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After one more cursory check-up from the doctor, Naruto was unceremoniously kicked out of the hospital, judged fit to leave. Though Naruto would normally be somewhat saddened by this rough treatment, he was vastly too excited about his new 'awesome brain' , to be concerned about anything else. Upon returning to his shoddy apartment, he dusted off his abandoned textbooks and read. Naruto was blown away by the speed at which he could now get through the school material, reading orders of magnitude faster, and comprehending all the material easily. Suddenly released from his mental chains, Naruto found learning to be quite enjoyable, to his own shock, only stopping when he looked up to see that it was getting near midnight. Now conscious of the amount of time he had spent reading, and the amount of material he had gone through, Naruto was struck with the built up exhaustion, held back previously by his immense excitement. He closed the book and flopped onto his bed, thinking happy thoughts. "Maybe Sakura will like me now."

Naruto was roused from his pleasant dreams by his absurdly loud alarm clock, scrambling to hit the tiny button that would stop the horrible noise. By the time he found the button and silenced the infernal device, he was wide awake, and for the first time in a long time, excited to go to school. While going through his normal morning routine, Naruto contemplated his strange new condition. As contemplation of any kind was an almost completely foreign activity, his thoughts wandered far and wide, never reaching any conclusion before shooting off on a new tangent. He was pondering the nature of words when he realized that he was at the academy. Slightly baffled by his new ability to multi-task, he walked into class with a thoughtful expression on his face. He took a seat next to Shikamaru, a rather lazy boy who nonetheless showed up very early every day.

"Hey Shikamaru, since you're so lazy, why do you show up early every day?" Naruto asked in his traditional blunt fashion. Shikamaru, who was none too happy to be woken from his first nap of the day, replied in his own bored tone, "Because my mom makes me come to school early, she says I'm too lazy for my own good."

Naruto was fascinated by this new information, and asked Shikamaru more questions.

"Why are you lazy?"

"Why does your mom care if you're lazy?"

"What does your dad think about you being lazy?"

Shikamaru was beginning to get fed up with this onslaught when the bell rang, and Iruka walked to the front of the class and lifted his hand to signal for silence. Being young and devoid of the rebellious streak which most of them would inevitably develop, the class quieted down.

"If only they'd stay that way." thought Iruka, silently wishing that puberty didn't exist, and that these children would stay quiet and obedient throughout the academy years. Noticing that Naruto was back in class, he wasn't quite sure how to feel, but eventually quashed any personal feelings about the boy in favor of professional indifference.

"Today we'll be going over chapter 4, which all of you should have read over the weekend." stated Iruka, expecting the unhappy groan that came from a large portion of his class, but was surprised to hear nothing from Naruto, who was currently engrossed in their history textbook.

"That's…..odd." thought Iruka, but quickly shook off his thoughts in favor of the lesson.

An hour into class, Iruka noticed that Naruto was now enraptured by the math textbook, and decided to get him back onto the current subject.

"Naruto, since you seem to be confident enough to not pay attention, how was the Sandaime Hokage chosen for his position?" Asked Iruka, sure that Naruto didn't know the answer.

Without looking up from his book, Naruto answered mechanically, "When Tobirama Senju, the Nidaime Hokage, and his squad were attacked by the Kinkaku force during the First Shinobi World War, he asked who would be willing to stay behind and hold off the attackers in order to allow the rest to escape, the Sandaime volunteered, and Tobirama told them that he would stay behind himself, and that Hiruzen Sarutobi, our current Hokage, would replace him."

By the end of Naruto's answer, the entire class was staring at him, and Iruka was slack-jawed at the in-depth answer. Composing himself, Iruka congratulated Naruto on the flawless answer, "W-well done Naruto, that's exactly correct."

The rest of the class went by with little incident, Iruka asking Naruto a few more questions throughout the lesson to make sure that he knew the subject matter, all of which Naruto answered in the same, mechanical tone of voice, and to the same degree of detail. By the end of the lesson, Naruto had, at some point or another, had every textbook for the year in his hands, and was now staring into space. Lunch had passed uneventfully, with Naruto eating his food quickly before going back to reading the textbooks, and when the bell to signal the end of class came, Iruka was curious and somewhat concerned about the sudden change in the blonde boy. Though the rest of the class cleared out quickly, Naruto was still staring into the distance.

After everyone left, Iruka walked over to check on Naruto. "Something wrong, Naruto?"

Shaken from his thoughts, Naruto quickly donned his trademark smile and answered cheerily, "Actually, everything's pretty great right now Iruka-sensei! Better than ever before."

"Does this have anything to do with your sudden improvement in class participation?" Iruka asked, curious.

"Sure does! Everything makes sense all of a sudden, I even finished reading all the books you gave us." Naruto responded, now gathering his class materials.

"You finished all of them!?" Iruka was flabbergasted, having assumed that Naruto was merely skimming through the pages.

"You betcha!" after a moment of thought, Naruto had a near tangible light-bulb appear above his head.

"Oh! Iruka-sensei, can I borrow the books for next year? And the year after?" Naruto asked, remembering his question.

Iruka was torn, normally he would be happy to give out extra material to eager students, but Naruto couldn't possibly have finished all the books. But then again, he had answered all the questions that he had given him in class. After a quick internal debate, Iruka decided on a course of action.

"How about this Naruto, I'll quiz you on this year's material, and if you can answer most of them correctly, I'll give you the books for next year."

"That sounds perfect Iruka-sensei, can we start now?"

20 minutes later

Iruka looked on as Naruto practically skipped out of class, now carrying a stack of books up to his chin.

Umino Iruka was a man who considered himself to be both intelligent and logical, but this didn't make any sense, and no matter how hard he thought about it, it only made his headache worse. A boy who he was on the verge of sending to special education classes suddenly blazed through a year's worth of class material in an evening of study, and an afternoon of classroom power-reading. There was something extremely strange going on, and Iruka resolved to figure it out.

"First, I've got to see the Hokage."