Teaser of a new direction I'm heading in.

"Why have you gathered all of us" A question.

I smiled. "As I said before, a war."

"Between all the Nations. For what purpose will that serve? We are seals masters not war mongers. You must have a purpose."

"I will tell you what I know but first do all of you think it's possible."

"Theoretically maybe. But a pipe dream if anyone would allow it."

"To cut off chakra, to stop it from taking shape, even wielding it. People would go to war over this weapon."

"Not a weapon, a deterrent."

"Against who?"

I merely shrugged. "Kami."

Please check out my new story Professor Nakamura it's a crossover between Harry Potter and My Path That Loops in an alternate reality that I wanted to have fun with. It will be my focus for now ;)!