What it is to grow old

Just something that came to me while I was watching Snow White and the Huntsman.

Disclaimer: I do not own Snow White in the Huntsman.

Snow White lay in her bed her breathing coming out in short gasps. She was dying and at the age of seventy-seven she welcomed death. As she lay in her bed she thought about something Ravenna said to her after she took a bite out the apple and before she tried to take her heart "You don't even realize how lucky you are never to know what it is to grow old" and here she was dying from old age. Growing old certainly wasn't fun especially since she had to say goodbye to people who meant a lot to her. Worst was saying goodbye to Muir three years after Revenna's death, Eric forty-one years ago (even though it was so long ago she remembered it like it happened yesterday) and William twenty-one years ago. Also she could no longer walk and her legendary beauty was long gone. But there was one thing that age didn't and couldn't steal from her, the beauty of her heart. She also had her son Magnus, her daughter Eleanor, her twin sons Eric and William, their wives and husband and her twenty grandchildren who were kneeling next to her bed with their heads bowed. "Magnus" she said turning her face towards her eldest son. Prince Magnus looked up at her. "Yes mother?" he asked. Snow White smiled at him. "My dear son I shall soon be dead and you will be king so I want you to promise me something" Snow White said. 'What mother?' Magnus asked. "I want you to promise me that you will be a good king and lead the people into a time of prosperity and that you will seek peace and avoid war if you can" Snow White answered. "I promise mother," Magnus said as a few tears ran down his cheek. Snow White slowly lifted her hand and brushed them away with her thumb. "Good" she said then she closed her eyes for the last time and her hand fell on the bed. Magnus grabbed her hand from where it had fallen and held it tightly as if holding it could bring her back as tears ran down his cheeks. Beside him tears began to fall from the eyes of Princess Eleanor, Prince Eric and Prince William as they too mourned for their mother


They laid her to rest in the royal burial chamber a week later. To her left was Eric's remains and to her right was Williams. All three of them were reunited at last.

Yeah not exactly my best writing I may edit it. I mentioned Muir along with Eric and William as a tip of the hat to Bob Hoskins since he died earlier this year. In case you are wondering Prince Magnus and Princess Eleanor are Eric's son and daughter and Eric and William are Williams sons (Snow White married William sometime after Eric's death).