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Chapter 5

10 months later.


Walking slowly back towards my black Jensen Interceptor, I tried to rid my mind of all the emotions that I've been drowning in since waking up. Being here was stirring up disturbing emotion in me that I never thought would enter into my mind. I'm ready to die but for good this time. Cemeteries are the place where all the lifeless bodies remain once the soul or spirit of a person move on. Oddly enough I feel at peace here, I fell empty I feel as though I cheated death and it just biding its time in the dark to reclaim me. But even death will have to wait till I finish what was started so long ago. As a kid I never liked cemeteries, especially after a Halloween hoax went wrong and I ended up falling into someone freshly dug graved, I tortured Vince a week after his little stunt.

Leaning against the trunk of my car was my cousin Miriam. "You okay?" she asked. Now that was the question of the century, I don't believe I will ever be okay. Shrugging my shoulder I took one last glance at the cemetery. "I will be, when we revenge her death. It's weird I have a gravesite and I'm not dead, but Morgan gone and don't have one."

"When we finish this, we will have a proper service for her" she said, taking a deep breath. Miriam hardly ever likes to show emotion she saw it as a sign of weakness.

I just nodded, opening the door to my car. I never thought myself as someone who would be willingly to take a life, but you don't know until you're at the point, and I'm beyond it. I truly believe that the only way my nightmares will stop and her soul can finally be at rest is for me to end this once in for all.

Driving thru LA was bittersweet; this is the place I called home for so many years. I can still remember my mom driving the moving van to our new house, the feeling of a new adventure and new start was so refreshing. Now coming back was almost the same feeling but instead of a new start, I was tying up loose ends .

It was pretty late so we decided to check into a hotel, I had to be careful everyone thought I was dead and having someone recognize me now would put a damper on our plans especially if the FBI caught wind of it.

Once we checked in and order Chinese take-out I pulled out my laptop and waited until the signal connected with Seth laptop. It was more difficult than it should have been, but seeing as though we had to run the connection through a private router that bounces our signal through twelve different towers making it damn right impossible to track or hack our system. I'm not an expert on technology but after Seth gave us his Computer Hacking for Dummies 101 we all was able to learn a variety of firewalls and security system hacking.

The screen started to beep alerting us to the fact that Seth was connecting to us, sure enough a few seconds later he came on screen with a bag of chips in his month and a can of Monster in his hand trying to balance the laptop on the other hand. "Hey guys give me a minute while I switch rooms" came his mumbled reply seeing as though his mouth was occupied.

Rolling my eyes at the messiness of his room, I swear he never keeps that damn room clean I'm surprise ants and roaches haven't evicted him yet. Its 12:04 a.m. here which mean it was 8:00am there he was probably on his sixth can of monster.

"Sorry ladies, how's LA so far?" said an out of breathe Seth.

"We just made it a while ago and checked in a hotel. Before we head to bed I need for you to go over everything for tomorrow" I said getting up grabbing the black bag of gadgets out of one of the suitcase. "Alright we ready" I said sitting back on the bed Indian style.

"Okay so all the data will be uploaded into their mainframe including Miriam credentials and picture an hour before you get there. Getting into the prison shouldn't be a problem I will have at least set up two processors that will give me a short time frame into their network undetected, but just in case you need to be in and out within forty- five minutes." Whoever thought someone would want to break into a prison, not out, glancing at Miriam we both nod our heads for Seth to continue. "Open up the bag ladies" I grab and dumped the content of the bag on the bed between me and Mir. "Okay you see that plastic bag; there's two clear latex gloves, if you hold it to the light you will see a palm print on both gloves. Once you get pass the metal detector they will scan your palm, once they do your data will automatic be accessed, that's when your time starts. That will take about ten minutes after that you will be directed into a small room while they go retrieve your client. Let's say that takes about ten minutes also, which mean you're already down twenty minutes once they bring in Braga they will lock and secure the room then leave. You then have less than twenty-five minutes to get the information we need. Miriam Braga will know something is up immediately, especially since he usually meets with his lawyers on a certain day, so once they close the door you need to start talking and do it fast. Don't let him interrupt you and don't let him steer the conversation remember you have a twenty minute window make it count.

"Pick up that black makeup compact, open it up and slide the top and bottom part out. Once you do that you will see the two sets of ear pieces hand one to Braga and Miriam you put the other one on." I grabbed the compact and placing one finger on the top and bottom I add pressure and both thin pieces popped out revealing two small and slick ear pieces. Once you take out the ear pieces reconnect the mirror to its original spot, once I have establish an encrypted connection you will be able to see three glowing dots in the mirror. That will let you know that the scrambler is active and their no one listening in to the conversation. It also connects all the ear pieces to my mainframe, allowing me to connect and disconnect you guys, now Zac is farthest away which mean he will be the last to connect, that give you time to rattle Braga cage.

The last thing is the lipstick tube once you remove the top there a switch where the lipstick should be. Sitting the compact down, I grabbed the Lipstick tube and took the cap off and looked at the round trigger. "After you get the information press down on the trigger that will terminate all connection and information from their server database, you need to hit the switch before leaving the room. The trigger also setup four different type of malware which will slowly start breaking down their system and deleting their history log, camera feed, and data feed. From the time you hit the trigger you have exactly five minutes to exit the premises before all hell break lose, they will lock down the prison as soon as the malware hit the center mainframe of their system." Said Seth taking a sip of his drink, "No added pressure or anything but if you get stuck, there no way in hell were getting you out, that's life in prison Mir.

"Yeah" Miriam said rolling her eyes. "No pressure at all"

This is a big risk Mir" I said a little worried now; one bad move and I lose another cousin.

"Hey were Ortiz" said a confident Miriam." Risk is our middle name"

"You know you don't have to be such a tough guy all the time"

"And you know you don't have to worry about all of us, where not your responsibility Let, where a family and where all in this together."

I nodded my head and we both turn back to the screen to look a Seth who was silently watching us. "What else Seth"

There's a blueprint of the building with all cameras location and different evacuation routes in the manila folder. I strongly advise you to studying them. Once you make it out safely in your briefcase front pocket is a black bag put all the items including the silver pin located on the front of suitcase, which allowed you to get the gadgets passed the metal detector into the bag. Once you're on the road headed back to Letty throw the bag into the nearest pool of water once the bag hit the water it will activate a self-destruct sequence destroying everything in the bag

"Okay I got this" Miriam said rising off the bed looking over the blueprint of the building.

"Thanks Seth if we pull this off, I will allow you to buy and tinker with anything you want" I said winking at him he just glared at me through the screen." You already promise me that"

"True" I said," How about I help you get revenge on Zac for destroying your babies?

"DEAL", he said a little too excited.

Miriam just shook her head at us, and finished going over her stuff for tomorrow.

"Is the family all settled in the house?" I asked seriously changing the subject.

"Yeah everyone loving, the Fiji vacation house, he said. Your mom and grandma convince everyone it was a family reunion of some sorts." I smiled knowing everyone wouldn't question them too about suddenly get dragged to Fiji on such short notice.

"Okay great as long as their safe. When everything starts getting crazier I want you to add at least ten more men to their security detail." You could never be two careful, not when it came to family I learn that the hard way.

I saw him nod before taking a sip of his drank," Okay Seth will we talk with you later", Waving goodnight to him before logging off.

Tomorrow everything begins; I've spent the last ten in half months preparing for this. And I will be damned if I don't get the information I need. Grabbing my cellphone dialing Zac "Hey everything ready on your end"

"Yeah everything good for tomorrow" said Zac. Why aren't you guys sleep, its' late there and you guys need your rest for tomorrow." Signing I rubbed my temples as I started to develop a slight headache. "I don't think I could sleep right now even if I tried" balancing the phone in between my shoulder and ear as I changed into my pajamas shorts.

"We've gone over this a million time, we have thought of every outcome; don't worry everything going to be okay.

"And what if it don't," I said crawling into bed.

"Come on baby girl you got to have faith"

"Faith hasn't done anything for me so far, just heart break and broken body parts." I said pulling the cover over me. "I'll call you when…

"You know sooner or later you're going to have to talk to me about what happen that night"

"Zac not now, not with everything else going on, I mean we was both drunk can't we just forget about it."

"We can talk about it at a later time, but you're not brushing it off as drunken sex, you know it was more than that"

"Zac I wasn't…"

"Goodnight Letty" I heard him say before he disconnected.

I just stared at my phone; the last thing I wanted was to mess up things with Zac.

"You shouldn't lead him on" Mir said as she exited the bathroom and climbed in bed.

"I'm not" I said angrily." It was one night and we were drunk off our ass"

"Okay that explains the first round, what about the second, third, or fourth…"

"Shut up!" I yelled throwing my pillow at her. She was laughing hard "I knew I should have never told you"

"Oh come on what are cousin for", Mir said smirking at me. "But seriously if it didn't mean anything to you, you should tell him don't string him along"

"I'm not stinging him along, it won't happen again"

"Maybe you and Zac should talk and get things straighten out, clear up the lines so they're not crossed again."

"Yeah, we should." I said. "Last thing I want to do is hurt someone else"

"We talk about this; you are not responsible for what happen to her. We will get the people responsible for this"

"Do you think that by some saving grace that she's alive?"

"We've also talked about this; if she was alive she would have found us Letty. There's absolutely no trace of her, the Braga Cartel is known for killing first asks questions later. There's no way she would have survived, if there was we would have found it, every lead came up empty on her."

"She was only a kid, had her whole life ahead of her. Life wasn't easy on her, but she was good kid. An because I was to focus on trying to get me and Dom back on track, I misjudge how far she would go to help me."


"No Mir its true, she was trying to find a lead that would help me figure out everything that was missing from my father letter

"Like what?"

She thought if she could find out why my dad was willingly to drop everything, to help the FBI bring down these men. Then it would help us figure some things out.

"It was his job."

"A job doesn't make a man especially my father give up everything his family , his life to bring down a damn Cartel."

"You're thinking that whatever it is was, had something to do personally with your dad."

"Yeah we did, but I told Morgan we would figure it out when I got back. If I was thinking straight I would have called you guys and told you to look after her. One phone call Mir, could have change everything, One phone call that I was too busy to make cost me the life of my cousin."

"Clearly, nothing I say will make you believe that this wasn't your fault. Hopefully bringing down this Cartel and revenging the death of both your father and cousin will help you move on. It has to or you're going to blame yourself for the rest of your life and that will eat you up inside."

I didn't answer her; I just turned over with my back facing her.

"Let gets some sleep, tomorrow a big day. " I heard her click off the lamp on the table between us. "Night Let"

"Night Mir"

She moved around for a while trying to get comfortable before heading to sleep. Sleep wasn't coming easy for me tonight. I couldn't shut my brain down, I just kept thinking about her and the time we spent together when she was grieving the loss of her mother, I told her I would always be there for her, but I failed her. I failed the one person that always looked up me.


"Morgan" I said knocking on her door, I didn't get no answer so I just opened it.

She might still be sleeping her plane landed pretty late.

Walking in I saw that the bed was empty, and the sheet was tousled around the bed, she must have not sleep at all.

"Yo Morgan!"

I saw the bathroom door slightly open, making my way to the door, I pushed it open wider. "Shit! Morgan."

I dropped down immediately to cradle her head in my lap. Moving her hair out the way I checked her pulse it was weak.


"Morgan wake up, don't do this to me. MORGAN wake up."

"Leticia why are you screaming, the whole damn block could hear… Morgan", my mom screamed.

Mom pulled out her phone calling help.

I grabbed a couple of towels to help wipe the blood from around us, and wrapped a smaller one around her wrist where she had cut herself.

It took all of ten minutes for the paramedic to enter the bathroom; one moved me away from her while the other two got her settle on the gurney. My mom was on the phone crying, probably talking to my grandma.

Once we made it outside the house, the street was filled with a crowd of people. The paramedics loaded her into the ambulance, and ask if someone was riding with her.

"I Am! I said immediately", my mom nodded her head, and said she will follow us.


I turn around toward the group and saw both Dom and Vince screaming my name; the police wouldn't let them through the yellow tape. The look on their face was complete worry. I look at Dom face and saw him looking me up and down with a frown on his face. I look down at my clothes and realized I had blood all over me.

"Are you ready ma'am?"

Turning back to the paramedic guy, I nodded my head and got in the back with my cousin.

I sat at by her head, and grabbed her hand, I felt her squeeze my hand a little bit." Hang in their sweetie; you're going to be okay. I'm not leaving your side, I'm here for you. I always will be Morgan, I promise."

End of Flashback

"I will find out what happened to you Morgan, I promise on my life."