Disclaimer: the song "think of me," from Phantom of the Opera, inspired this fanfic. I do not own it or D related characters (though I wish I did) *drool* please don't sue me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Dearest Brother,

I understand your hatred of Meier. His kind wanders the night, constantly searching for human blood to still their terrible hunger. He is what he is: a vampire. That is a cruel fact that nothing can change.

And there is no way to change the fact that I love him. May the gods above help me, but I am in love with the vampire, Meier Link. I hold him as close to my heart as I do you and Father. And just as I would for you and Father, I would happily sacrifice myself in exchange for his life.

Oh, Alan. If only you could look past your loathing and revulsion of what he is, and look more closely at who he is: a man who loves me; the man I love back

I know that's not what you wanted to here.

Love is truly blind. From the first time I saw Meier, beneath the terror I felt, I sensed a strange sort of sorrow radiating from his being. I felt myself wanting to hold and comfort him, as a child. To assure him that everything would be all right. As I felt these emotions spill between us, I sensed a longing, not for blood, but for me, and what I had: the warmth of love and family. I knew then, that Meier could never harm me, and that I could give myself, body and soul, to him and his embrace.

It was no trick, no mind game that vampires have been reputed to play on humans. Only the true and simple love that is shared between a man and a woman.

Alan, it is of no matter anymore of what you, or anyone else may think of the two of us. We are leaving together. Leaving, to seek a place where we the two of us can be happy. Where a love such as ours is not so desperately impossible. Where we will be free to love each other in the open, for all to see. No more will we consent to hide in the shadows, afraid to be heard. By the time you receive this letter, I'm sure that we will already be gone.

Please Alan, do not attempt to follow us. Do not attempt to stop us. Meier has given me his word that he will not kill you, but I cannot keep you from injury. I love you. Keep Father safe; take care of him. Pleas make sure his final days are free of pain.

Think of me fondly from time to time. A day shall not pass when I won't think of you.

Your Sister Always, Charlotte