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Chapter 1

Behind his desk in the hokage tower, Hiruzen Sarutobi couldn't help but let out a sigh. The current object of his exasperation stood before him, an anbu operative with a hawk mask.

"You're sure he was the only witness? This was a classified op for a reason." The anbu lowered his head further, but nodded nonetheless.

"He was alone, and the street was deserted, I made sure." The Hokage was about to respond when the anbu continued.

"And I'd like to apologize once more for my failure in not completing the mission sooner." The man seemed genuinely ashamed, and the third Hokage sighed once again.

"You made the right decision, you couldn't have accounted for his arrival on the scene, and going in any sooner would have been foolish."

The anbu perked up somewhat at this acknowledgement.

"Thank you Hokage-sama." with a quick bow. "By your leave."

"You may go." The anbu immediately disappeared upon hearing this.

The hokage sighed for what he hoped would be the last time today as he relaxed into his chair, and looked over to the 'witness', now sleeping on his couch.

Political assassination was never really his cup of tea, but in this particular instance he felt it was warranted.

The assassinee in question was relaying sensitive information to Iwa, but Naruto didn't know that, and neither would any of the villagers who might hear about the violent death of one of their council members.

Being only five years old, he might simply repress the memory, but Hiruzen couldn't risk village security on that.

He was going to have to call in Inoichi, the only member of the Yamanaka clan skilled and discreet enough to change the memories of others without their knowing.

It felt wrong to do this to such a young child, but he knew it was necessary.

Yamanaka Inoichi arrived in the hokage's office with considerably more energy than would be expected, considering the hour.

"Hokage-sama." addressed the clan head, kneeling before the man referred to as 'Kami no Shinobi'.

The aging man laughed heartily, "There is no need for such formality Inoichi-kun, we are old friends are we not?"

Inoichi laughed lightly and stood up, before speaking again "I assume by the urgency of your messenger that this is of dire importance."

Hiruzen's face immediately shifted, "I'm afraid so, I need you to perform a selective memory wipe on a very... delicate target"

Inoichi's gaze shifted over to the sleeping form of Naruto Uzumaki.

"He saw the assassination of one of our esteemed council members, an operation which would be best kept under wraps." Inoichi nodded, he had come to trust this man absolutely, and decided that anything the hokage didn't tell him, he didn't need to know.

"You may begin whenever you're ready."

Inoichi sat down in the plush chair directly in front of the occupied couch, and placed his hand on Naruto's forehead.

Upon arriving in Naruto's mindscape he immediately knew something was wrong.

"Someone has tampered with this boys mind, and not in a good way."