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Eren's fanfic

Title: The Dragon Hunter

Type: AU

Characters: Eren, Mikasa and Levi

Pairings: None

Fire rained down from the heavens. Villagers and soldiers alike watched in horror as the houses lit up in flames. Parents screamed as their children burnt until they were but small charred corpses. The monster in the heavens gave a mighty roar and spread its wings.

Eren Jaeger, a young warrior, stared coldly at the sky. He was a young man with short brown hair and wide blue eyes. Eren grew up with his friend Mikasa in a small town called Maria. One day, a dragon flew to their home and destroyed it, killing his mother and family. He swore revenge on the dragons. He tightly gripped the hilt of his sword Zuhalter until his knuckles turned white. He felt the ash around his lungs and resisted the urge to cough. He was prepared to attack, to slash at the monster. "I'll kill you…" he growled. He wiped away the ash underneath his eyes with his other hand.

This young warrior was one among the many racing around the town of Trost. Most of them were attempting to rescue the civilians, however the few courageous (or reckless) enough were shooting arrows at the beast. These men and women belonged to the Wings of Freedom, a legion dedicated to cleansing the world of the terrifying dragons once and for all.

The monster continued to rampage around the town, breathing fire and smashing homes with desperate families cowering for survival inside.

"I'll kill all the dragons!" Eren screamed in rage. "Every single last one! I swear I'll-"

"Calm down," Mikasa interrupted calmly. Mikasa was a tall girl with pitch black hair. Freckles dotted her face. She was Eren's best friend, and the only person who could calm him down. It was because of this that she was assigned as Eren's partner, as he did have a slight anger problem. She patted Eren on his shoulder and sheathed her own sword. "We can't rush into battle without a plan, it's suicide. We should run for cover, and then attack."

Eren clenched his fists and nodded reluctantly, rushing into the Sina Forest with Mikasa trailing behind. He wanted nothing more than to see the dragon's corpse on the ground, but even he knew that rushing into battle would cost him and his friends their lives. It would be illogical to barge straight into battle without a strategy in a country run by dragons. Soon the two warriors were on the highest branch of a tall elm tree. They both ignored the flames below them, instead focusing on the rampaging beast.

Eren sighed and turned around to Mikasa. "I wish we were fighting titans instead of dragons. We would have a fighting chance then, and that way..."

That way Mother might not be a pile of ashes, he added as an afterthought, but he knew he didn't need to say it out loud. Mikasa knew exactly what he was thinking.

Titans were giant, terrifying beings that plagued the southern hemisphere, where dragons would not dare enter, due to the cold climate. Titans had heard about them when he was but a trainee. Funnily enough, the same day he heard about them was the same day he first fought a dragon.

His mind flashed back to the day he first fought a dragon. It was not a fire-type like the one above them. No, it was the legendary Colossal Dragon, a sixty-metre long beast that could wipe out entire fortresses with a flick of its muscular tail. Of course, Eren could not hope to defeat it; he was but a boy back then. The Colossal Dragon was actually the first dragon to bring down the once indestructible castle. The castle was as big as a country, and people lived and prospered for two hundred years in the walls. Until the day the Colossal Dragon appeared and destroyed it, of course.

"Jaeger!" A deep voice interrupted his thoughts. Eren straightened up when he recognized it; it was Levi, the captain and sniper of the Burning Arrows, the strongest team in the Wings of Freedom. He was carrying a bow and a quiver. He fired an arrow at the dragon.

At first, Levi didn't look like the typical heroic figure the public seemed to idolise him as. For one, he was as cold and hard as stone, and seemed to think everyone below him. The more Eren fought with him, the more he saw the real Levi. Beneath the cold demeanour was a sympathetic man who cared for his comrades more than anyone in the legion.

"Sir!" Eren thumped his right hand against his chest in respect. Mikasa repeated the action.

"Look sharp," the captain snapped, loading another arrow as he spoke. "We're losing soldiers, fast."

"Do we have a plan, sir?"

Levi dropped his head, almost in defeat. "We have nothing. The dragon is too far up. We can fire as many arrows as we can at it, but until it comes down here we're done for sure."

"The world is a cruel place," Mikasa murmured, shifting her gaze back at the dragon. She slowly nodded her head up and down. A small smile crept its way onto her face. Eren frowned in confusion. Does she have a plan?

It looked like Levi was thinking along the same lines as Eren, as he had poked Mikasa with the back of an arrow and ordered her to speak.

"It is the prey," she gestured to the dragon, "and we are the hunters." Her smile grew into a wild grin, which only confused Levi and Eren even more. She rolled her eyes and pointed at Levi's arrows, then at his emergency rope. "Ever heard of a grappling hook? We could send Eren up, since he's the best with a sword, and then he can slay the beast."

The boys blinked. "That is… brilliant…" Eren breathed. "Mikasa, you're a genuis!"

Levi took out his rope and wrapped one end around Eren's wrist, and the other at the end of his strongest arrow. "Be careful, Jaeger," he said sternly. "Do not fail."

Eren nodded curtly. "I won't."

With one quick motion of Levi, he was flying through the air, directly to the dragon. He drew out Zuhalter.

"We will take back our land!" Eren roared. "Have a taste of mankind's strength, monster!"

Eren closed the book. "And that's it," he finished. "Uh, any questions?"

"HELL NO!" Reiner screamed from the back of the room. He threw a book at Eren in frustration. "First of all, there was no mention of anyone other than you three-" he pointed at Eren, Mikasa and Levi, "-and that's not cool at all. Bertholdt, Annie and I weren't mentioned in the Sasha's story and I've been like a big brother to you! Annie helped you in your hand to hand combat! Bertholdt… uh, Bertholdt…"

"I sing you to sleep every Thursday night you ungrateful bastard," Bertholdt cursed, shaking a fist.

"Yeah!" Reiner nodded. "And secondly, you can't end a story like that! In order for the readers to enjoy a satisfying conclusion to the story, there must be a conclusion! You can't just stop writing at any random point, it's not being faithful to your readers!"

"I do what I want," Eren said. He took a bow. "Mikasa, I believe you're next."

Mikasa nodded, clutching a thin book in her hand.

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Mikasa writes about Sasha.

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