrassment. I never hit the floor, though. I looked down to see Inuyasha's hands holding my leaning stool with one hand and my waist with the other. Looking back up, I met those amazing eyes of his.

"I-I'm…s-sorry", my apology sounded so weak. I stuttered terribly and my cheeks were red as hell itself. If I didn't look unstable before, I definitely did now. Inuyasha grinned; a small simple grin that made my cheeks get hotter. He positioned me back up right and removed his hands. Good God in heaven, he smelled amazing. How did I become jelly so quickly?

"It's okay; didn't mean to scare you".

His voice was like freaking silk. It was rich, deep but not too much, and manly. It was enough to make me faint. He took the paper from me.

"Excuse me, Sensei Myoga, why is this about history"? Inuyasha was an honor student. Teachers loved him, girls adored him, and guys idolized him. Inuyasha was a humble guy too. Myoga went to the front and explained everything.

"Science has been used in many ways. Your construction of a key point will display how science has changed". That made sense. But what he said next made me freeze where I sat. "You and you partner should exchange numbers so you may work together; maybe even go to each other's houses".

I love this sensei!

I know Sango is going to be pissed and will probably yell about it during lunch. The bell rang and everyone started heading out. I turned, after quickly sketching my number on a paper, and handed it to Inuyasha. I was shaking like I was cold. Get a hold of yourself, girl.

"H-here's my number. You c-can text me o-or call or send an e-mail or a pigeon if you want", I rambled with a chuckle. I sounded like an idiot; possibly looked like one, too. But Inuyasha just took it, handed me his and left. I sighed and left to my next class.

This is going to be a long day.

So there you have it, one chapter already. Wow, I'm really nice for giving y'all a chapter so soon. This idea just popped into my head and I'm giving you guys a chapter of it. You're welcome. Anyhow, please R&R. Plus, sorry if Inuyasha seems a little OOC; didn't mean for it to be that way. But hey, a story is a story.