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Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha stared at the woman, not trusting their eyes one bit while Kagome and Shippou looked back and forth at the woman, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. She could feel the shikon's shard aura from the woman.

          "Um, Inuyasha." Kagome shook the hanyou's shoulder. "Do you know her?"

          "Yuki-san." Inuyasha whispered. Kagome was surprised to hear Inuyasha use a polite addition on the woman's name. Whoever this woman is, she must be important to Inuyasha.

The woman's eyes darted to Inuyasha and Kagome, indicating she heard Inuyasha's whisper. Kagome found herself freeze under her cold glare even though the glare wasn't aimed to her.

          "Don't call my name so familiarly. I don't know you."

          "It's me Inuyasha."


The woman took a sniff and her face lit in recognition. Her expression changed drastically. Cold blood red eyes turned into warm ruby eyes and her tone soften.

          "It's really you." She smiled, walking towards Inuyasha and Kagome. She kneeled before Inuyasha and placed her hands on both Inuyasha's cheeks, her eyes watered but the tears didn't fall down. "My little Inuyasha. You had grown so big now."

          "It's been almost 56 years since we last met." Inuyasha said hoarsely. He thought he would never see his substitute mother anymore. "I'm older now."

          "No doubt about that." Yuki turned to smile at Kagome. "I assume you are Inuyasha's mate?"

Inuyasha and Kagome blushed beet red, sputtering, "No, we're not." They looked at each other and faced another direction immediately, faces like tomato.

          "Intended then?" Yuki asked again, not realizing the embarrassment she inflicted on both teenagers.

          "They're not intended either." Shippou spoke up from Kagome's shoulder. He decided that the woman wasn't dangerous and he braved himself to speak with her.

          "Who are you, little one?" Shippou almost freaked when her clawed hand patted his head. But one look towards Inuyasha who apparently didn't do his usual growling when he, Kagome, Miroku or Sango are in danger, Shippou calmed down. He puffed up proudly.

          "I'm a kitsune youkai. My name is Shippou."

          "Nice to meet you, Shippou-san." Shippou felt giddy when the woman addressed him politely. Inuyasha snorted.

          "You don't have to use –san to him, Yuki-san. He's just a brat."

          "Inuyasha." Kagome reprimanded the foul tempered hanyou. "Forgive my rudeness, my name is Higurashi Kagome."

          "Nice to meet you, Higurashi-san. My name is Akayuki."

          "Ah, just Kagome is fine." Kagome waved her hand frantically, unintentionally touch Inuyasha's wound. Inuyasha grunted. "Aaah sorry, Inuyasha. Let me treat that."

          "Ara, what happened to you, Inuyasha?" Yuki asked as she lowered her gaze to Inuyasha's stomach. "That's quite an injury. From who did you get that?"

          "Akayuki." Sesshoumaru's toneless voice broke the reunion. Yuki turned her head slowly to meet his gaze. She bowed down.

          "Sesshoumaru-sama. She murmured. "It's been a long time since we last met."

          "Not long enough for me." Yuki gave no answer to that.

          "Yuki-san, you don't have to bow to that bastard." Inuyasha shouted from the side, Kagome was holding him down. "You're too good for him."

Sesshoumaru gave an indifferent stare like usual to Inuyasha tinted with annoyance but it was barely there. "It's none of you business, Inuyasha."

          "Like hell, it's not." Inuyasha rose to his feet and was ready to swing the Tessaiga.

          "Sesshoumaru-sama, Inuyasha-sama." Yuki spoke softly, breaking the tension that was accumulating. "It is not wise to fight with someone with the same blood, especially a family."

          "A hanyou is not worthy to be my family."

Inuyasha gritted his teeth. "It's useless to talk to him, Yuki-san."

Yuki sighed as the two brothers started the verbal fight. Even after a long time, they hadn't tried to at least act civil to each other.

          "Inutaisho-sama would be sad."

          "I don't give a damn." For once those two had a same thought. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru glared at each other again.

          "I will be sad." She murmured silently. Her words were heard only to those with youkai blood. Kagome was confused when Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru turned away grudgingly but she had more important matters in hand. Inuyasha's injury.

          "Inuyasha, let's treat your wound first." Kagome pulled out the first aid kit from her pack.

Sesshoumaru turned to leave. He stopped when Yuki didn't follow him. As if heard his unvoiced question, Yuki said, "I'll return after I see Inuyasha's wound has been healed. Be careful on your way, Sesshoumaru-sama."

Sesshoumaru was not happy at the subtle dismissal but decided to punish her later. He mounted his two-headed dragon and took off without another word.

          "I see you still have him around your finger, Yuki-san." Inuyasha said dryly. His brother listened to Yuki the same way Inuyasha listen to Kagome. They listened but never give any indication that they did.

Yuki shook her head and smiled sadly. "If I really have him around my fingers, you two wouldn't be fighting like archenemies now or ever."

Inuyasha snorted. Kagome looked curiously at Inuyasha and Yuki. The woman seemed to have a big influence on the two brothers. She wanted to ask but she didn't want to be impolite to the nice woman.

          "What kind of relationship you three have?"

Alas, Shippou was there to voice the nagging questions in her mind. Should she be glad or not? Maybe not.

          "Shippou-chan, it's rude to ask something like that." Kagome chided the little kitsune who pouted at her.

          "But, Kagomeee~~~e." Shippou whined, using his best puppy face. "I'm curious. Dog boy and Fluffy act funny around her."

The three adults blinked. Inuyasha burst out laughing; Kagome hid her giggle behind her hand and Yuki looked thoroughly amused.

          "Fluffy? I have to remember that one." Inuyasha smirked. "He will LOVE that name."

          "Just don't say I invented the name." Shippou grinned. Yuki patted the boy on his head.

          "I like you, Shippou-san. Not many have courage to create a nickname for Sesshoumaru-sama and dare to say it aloud." Shippou's grin became wider at the praise.

          "By the way, for what do the three of you come here?" Yuki asked as Kagome finished bandaging Inuyasha.

          "We're looking for shikon's shard, Yuki-san."

          "Shikon shard? Oh, you mean this one?" Yuki extracted a piece of Shikon from her kimono's sleeve.

          "You have it?" Inuyasha raised his hand to take it from Yuki but Kagome bopped him to make him stop. "Ow, what did you that for?"

          "It's rude, Inuyasha." Kagome glared at him. She thought Inuyasha would be polite to the woman considering he used a polite term on speaking her name but the last action just proved her wrong.

Yuki smiled. "It's okay, Kagome-san. Inuyasha is always the impulsive one. Here, take it."

Kagome's eyes widen. "Is it okay to take it like that?"

          "Of course, I have no need of it and I have no desire for strength. I'm happy enough when it broke my seal."

Yuki handed the precious jewel without hassle. She stood up and dusted her kimono. "I have to go now. Sesshoumaru-sama doesn't like it if I'm late."

Inuyasha made a face.

          "I'll visit you, Inuyasha. I promise."

          "Fine, you know the Bone Eater Well. I live around there."

          "I'll remember that." She patted Inuyasha's head as if he's a little boy before she rose to the sky, using the same magic Sesshoumaru used to float. "Be careful on searching the shikon's shards, okay."

Then she went, just like that. Kagome and Shippou waved until she disappeared from their sight. Then they turned to Inuyasha.

          "She didn't answer my question, Inuyasha. What's your relation to her?" Shippou asked, his kitsune's curiosity piped up. "Is she you and Sesshoumaru's servant? She's really humble to everyone."

          "Yes, and what did she mean by shikon's shard released her from seal? Did she get seal? By who?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha looked irritated by the questions. "I also want to know about the seal part but we didn't have much time. And no, Shippou, she's not a servant."

          "Then who is she?"

Inuyasha scowled. "She's my adopted sister and Sesshoumaru's mate."



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