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"blah" - regular dialogue

'blah' - Japanese dialogue (translated into English because my Japanese is still not very good)

(blah)- translation in English for Japanese

blah - thought

Chapter 1 – Mission Aborted

Weiß and its extended "family" moved along the cement wall silently, none of them daring to draw attention to them by messing up. They approached the base through the underbrush that surrounded the only roads to the base and the base itself. As they approached, Quatre shivered, his instinct telling him not to enter. However, he squished down that malaise that plagued him throughout the day and recomposed himself before they were to enter the base.

Quatre-kun, get us in there, Schuldich's voice cut into his thoughts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Quatre replied. He pulled out of his laptop and turned it on. He hooked it up to the security panel next to the door and started working. As he worked, the others looked around apprehensively, keeping an eye out for any unwanted intruders. The moon was hidden by the clouds above them, so the only light that was illuminating Quatre's face was the light from his laptop screen. His eyes surveyed screen as his fingers worked their magic over the keyboard. Within seconds, the "clack, clack" sound of the keys stopped and a beep could be heard as the light on the security panel switched from red to green. Quatre shut the laptop off and closed it, putting it back into the backpack. He then slung the straps over his shoulders once again and looked at the others. Duo and Heero were already by the door, ready to go in. Once they were ready, Duo opened the door and Heero aimed his gun towards the black room.

As soon as he had done so, gunfire erupted from his pistol. From where he stood, he could hear two distinct grunts and then the bodies as they hit the ground.

"We should move quickly now, considering the fact that they must've heard the gunfire," said Sena. Aya nodded and they entered the room. They surveyed the room and saw four hallways: two to the left and two to the right.

Duo chuckled. "I guess we're splitting up," he said with a smirk.

"Hai," said Quatre. "Ok, Duo to Heero to Wufei wa hidari no kairou ni ike. Aya to Ken to Youji wa migi no kairou. Sena to Kyou to Schuldich wa nikai no hidari. Shinji, Trowa, to boku wa saigo no kairou." (Ok, Duo, Heero, and Wufei, take the left corridor. Aya, Ken, and Youji, take the right. Sena, Kyou, and Schuldich, take the upper left. Shinji, Trowa, and I will take the last one.)

The others nodded and they are split up, all ready to finish this organization once and for all.

As he and his comrades hurried down the corridor—uncertainty in what will cross their path—Quatre couldn't help but become more jumpy. He could hear voices around him and felt like someone was watching his every move.

Stop making yourself so paranoid, Winner. It's unhealthy, especially at this time of the day, he scolded himself.

No, duh. I'm supposed to be asleep this time of the day, he retorted to himself. He laughed internally. Suddenly, Shinji stopped and Quatre nearly bumped into him saved for his quick reflexes.

"Nanda?" (What is it?) he asked. Shinji pointed in front of him and Quatre groaned. This place was like a maze! In front of them were three corridors.

'Should we split up?' he asked. 'It would make our lives easier if we split up.'

"Sore wa motto abunai," (That's more dangerous.) added Trowa. 'Not that this mission isn't going to be any less dangerous if we stay together anyways. Might as well split up. The quicker we finish our objectives, the faster we can get out of this godforsaken place.'

Quatre and Shinji both chuckled.

"Ja mata," (See you later.) Shinji said and went off towards one direction.

"Ja mata," Trowa repeated. "Ki o tsukete, Quatre." (Be careful, Quatre.)

Quatre feigned annoyance. "Hai, hai. Boku no kaasan." (Yes, mother.) He grinned and ran off towards another direction. Trowa shook his head and entered the last corridor.

Schuldich let his mind roam as he stood in a dark corridor, picking up thoughts of those who were near him. There were a few guards, but they were all walking away from where he was as he manipulated their minds.

I love this job, he thought, grinning. Yet, although he enjoyed mind manipulation, he couldn't help but feel rather tense in this situation. He looked around the corridor in which he was in and was rather exasperated by this particular quality that all Esset buildings had.

"Doko wa chuuko no kisama?" (Where are you oldies?) Schuldich muttered under his breath as he slinked around the compound. He looked about for any sign of a notable door to lead him to the control room, but all of the doors appeared the same and there were no one about in the rooms.

As he wandered about, his thoughts flew to the possibility of finding Crawford in this facility.

"Quatre wa amarini shinsetsu. Crawford ni attara, aitsu o korosu koto ni natteiru," (Quatre's too nice for his own good. If I see Crawford, I'm going to kill him. he said.) Then, his ears picked up a footstep and he readied himself for a battle. He tiptoed towards the corner and turned suddenly only to meet the surprised look of Hidaka Ken. Schuldich quickly pulled his punch.

'You're not very efficient at this,' Ken remarked. 'You could've picked me up through your telepathy.'

'You're not very good at this either,' Schuldich replied. 'Even the guards could've heard your footsteps. And besides, it would've been easy to pick you up had Nagi and Quatre not been teaching you how to do mind blocks.'

"Ore no block wa yokatta," (My shield was good.) Ken murmured.

"Che, hontou da," (Heh, you're right.) Schuldich commented with chagrin. "Oi, ikou yo." (Oy, let's get going.)

Trowa continued along his part of the corridors with apprehension. He felt wrong in splitting up when they reached the fork and wondered what in the world he was thinking when he suggested that. Nevertheless, a mission was a mission and he continued on with the nagging thought that he should go back for Quatre.

The doors on either side of him were unmarked and he didn't feel like checking them all.

I'm not going to waste anymore time away from Quatre, he finally decided. He then started running down the corridor, looking from one side to another, searching for an out of the ordinary door. When he reached an intersection, he screeched to a halt as he heard another person running toward the intersection. He prepared himself for a fight but was saved of the battle when he saw that it was Duo who came into view. He pulled back his punch just in time.

"Damn, Trowa, thank God you have quick reflexes," Duo said, grinning.

"That's why we're here," Trowa replied.

"Any sign of a possible computer room?"

"No, everything's locked up. Maybe Quatre was right, maybe it was a trap."

"We'll never know until someone comes knocking at the door." Duo grinned.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." With that, he disappeared down the hallway. Trowa stood in contemplation. "Well, are you coming or not?" Duo's voice echoed down toward Trowa. Trowa looked down toward the way Duo went and followed him, remembering to chastise Duo when he caught up to the braided baka.

As Quatre walked down the darkened corridor, the nagging feeling in his head grew as he took each step. The air was still and he heard nothing. It was as if the entire compound had been emptied for Weiß.

"Yabai," (Not good.) he muttered.

Quatre stopped; he felt a strange sensation in his mind.

Someone is around me, he thought. Then suddenly, flashes of memories flew through his brain.

"Iya!" (No!) Quatre uttered painfully.

Hanashite! (Let me go!) He stinks… He breathed in. Yamete! Iie. Anta wa ore no. (Stop! No. You're mine.) He breathed out. Iya! A smile. He breathed in. Tasukete, Trowa! (Help me, Trowa!) A laughter of the conqueror. He breathed out. Matte! (Wait!) A gleam of lust.

He gasped as he pulled himself out of the horrible memory. He had never wanted to remember his rape and his lecherous rapist. He closed his eyes, trying to blot out the memory but the scenes just kept playing over and over again in his mind. Then suddenly, a hand latched onto Quatre's ankle. He jumped and turned to see the man of his nightmares. His breath was caught in his throat.

"Quatre," the beaten oracle held onto the ankle tightly. Quatre's heart skipped a beat in fear and he stumbled onto the ground, scuttling away from the man. "Quatre, tasukete." Quatre's breathing quickened with fear. He shook his head silently with tears in his eyes.

"Tasukete, Quatre…" Then, Crawford stopped where he was on the ground and Quatre let out a frightened scream.

A scream tore through the abandoned halls of Rosenkreuz towards the office of the Esset leaders. The triad smiled with sadistic desire as they looked upon the screens that monitored the empath. The frightened empath appeared in the center of the screens with the oracle's hand upon his ankle. His eyes were dilated with fear and his hands clutched at his head as he screamed.

"Empath o tsurete kaete," (Bring the empath to us.) the man said with a British accent and the new four-member group of Schwartz obeyed, filing out of the room soundlessly.

'We will create the kingdom that those before us had failed to accomplish. At last, the chance to take over the world,' the Japanese lady said.

"Hai," the other two agreed.

Their eyes turned back to the TV monitors and laughed as Quatre becomes catatonic upon the screen.

"Schist!" Schuldich cursed as Quatre's mind starts to shut down. He clutched his head with one hand while holding himself up with the other. A scream reached their ears just as he cursed.

"Nani wa sore?" (What was that?) Ken asked as a scream echoed down the corridor.

'Sore wa Somali." (That's Somali.)

"Nani?" (What?)

'Quatre's in trouble,' the telepath answered. "Zenbu na omoide wa wasureteiru." (He's forgetting all of his memories)Then, he started running towards the direction the scream came from.

"Oy, matte!" shouted Ken as he ran after the telepath.

Is this what it feels like?


Is this what it feels like?


Is this what Omi feels?


Is this what Omi feels?


What am I doing here?


What am I doing here?

What's the matter, bishounen?

Is this what it's like?


Is this what Omi feels?


What am I doing here?


Who am I?


Good-bye, every-

Subaru looked around him with lost eyes. He had heard someone scream a minute ago, but now it was deftly silent. The brown-haired teenager panicked with every passing minute. Then, he heard footsteps gradually becoming louder and louder as though the people were coming towards him. Though he didn't know why, he felt compelled to get away, so he hurried up and ran away, leaving behind a dead corpse and the only evidence that he was ever there: the throwing knives that was Somali's trademark weapon.

Trowa ran with an amazing speed towards the source of the scream, fearing the worst. Duo followed, yelling at Trowa to slow down, but the uni-banged man simply ignored his companion, running even faster with every passing minute. He reached an intersection and slowed down a bit to make the turn, but what he saw next surprised him.

A group of men in black stood in a circle, one of them crouching down to pick up an item. Trowa skidded to a halt as he watched the man pick up one of Quatre's knives. Anger filled his mind and he whipped out his gun, shooting the man with Quatre's knife in the arm. The man clutched his injured arm and dropped the knife as the rest of the group became alert and whipped out their guns to aim at Trowa. As they fired their weapons, Trowa quickly stepped out of their line of sight, stopping Duo just in the nick of time.

"What the hell?" swore Duo as the men each fired a shot at where Trowa had stood.

"Quatre's gone," said Trowa, squinting his eyes as he cautiously peered over the corner. He watched as the man he shot before picked up the knife and without saying another word, led the rest of his men down the corridor. He left behind him a letter and the dead corpse of Brad Crawford. Trowa was about to chase after the men when Duo stopped him.

"Look," he said, bringing Trowa's attention to the letter and the dead body in the corridor. His eyes widened with recognition as he knelt down to look at Quatre's tormentor, who died with a tranquil countenance that seemed out of place compared to the battered appearance of the rest of his body. Trowa scowled and looked over to Duo, who was silently reading the letter he picked up. His scowl disappeared as he watched Duo paled. Duo looked to Trowa and handed him the letter, unable to speak.

Trowa scanned the letter quickly and stilled with shock.

"I won't believe it… I won't…"

"Barton, Maxwell, get out of there!" came Wufei's voice over the com. "The mission's aborted. Esset's left!"

"Quatre's missing," seethed Duo.

"You think I don't know that, Maxwell?" he replied coldly.

"Keisatsu wa koko ni kiteiru. Ato jupun ni tachisaru," (The police is on their way. We have 10 minutes to get out.) said Ran. "Hanaya ni kaete." (Return to the Flower shop.)

"Wakatta," (I understand.) replied Trowa and began his painful way away from the place where Quatre disappeared.

Manx stepped out of the police cruiser and looked at the burning building with concern. She received no report of Weiß exiting the building from Aya or Quatre. She bit her bottom lip, a rare show of concern from the police commissioner. A sudden cry from one of her officers drew her eyes toward the source, where one of her assassins lay unconscious in front of a burning window. She gasped and hurried over, examining the boy as the officer shouted for an ambulance.

"Shougai ga nai sa," (He doesn't appear to have suffered any physical injuries.) Manx reported.

"Kaoiro ga chotto shiroi desu, Takaoka-keibu," H(is face is a bit pale, Inspector Takaoka.) commented the officer.

"Kaichuudentou o sugoshite kure," (Hand me a flashlight.) she commanded her subordinate, who promptly handed her his flashlight. She checked his vitals and frowned.

"Daijoubu desu ga, shinpaku wa chotto hayai." (He's alright, save for the accelerated heart rate.) She looked up at the burning building. 'Must have been knocked out by the initial blast while he was escaping,' she concluded.

"Ano hito wa bakugekiki deshou ka?" (Could he be the bomber?) another officer inquired.

"Sore wa tadashikunai," said the first. "Bakugekiki itara, mada koko ja arimasen." (That can't be right. If he was the bomber, he wouldn't still be here.)

'Perhaps the bomb was triggered early?' the second supplied.

'Regardless of the circumstances, we should get him to the hospital. I will handle the questioning myself.'

"Takaoka-keibu?" asked the second officer.

'Have the owners of the complex been informed?' she asked, ignoring the second officer.

'The complex did not appear to be owned,' informed another officer, one of Kritiker's members.'
"Souka," (I see.) replied Manx. 'Officer Yamamoto, I want you to accompany this man to the hospital and inform me when he wakes up. Officer Tachibana, I want a full report of this fire from your squadron by next week at the latest. Officer Ogata, find out more about this complex. There is no reason why this complex would be burnt down if no one owns it.'

'Will you be personally taking this case?' asked the first officer.

"Ee," (I will.) she replied. "Kono jiken wa chotto hen desu." (This case is a bit strange.) With that, she walked away from the three officers, trusting the Kritiker operative to keep her young charge safe from the rest of the police force before she got a chance to get a report from him.

First chapter done. Second chapter being written right now. :) And as always, here's the preview for the next chapter without spoiling too much details.

Preview for Chapter 2:

"Aya-chan, nikai ni Quatre o tsurete iku? Otokotachi ni hanasanai wa ikenai no." (Aya-chan, can you take Quatre upstairs? I need to speak to the men.)

"Mochiron." (Of course.) The purple-haired girl then took a hold of Quatre's arm and slowly steered him up the stairs toward his room.

The rest of the occupants watched them disappear up the stairs before turning their attention back onto the red-haired woman.

"Manx, dou iu imi da?" (Manx, what's going on?) asked Ken. "Quatre wa doushita?" (What happened to Quatre?)