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Sesshoumaru looked up at the starry sky. Rin was sleeping peacefully beside him, using his pelt as her pillow and blanket. Jaken was snoring on the other side of their camp. The embers were the only evident of the fire lit up before. They were strolling around the western area today. He was feeling restless for a reason unknown to him and he couldn't brush off the nagging feeling inside him. He knew he forget something important.

The moon today was in it's fullest. Big and the color was red like blood. Blood, he remembered someone said something about it before.

'Blood . stained the white snow.'

The memory hit him like a ton of brick. Of course, how could he forget? Today was same like the day he sealed his fate. The starry sky and the red moon. His vow to never take another mate. To never had his heart broken up again.

Rin snuggled closer to him, breaking the previous thought he had. He brushed the hair that tickling her nose. He would not think about it anymore, he promised it to himself. But he always broke the promise over and over. Every time he saw blood, he always remembers her.

He sighed then straightens himself. He, Sesshoumaru, is the Lord of Western Land. He won't concern himself with the past. Not now, not ever. He closed his eyes and breathed deeper, proceeding to sleep. Burying the unimportant feeling back to the confine of his heart.


Kagome rubbed her sleepy eyes. She woke up with the urgent need to relieve herself. After she did it, she went back to her sleeping bag. Her eyes roamed around the campsite. Shippou was sleeping beside her sleeping bag, Miroku leaned on the tree across her, Sango slept peacefully, surprising Kagome a little because Sango slept just a little away from Miroku's groping range. Kirara snuggled to her master with contentment. The situation was so peaceful Kagome found herself sighing happily.

'I don't know should I be grateful or not for breaking the Shikon no tama. Because of it, I can have wonderful friends and found what it feels to love someone.'

She scanned the trees. Inuyasha usually slept on the nearest tree from her. But not today, she couldn't find the grumpy hanyou. She grew worried. She know that Inuyasha could take care of himself and it was not her business to know where ever he went, but she cared to much for him. She got up from her sleeping bag and went in search for Inuyasha. It didn't take long, she found him sitting on the cliff near the campsite and he was looking at the moon with somber face.

'Is he thinking about Kikyou again?' Whenever the undead priestess was mentioned, she always felt depressed and unworthy of everything. She knew that Inuyasha would never love her the way she wanted but she couldn't stop herself from loving him. She wiped at the tears that threatening to spill. She smiled and pat his shoulder, quite surprising him because he jumped a little from the contact.


Inuyasha tensed and ready to claw who ever touched him but when he turned back, he saw Kagome's smiling face. His heart start beating fast a usual thing to happen when Kagome smiled at him. She sat beside him and leaned her head onto his shoulder. His heart beats faster.

"Kagome?" He whispered her name. "Why you're not sleeping?"

"You weren't there when I woke up. I'm worried so I went to find you."

"Keh, you don't have to worry about me, wench. I can take care of myself unlike you." The arrogance was only in his words. Actually he felt happy for the concern Kagome has for him.

"I know." Kagome said it with a quiet tone.

The silence fell. They looked up at the sky, content with each other company. Without any painful words or rude gestures. Inuyasha felt at peace with Kagome leaning against him, her scent was stronger, soothing his soul. He felt his eyes drifting close.

Kagome decided to break the silence. "Ne, Inuyasha, what were you doing up here?"

"Hmmm?" was Inuyasha's sleepy response. "I'm just looking at the moon."

Kagome fixed her gaze at the moon. The moon was unnaturally red, she never saw it in her time. "It's beautiful."


"Then why you look troubled?"

Inuyasha fell silent for a long time. Kagome turned her gaze from the moon to his face, searching.

"I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?"

"No, Kagome. It's just ." Inuyasha took a deep breath. "I remembered someone when I saw the red moon. Someone important."

"Oh." Kagome's voice trailed. She lowered her face, afraid that he saw her tears. 'So he was thinking about Kikyou.'

Inuyasha could hear the dejected voice. 'So she thinks I was thinking about Kikyou again. Stupid girl, always assume things like that. Doesn't she understand that she is the most important person in my life?'

"No, I wasn't thinking about Kikyou." He needed to straighten the misunderstanding. He doesn't want her to be sad. "I was thinking about someone else."

"Who?" Inuyasha wanted to chuckled at Kagome's confused expression. It just makes her so cute, but there is no way in hell he tell her that.

"She . was someone who took care of me after my mother died. She was always protecting me. Strong and beautiful. She was like a second mother to me. She always liked humans and she loved me, a hanyou, like his own son."

Kagome listened with a great curiosity. It's rare for Inuyasha to tell other people about his childhood.

"She got red eyes and hair. The moon reminds me of her."

"So where is she? Why you never told us before?"

Inuyasha looked pained. He looked away from Kagome and answered. "She disappeared five years before I was sealed. I tried looking for her, but I couldn't find her, my strength wasn't enough."

"I'm sorry, Inuyasha." Kagome rubbed Inuyasha's back to comfort him. "I didn't know."

"It's okay, Kagome." He stood up and offered his hands. "Let's go to sleep. We need to find the Shikon's shard tomorrow."

Kagome took the help he offered. "Yeah. Let's"

End chapter 1

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