A New Beginning

By: Tsukisamu Sayako

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Warnings: Violence…Inappropriate languages at times…Gomen…no lemon or lime… XP

Pairings: Trowa x Quatre, Nagi x Omi, Schuldich x Aya/Ran, Shinji x Aya-chan, Youji x Relena, Heero x Duo, and others…all of the pairings are implied.

"blah"-normal dialogue

'blah'-dialogue in Japanese

{blah}-Japanese translations

/blah/-thoughts and telepathic messages

~*~*~*~*~-scene change

A/N: It is better if you have read Living Double Lives before you read this, there are some confusing things that LDL would clarify.

Prologue—The Beginning

                In the year 197 AC, Quatre Winner is dead—forever recorded in the history as one of the Gundam Pilots and the only heir to the Winner Enterprise Inc.

                A year later, Quatre Winner is found alive, but with living under a pseudonym: Tsukiyono Omi.  He replaced the true Tsukiyono Omi in his place in the second generation of assassins: the group called Weiß.  For an entire year, Quatre lived as Omi, acted as Omi, fooling every single person who had known Omi before—all except for Manx, who had recruited him, saving him from his life draining position as the CEO of the WEI.

                For an year he lived the life as a normal teenager, if one could call him having two jobs being normal.  The truth was, for the first time after the Mariemeia incidence had ended, he felt like a regular teenager: one who attends a high school and can socialize with the people of his age, not as a businessman who's so-called friends are simply business associates.  He relished in the freedom that Kritiker had offered him and in return, he offered his services as a vigilante.

                A year of freedom…suddenly threatened.

                His friends came to Tokyo to pay homage to his grave in Tokyo and had come to the flower trailer that Weiß used as a front to purchase some flowers.  None of them had recognized him, but his soul mate, Trowa Barton, had suspected something.

                Over a course of a few days, the Preventers and Weiß were told of the truth.  However, before they even confronted Quatre of his actions, he disappeared once again after being kidnapped by Schwartz, subjected to an experiment with a chemical that was to strip a psychic of his/her powers.

                Stripped of his empathic powers, Quatre left Tokyo to Kyoto, where he continued to work for Kritiker as a hacker.  However, his health began to deteriorate as he was incomplete without his powers.  He agreed to Manx's proposal to change his gender and stayed within the confines of his apartment for a month before he was assigned to Tokyo to work with Weiß, who had received a new member named Ito Shinji, codenamed Siamese, to become unofficial bodyguards for the visiting Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlian.  He came to stay with the group under a new name: Tachibana Miyuki, codenamed Somali.

                As he worked alongside the Preventers in protecting the Vice Foreign Minister, he lost more of himself to the disease that plagued him.  He had practiced to be warm and happy, fooling every single person, even Trowa.  However, he lost the battle to the disease as he collapsed during one of the dinner parties and slipped into a coma. [1]

                More was revealed to the Preventers and Weiß through Manx, telling them about Omi and Quatre.  Quatre stayed within his coma until one night, Schwartz kidnapped him once again, taking their test subject back with them.

                Fueled by his love for the golden haired youth, Trowa cajoled Duo to hack into the Schwartz's computer and went to Schwartz's base to save Quatre.  Backed by Aya, Ken, and Heero, the pair successfully found Quatre with the Mastermind and the Prodigy beside the sleeping teenager.  Trowa had rushed forward to get Quatre only to get himself pulled into Quatre's dark subconscious.

                He worked with Schuldich and Nagi, who revealed to him that they were there to help Quatre, to save his love.  As they walk through the subconscious, which was in the form of an abandoned city, Schuldich promised that he was going to fix Quatre's situation when they get out.  Nevertheless, they found Quatre to be in dire when they saw a mural depicting the violation of an angel by a black-haired man.  They then hurried towards the place where Quatre was kept and destroyed the obstruction that Brad Crawford had set in front of the double doors that led to the angel.

                The view of the broken angel shocked the three of them.  However, Quatre was healed when Trowa's latent powers surfaced.  Trowa had the power to heal people and Quatre was rid of the signs of his beating.  The trio left his unconscious after realizing that they only way to bring Quatre back was to give him back his powers.

                The group quickly left the room to escape when they encountered a group of SS agents.  Schuldich, Nagi, Aya, Ken, Heero, and Duo then all covered Trowa as he administered the antidote to Quatre, who woke gradually and used his powers to help defeat the group of psychics.  Quatre had wanted to kill Crawford that night but Nagi pleaded that he deserved to live with his failure.  Quatre agreed and they all left the building back to the hospital.

                Quatre stayed within the hospital until he was well enough to leave and during his stay, his subconscious was fixed, disallowing him to know his future, and Omi regained consciousness with Schuldich and Trowa helping to return him back to normal as comatose patients rarely returned to normal after regaining consciousness. [2]

                Thus, Quatre's identity was revealed, but he remained dead within the real world.  His betrayal to his friends was forgiven and he stayed within Tokyo as a member of Weiß, now with the codename Somali and the Japanese name Miyazaki Subaru.  Weiß returned to the Koneko no Sumu Ie and the third generation of Weiß was established with the joining of Schuldich, codenamed Ragdoll; Nagi, codenamed Maine Coon; Izumi Sena, who looks like a younger version of Omi/Quatre, codenamed La Perm; and Aguri kyou, codenamed Havana.  His friends stayed at Tokyo working in the Preventer field office in Tokyo and often worked with Weiß on getting the criminals that the law was unable to reach.

                Aya-kun, who had changed his name back to Ran since they were working alongside with his younger sister and Sakura, started dating Schuldich while his sister started dating Shinji much to Ran's irritation.  The two Fujimiyas often bickered, bring a side of Ran that they had never witnessed before and which often shocked the second generation of Weiß.  Youji, strangely enough, had started to date the young Vice Foreign Minister while Trowa began his relationship with Quatre as Omi and Nagi got rather acquainted.

                Omi was later told of his family and the past years that he missed when Quatre was posing as him and Omi was gratified to know the truth of his family.  He then left to visit his grandfather with Nagi.

                After Omi left, Weiß was given a mission to destroy the newly established Rosenkreuz base in Tokyo and they all accepted, knowing perfectly well that they would need all the help they could get to destroy the base of the psychics.  The Preventers agreed to help as well and the mission was to begin.

                Yet, with all the help, Quatre couldn't help but feel a sense of insecurity as they approached the assigned time that the mission was to begin.  The truth of the matter was that even with the incidence with Crawford long in the past, that incidence had created a crack in his sanity that would be widened with the mission…


Quatre checked up on his crossbow for the umpteenth time that night.  The truth of the matter was that this mission was on his nerves and he had been restless the entire day before the mission.  Now, they were nearing the new Rosenkreuz base and Quatre's body was full of adrenaline.

                /The mission should be easy,/ Quatre thought.  /It's just getting information on the Rosenkreuz computer and destroying it.  We've taken missions harder than that.  So why is this mission so much on my nerves?/  He fiddled around with his crossbow as the car sped through the night.  He was sitting in the passenger seat of Youji's convertible with Sena and Kyou sitting in the back seat.  Heero, Wufei, Trowa, and Duo all occupied the Preventer-owned jeep and Ran, Ken, Schuldich rode in Ran's car, all heading towards the newly established base of Rosenkreuz under SS.  Quatre looked at the passing scenery with a dazed look upon his face as the wind ruffled his honey brown colored hair.  The dilute scent of Youji's cigarette wafted to Quatre's nose but Quatre was too preoccupied to be scolding the oldest member of Weiß.

                "Oy, Quatre-chan.  Doushitano?" {Oy, Quatre.  Are you alright?} Youji's voice cut through his thoughts.

                "N-nani?" {What?} Quatre stammered in reply, snapping out of his reverie.  "Sumimasen, nani?" {Sorry, what?}

                "Doushitano?  Quatre-chan.  Kimi wa ochitsukanai hijou ni kyou." {What's the matter, Quatre?  You're very jumpy today.}

                "Eh?  Mou, Youji-kun.  Daijoubu.  Nani mo ga nai." {Huh.  Ah, I'm alright.  It's nothing.}

                Youji frowned, but he did not pursue the subject further.  Soon, Weiß arrived at the outskirts of the Rosenkreuz building, situated in the forest nearest to Tokyo.  The building was walled off with only two gated entrances in the front and the back.  The gates were under surveillance and there were barbwires that lined the top of the cement walls, no doubt conducting electricity through them.

                The group stepped out into the cold air and looked at their surroundings.  Quatre held his laptop in a backpack and he walked towards the gate quietly, hiding within the shadows that the cement wall provided.

                "Heero," Quatre said quietly, 'what do you think?'

                'The security isn't all that hard to disarm, give me your laptop and I'll disarm it.'  Quatre nodded and handed the Preventer his laptop.  Heero then turned the laptop on and started working, the sound of the tapping of the keys permeated through the silence as the group await anxiously for Heero to do his work.  Duo looked over Heero's shoulder as he worked and muttered a few words to Heero at times to help him. [3]

                Quatre smiled.  Heero and Duo were a perfect team; individually, they were fallible, but together, they were invincible.  Then, a hand laid upon his shoulder as he looked upon the pair of lovers.  He turned his head to meet Trowa's eyes and he placed a hand upon Trowa's.  Trowa gave Quatre a smile of encouragement and Quatre took a deep breath.

                "Owari," {Finished.} Heero said and a click told them that the lock was undone, the gates swung open and the security cameras were offline, but the monitors continued to see the same thing.  Heero turned the computer off and handed it back to Quatre, who returned it to its place within his backpack.  He slung the straps over his shoulders and nodded to Ran.

                "Iku yo," {Let's go.} Ran said and the group stepped unto the grounds of the base, each moving cautiously and silently.  The mission had begun.


Yay…the prologue of the "long awaited" sequel to the fic, LDL.  I know it's pretty rudimentary for most of the readers who had already read LDL, but I had to do that for the other readers.  So gomen nasai if it's getting boring.  Don't worry.  I'll hopefully post the next chapter on Oct. 2 and the story will get more interesting.  Again, this is going to be Quatre-centric with some Omi-centric chapters as the mission goes along (that gives you some hint about how this mission is going to go…)  Alright?  R/R plz!!!  Arigatou gozaimasu!!!  (esp. to Saffire704, Natasha, Rocky, and Darcey for reviewing so much)




[1] I'm calling it a disease when I think it should really be a disorder…ah…just know that it is the condition that Quatre's suffering through without his powers.  More revealed in LDL.

[2] It's true, in reality, comatose people don't return to normal after waking up even if the coma lasts only a few days.

[3] Quatre has wireless modem and I do believe that I'm stretching it…  XP  ^^;;;