Author's note: Hello and welcome to my new RWBY fanfic! I've been a fan ever since I've seen the first trailer and I immediately fell in love with the show. My favorite, really, is Yang. But I wanted to create a fan fic about Weiss.

Note: the story begins at Weiss and Ruby's fight on episode 7. So…yeah. Enjoy~

Mirror, tell me something…

.tell me who's the loneliest of all..

Weiss Schnee paced back and forth across the forest, trying to figure out where the forest temple is located.

Her teammate, Ruby Rose, sat on the grass, trying to amuse herself with a leaf.

"It's definitely this way." The white-haired girl said, walking to her right, before turning on her heels and walking back to her left. "I mean-this way. It's definitely this way."

After a while, Weiss stopped in front of Ruby, sweating a bit from the heat. "Alright, its official- we passed it."

Ruby stood up and gave Weiss a look of irritation and annoyance. "Why can't you just admit that you have no idea where we're going?"

Weiss blushed, a bit embarrassed. But she regained her composure. "Because I know exactly where we're going. We're going to…the…forest temple!"

Ruby groaned, hating to put up with Miss-know-it-all.

"Oh, stop it! You don't know where we are either!" Weiss scolded.

Ruby faced her, furious. "At least I'm not pretending like I know everything!"

Weiss glared at the red-haired girl. "What is that suppose to mean?"

"It means you're a big stupid jerk and I hate you!" Ruby jabbed a finger at Weiss's direction.

Weiss groaned, turning around and started walking away. "Just keep moving."

She heard Ruby mimic her voice from behind. "Just keep moving. Hurry up. Waah. Watch where you're going." Then she switched back to her regular voice. "Why are you so bossy?"

Something inside the heiress snapped as she stomped back to Ruby. "I'm NOT bossy! Don't say things like that!"

Ruby's face was inches away from hers. "Stop treating me like a kid!"

"Stop ACTING like a kid!"

"Well stop acting like you're perfect!"

Weiss swallowed, trying to keep her tears from spilling out and her anger in.

"I'm not perfect." She emphasized each word before pulling back, then added in a calm voice, "Not yet. But I'm still leagues better than you."

Then she turned away and left, the tears she was holding back starting to pool in her eyes then drip down her cheeks.

But before leaving the foliage, she heard Ruby say, "You don't even know me."

You don't know me either. Weiss thought as she made her way through the woods.

As a matter of fact, no one really knew the real Weiss Schnee. All they see is a stone-heart heiress. But it was all a façade, an image; an image her mirror-self had help create…

So, yeah. That's chapter one, but I already have chapter 2. So, r&r?