fic here. Decided to try my hand at a Meth story. I absolutely love Merle Dixon and I wish like hell everyday that they hadn't killed him off. At least not that soon. We were just beginning to see all of his potential. I've met Michael Rooker and he's so awesome. Seriously, he's great. Anyway, I guess he's dead and there's nothing we can do about it on the show BUT I can still keep him alive in the world of fanfiction! (Take that AMC) I haven't fully decided if I'm going to take this exactly as the show does, but I DO know that Merle will NOT die. It's just not happening. There will also be smut eventually. This is Merle Dixon we're talking about after all.

I'm going to judge by reviews if I should continue with this or not. I know there are a lot of Meth ships out there already so I know I'm not unique or anything but I hope that some of you will review and enjoy! This is going to take place in Season 3 where Daryl had set out with Merle after Rick told him that he couldn't allow Merle back to the prison and then Daryl and Merle showed up and saved Rick's ass. Yeah, that's where this is taking off after. I guess that will show Rick that he needs the Dixon brothers. Both of them. A big Dixon sandwich...Oh yeah. Okay, getting carried away here. Anyway, review, review, review! Thank you!

There were a lot of things in this world that Merle Dixon didn't like.

The first thing was being told what to do. Ever since he had followed his brother back to that Godforsaken prison that they called home, Officer Friendly had been issuing little "meetings" within the group. Meetings that he hadn't been privy to, but his brother had. That was all fine and dandy in his book; he didn't give a shit whether he was invited or not. He did, however, give a shit when he knew they were discussing what to do about the Governor. None of those bastards sitting at that damn picnic table just outside the prison knew a thing about the Governor.

Officer Friendly could stand around all day and act like that just because he had had a few meetings with the man that he understood how he operated, but he didn't. Merle did. He knew a hell of a lot about the man. For starters, he knew the man wasn't all that he was cracked up to be. He also knew a lot of shit about how things operated beneath the surface at Woodbury but did they ask him for his input? No. Normally he wouldn't give a shit about it, but their decisions involved his brother and like it or not, Merle did give a shit about that.

He finally grew tired of standing around feeling utterly fucking useless, and decided to head inside. It was almost time for that mouse woman to start throwing together some food and he was fucking starving. As soon as he entered the area that they had marked as the "kitchen" he could hear the baby crying her little lungs out. He spotted the blonde girl trying to rock her gently back and forth. She had a bottle up to the baby's lips but the baby wasn't having it and refused to latch onto it. He sighed. At this rate, they would have every fucking walker for miles piled up around the damn fences.

He stalked over to the girl and gestured to the kid, "Lemme' see 'er." She looked up at him and shrank back a little, clearly not wanting to give up the screaming baby. "Ain't got all damn day," He growled. He didn't have time for this shit. "Put 'er on 'er belly in tha crook o' my arm," He said.

She hesitated and then positioned Judith in the crook of his arm, up high enough where the metal of his arm piece wouldn't scratch her. The girl was looking at him like she was utterly terrified and he ignored her to smile down at the baby who was finally growing quiet in his arms.

"How did you know to do that?" She asked.

He smirked, "Ain't rocket science darlin'. Jus' cause I'm an asshole don't mean I don't know nothin' 'bout babies. Who tha hell ya think took care o' Daryl when he was a youngin'?"

She stared up at him with her green eyes curiously. He had never paid her much mind before. She always seemed to fade into the background and he didn't know much about her. Hell, he didn't even remember her name. Not that it mattered.

He swayed his arm back and forth, rubbing his hand over the baby's back gently. He could feel her soft breathing and knew that she had fallen asleep and he passed her back over to the girl who took her, looking down at her sleeping face in shock.

"Jus' cause she cries, don't mean she's hungry. You'd do well ta remember that," He said. She nodded, her eyes flicking up to his. He stared at her for a minute before speaking, "What's yer name anyway sugah'?"

"Beth," She replied.

He nodded and then gestured to the sleeping infant in her arms, "Best be gettin' 'er ta bed."

He walked past her and strolled up to the cell at the top of the stairs that they had given him. He knew they had given him this cell because no one wanted him anywhere near them and that was just fine with him. He preferred being alone anyways. He was only biding his time until he could convince his brother to leave, that was all.

He and his brother were better off on their own, doing their own thing. They had survived out on their own plenty of times before and this time would be no different. Except for some reason, his brother wanted to stay with these people. He couldn't understand it. Somewhere along the way, his brother and the officer had gotten close. He didn't like it at all. Daryl was being used and he didn't even know it.

He was lying on his bunk, wiping down his arm piece when his brother strolled inside his cell. He leaned against the wall, his expression tense and Merle cast a glance at him out of the corner of his eye but he kept quiet, waiting him out. It was something he had learned long ago. Daryl wasn't the type to be rushed when he had something on his mind. It was best to just wait him out and let him work whatever it was out. It didn't take him long either.

"Was wonderin' where you'd disappeared off to," Daryl said.

Merle shrugged, "What damn difference it make brotha? Don't none o' them pricks out there want my advice anyhow," He muttered.

Daryl scoffed, "Ya ain't bein' fair. They tryin'. I convinced Rick ta let ya ass back in, didn't I?"

Merle threw his rag down on the bed and sat up so that he was staring at his brother. "Ain't nobody asked ya ta do me no fuckin' favors lil' brotha'. I'm here fer you. Ya don't want me 'round, jus' say so. Ain't got no problems with leavin'," He said.

Daryl huffed and began pacing the small cell like a bear trapped in a cage. Merle just regarded him intently. Finally Daryl stopped, "I don't want ya to leave. Ya know that! Fuck Merle! Jus' got ya back an' now ya wanna fuckin' run again!" Daryl growled.

Merle stood up slowly, his muscles tensing. His brother was begging for a fight and Merle wasn't a very patient man. If Daryl needed an outlet, all he had to do was say so and Merle would be happy to oblige him. They stood there, staring at each other intensely, until a small voice cleared her throat from the doorway. Both sets of identical blue eyes swiveled to see who was daring to interrupt them.

Beth stood there shyly, looking as if she would bolt at any second, "D..Daryl, Rick is asking for you," She stammered.

Merle felt his lip curl, "Go ahead lil' brotha. Go play bitch ta ya officer friend," He couldn't resist saying.

Daryl growled low in his throat in warning, his eyes flickering from Beth to Merle and back again. Merle knew that as long as Beth stood there he wouldn't do anything. His brother didn't have the guts. He liked to keep his shit private and fighting with him would mean that someone would see his emotions. Instead Daryl cut his eyes at Merle once more and stalked out, pushing past Beth who almost didn't move out of the way in time.

Merle stared after him for a second as he disappeared down the stairs and then he shook his head, settling back onto his bunk. After a minute his eyes flickered up to the girl who was still standing frozen in his doorway.

"Can I help ya with somethin' there darlin'?" He asked.

She shook her head, but she didn't make a move to leave. She cleared her throat, "Why do you provoke him like that?" She finally asked.

He snorted, "S'good for him," He replied.

She frowned, "Daryl's done a lot for us. We really need him now more than ever. Are you going to make him leave?"

He stood up again, his jaw tense as he walked slowly over to her. She shrunk back a step and then realized she was prevented from leaving by the bars at her back. He could see the brief glimpse of fear in her eyes. She was just a little thing and he found himself drawn to her fear.

"Ain't makin' him do nothin' he don't want ta do. Reckon' he's got his head stuck so far up Officer Friendly's ass that he ain't goin' nowhere. He came back, didn't he?" He asked. She nodded. "Ya afraid o' me?"

He could tell her breathing had deepened by the rise and fall of her shirt and he raised his blade up so that it clanged against the bars above her head, pinning her in further. He was curious to see how far he could go before she damn near passed out on him. It was the most amusing thing he had seen around this prison all damn day. There was something about all of her innocence that attracted him to her. He couldn't quite put his finger on it. He figured had she been older, they definitely could have had some fun in this shithole to make the time pass by faster. He was sure there were lots of things he could show her, things that would blow her mind completely. Except he wouldn't. She was way too damn young for him and he didn't need a prison riot on his hands on top of everything else he had going against him at the moment.

"I'm not afraid," She replied.

She was lying just as sure as shit as there were walkers roaming the earth. He could see her slight trembles. If she wanted to pretend though, then that was fine with him. Whatever made her feel better.

He leaned down until they were nose to nose, "Ya should be. There's a reason they put me up 'ere away from everybody else," He stood up straight, trying to ignore the way her little breasts pressed against her shirt as she breathed in deeply. "Now go," He inched back one step, just enough for her to slip out and she did but not after meeting his gaze again.

He chuckled as he watched her head disappear down the stairs. He would have to keep his eye on that one. She was an interesting little thing and if nothing else, at least he could have some fun trying to shock her to pass the time. It had to be better than sitting on his ass in a damn cell all day.