I have never written anything like this before, I wanted to test it out so if I don't get enough readers or comments I will Remove all the Chapters.

Fairy Tail FanFiction

Chapter One

This is not a day that you would want to live, but one must play the cards that they have been dealt. And that is exactly what happened to Lucy, a young teen-aged girl that is well rounded in the riches. She is the daughter of one of the greatest families known throughout the land.

Lucy was walking home from school; she wanted to take a longer route so she wouldn't have to arrive to the main house so quickly. She noted a dark path just on the opposite side she would normally walk, looking up she could see the main house on the hill ahead of her.

"Again, walking alone, and what's worst is that it's about to rain. I don't even have an umbrella. Ugh can this day get any better?"

Lucy, being too busy with talking to herself, doesn't even notice a shadowy figure behind her; but when she stops to look up she could still hear steps coming. Looking down at her feet she noticed she's not the one that's making the foot steps and now she knows she's not alone, and not safe either.

"Not for you it ain't…..Huhuhaha but maybe I will have a much better day now that a sexy piece of ass such as you have come to me"

"Heh...Hello sir, is there some…something you need"?

The man nodded his head while having an uneasy smile on his face. He started approaching closer and closer to poor Lucy; the man reached out with every inch he got closer grabbing at the air. Not wanting to stay any longer, Lucy made a run for it not knowing what way to turn. Looking behind her she noticed that the man was hot on her trail, now she's really freaked out and decides to run even faster while still looking at the man that was behind her. She bumps into something? Something big! Looking at what just stopped her; it was two other men that had the same wicked smile as the one that has been chasing after her.

"Oh god, please don't hurt me"

One of the two men in front of her grabbed her overly large breasts and started groping them in an up and down motion. In a reaction to this Lucy slaps the man on impulse. Freaking out on what she just did Lucy tries to speak, but before the words reach her mouth Lucy feels a hard and painful fist come in contact to her soft pale skin. Lucy falls to the ground as she yelps in pain, to focus in the pain she doesn't notice the two men in front are now on the ground with her. They started holding down her legs, one of them licked up her leg to the upper thigh underneath her school uniform. Kicking her legs as much as she could, Lucy started yelling for someone to help her.


screaming at the top of her lungs until a large discolored hand clasped her mouth shut; Lucy bites the man's hand in an efforts to get her screams of panic to reach out to someone.

"Damn you, you little Bitch!"

The man punches Lucy in the face a few times until she is knocked unconscious.