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As Takeshi Yamamoto stood on the edge of the school roof, he couldn't help but feel his chest tear in emotional agony. The truth is, it wasn't the fact he might never be able to play baseball again due to his broken arm, but that he had no friends to support him during this hard time.

Yamamoto had always been a loner, trying to replace the emptiness in his heart with the baseball he loved so much. Maybe it had worked – maybe it hadn't. All he knew was the suicidal thoughts he had lived with for years had diminished the harder he worked to improve in his favourite game. But now? What did he have left? A useless arm that may hinder his ability to play in future. There was nothing other than that in his life.

Did the raven-haired boy truly want to die? He wasn't sure, but he was certain that if he were to die, no one would care – no one had been bothered in the slightest by the fact his arm was broken, so what was a little more damage? They probably wouldn't even notice, unlike the ones standing on the ground below him, staring up as he inched ever closer to the edge. No one cared. No one was telling him not to jump, that his life had meaning, that people cared - it wasn't like it was in the movies. This was real life – the cruellest of all realities. Not a fictional world where people were nice enough to try and save a life, one as pitiful as his.

The fourteen-year-old could literally feel the way his heart crumpled like a piece of scrunched up paper. It hurt – it hurt so fucking much. All he wanted was for the loneliness to end – the thoughts that he just wasn't good enough to succeed in this life of popularity. He knew the girls liked him, but he knew, in his heart, it was just for his good looks. How could they ever love someone emotionally like him? People only ever used him – that was all he was good for.

Closing his eyes as he braced himself for the last step before he would plummet to the ground, Yamamoto whispered a silent thanks to the father who had raised him since his mother had left all those years ago. His father had been the only one to stay with him, unlike everyone else.


Onyx eyes blinked before the aforementioned boy turned around. He came face-to-face with the brunet boy in his class he knew as Tsunayoshi Sawada, probably the most unpopular person in the entire school. The brunet was clumsy and not smart enough for people to call him anything other than 'Loser-Tsuna'.

So why had this boy came all the way up here to shout his name? Tsunayoshi was a nice person, so surely it couldn't be to egg him on, right...? Or was this just wishful thinking?

"Yamamoto, please..."

Yamamoto could hear the panic in his classmate's voice – but why was it there? Surely it couldn't have been worry over his life...?

"Tsuna…?" Yamamoto's frown deepened as he noticed the way the smaller boy panted as if he had ran a mile to get here in time. "…Tsuna, what are…?"

Those brown eyes that were usually so timid suddenly narrowed as if he was angry – but why would he be angry at Yamamoto's actions? They weren't close, they had barely held conversations together, and there was just no way their interactions together could be enough for Tsuna to consider them friends.

"You can't do this, Yamamoto!" Tsuna whimpered. He had his hands out as if he were trying to reach out to the taller boy.

Yamamoto just sighed, his voice monotone as he spoke. "For someone that's called No-Good Tsuna all that time, you can understand the feeling of preferring to die over being alone, right?"

"…You and I are so different…" Tsuna whispered, his eyes soft.

Yamamoto glared, feeling anger boiling up inside of him. "How arrogant of the recently-awesome Tsuna-sama. So you're a fine student now as opposed to me."

Tsuna gasped, his eyes wide. His voice was full of desperation. "N-no! That's wrong! It's because I'm no good! Unlike you, I've never put effort into one single thing… Saying you're so frustrated that you want to die… Unlike you, I've never had those kinds of intense thoughts. In fact, I'm a pathetic person who would have regrets when dying… thinking if I'm going to die then I should've done it with dying will - thinking it's a waste to die from something like this… So, I can't understand your feelings… Sorry…"

Yamamoto watched the boy, not knowing what to say – what could he say? That he was pathetic for knowing what it's like to want to kill yourself…? Well, good for you for never having had these thoughts, right…? Not everyone can be as happy as you, Tsuna.

"Am I wrong in guessing you don't really want to kill yourself over baseball, Yamamoto…?" Addressed male blinked at these words. How did he…? "I've seen you… You're always… so alone… You're never with anyone, and the only time you have a smile is when you're playing baseball… You're lonely, aren't you…? Isn't it… lonely being by yourself like that…?"

Yamamoto frowned as he looked down at the waiting concrete ground. Tsuna spoke the truth, but… how could he read him so openly…?

"I was lonely once, too…" Tsuna smiled sadly, as if admitting that hurt him. "But I have a friend now, and if you'd give us the chance, we'd be your friends, too…"

Yamamoto looked back at Tsuna, searching for a hint of a lie. However, this was Tsuna – there was no way the brunet would make something like that up…

Closing his eyes, Yamamoto nodded. "…Okay…"

Crawling up the fence he had crossed just earlier, Yamamoto dropped his feet onto the secure ground of the roof. He smiled softly at Tsuna, his heart still aching but hoping the void he had felt would soon disappear.

"Want to eat lunch together, Yamamoto?" Tsuna smiled.

Yamamoto couldn't help but grin widely at this invitation – it would be the first time he had ever eaten lunch with someone other than his father. "Sure."