Jaune Arc paced back and forth right outside Professor Ozpin's office. He was debating whether he should really ask about Weiss's life or not.

Maybe I should just butt out of this, he thought.

But he really wanted to know something about the heiress, something about her life-mainly about her past.

What made her so cold and bitter….

But he was nervous. What if Ozpin tells him that it's none of his bee's wax why Weiss chose to not tell anyone anything about her life?

Finally the blonde knight made up his mind and turned to leave but Ozpin's voice called him from the office.
"Come in, Mr. Arc."

Jaune flinched. How Ozpin did knew that he was just outside the door? Surveillance cameras, no doubt.

He gulped as he opened the door and stepped inside.

Ozpin's office was filled from the ceiling to the floor with books. Weapons hung from one side of the wall and stuffed head of Grimm on the other.

The headmaster sat behind his desk, where his Scroll and a mug of coffee were placed.

The gray haired headmaster smiled at Jaune. "Good evening Mr. Arc. Please, have a seat." He gestured at one of the plush seats at the front of the desk.

"T-thank you sir." Jaune stammered, sitting down.

"So," Professor Ozpin said, leaning on his chair. "May I ask what are you doing in front of my office when you should be in your dorm, resting?"

Jaune felt his face burn up. "W-well you see sir…" he said, fidgeting with his cuffs. "I….wanted to ask about Weiss Schnee's past…"

Ozpin merely gave him a small smile. "I see." He said. "Why don't you ask her about that then? Why consult me?"

Jaune sighed. "Because Weiss….well, she despises me. Well not actually despise but she doesn't like me. And she'll freeze me in a block of ice even if I tried asking her about that."

"Did you even try?" Ozpin emphasized the last word.

That question caught Jaune off-guard. The headmaster was right. Did he even try to ask the heiress?


"Then go ask her about that matter. If you want to get through her icy-demeanour, you have to get to know her. The real Weiss Schnee."

Jaune smiled, knowing what the professor meant. "Thank you, sir."

Ozpin gave one last smile before the blonde knight left his office.

He chuckled to himself. "Ah, young love…"

Weiss closed the book she was reading and placed it on her bedside table. She picked up her brush and started brushing her long tresses.

The others were all fast asleep now, including Ruby who just finished her homework.

A small smile crept to the heiress's lips. She had given Ruby her word-that she'll be the best partner and the best person she can be-just like what Professor Port told her earlier.

Best person you can be…

Her smile wavered as she remembered that phrase-a last message to her by a loved one before he passed on.

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

Suddenly, Weiss was irritated. "Who could that be at this hour?!" she growled under her breath as she silently stomped to the door and opened it.

To her surprise it was Jaune Arc. He smiled sheepishly at her. "Hey Weiss."

Weiss remembered their little spat this morning. Just the thought of it made her blood boil.

"You. What are you doing here?" she hissed.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"About what?"

Jaune flushed a little. "Well…about your…past."

Weiss's eyes widened. No one wanted to know about her past before nor did she allow anyone to know.

She glared at the blonde boy. "Do not ever ask me about that again." She said, her voice hard as she slammed the door at his face. She stood with her back pressed against the door, biting her lower lip. The white-haired beauty never wanted to bring that subject up ever again…ever since….

She shook her head. She never wanted to remember that again. Yet…it was the first time someone actually wanted to know her story. Was it because he was being nosy? Curious? Or…was it because he cared?

"I'm really sorry, Weiss," she heard Jaune talking from beyond the door. "I know you're mad and all but…I just wanted to know more about you. Why you shut people out sometimes…why you're so cold and bitter."

She bit her lip harder. He does care…

But she remembered that she has a stone heart. That she doesn't care about others except herself.

She sighed softly. "I can't believe I'm doing this…" she murmured.

Weiss opened the door and lo and behold, Jaune was still there; still in his combat clothes.

Weiss grabbed her coat and stepped outside, closing the door firmly behind her.

"Do you know any place for us to talk in private?" she asked.

Jaune looked at her for a second before nodding. "Yeah. I know the perfect place. Follow me."

Jaune took Weiss to the garden near the dorms.

It was grand, by Weiss's standards. It was like a maze of flowers and bushes and trees, with several stone benches and fairy lights scattered around.

The moon was full tonight, illuminating the garden with its silvery light.

Weiss breathed in the sweet aroma of the flowers. It's been a while since she smelled something so sweet and so good.

She sat down on one of the benches, like a lady should-with her back straight and her chin slightly up. Her legs were also crossed. Jaune sat next to her but left a few centimetres of space between them.

Weiss took a deep breath. "So," she started. "You wanted to know more about me?"

Jaune nodded. "Yeah. I just want you to open up to me because you never did."

Weiss clenched her fist. Yes, it was true she never opened up to him, nor to anyone else. She had her own reasons why.

"I see," she said, pretending to be examining a white rose, trying hard not to make eye contact with Jaune. "Where should I start? I was born on February 14. My mother died when she gave birth to me. So that left me in the care of my father and my older brother, Eis."

"You have a brother?" Jaune asked her, surprised. He thought she was an only child-the sole heir to the Schnee Dust Company.

Weiss nodded. "Yes, but now don't interrupt." She said sharply. Jaune responded with a mere apology.

"My father never cared about me, really. Sure, he gave me the things I always wanted and thus spoiling me. He always expected the best out of me," Weiss said bitterly. "He was always busy with work. Because of some problems, he often return home furious. And…all of his fury was unleashed on me. He called me names and sometimes hurting me to the extent that I cannot feel anything for days on end."

The heiress chocked back a sob. Just re-telling her past was enough for the painful memories to come back. Do not show weakness, Weiss. Never show anyone weakness….

"I'm so sorry to hear that, Weiss." Jaune said sadly.

Weiss only shook her head. "Feeling sorry doesn't exactly help anything, Jaune. Please keep that in mind. As I was saying, all I had left is my brother-Eis. He was the greatest brother anyone could ever have. He's smart, caring, purely talented and my only friend…" she trailed off as she felt tears spring up into her blue eyes.

No Weiss! No tears, remember?

"Weiss," Jaune said softly, reaching for her hand and holding it in his. She looked at him and saw that his eyes reflected sincerity. "You don't have to be afraid. Just let it all out. I'm here for you."

Weiss felt her face heat up. She didn't pull back her hand nor did she want to do it. You dunce…

She nodded and started telling him what happened; the day her heart turned to stone.

Two years ago…

Fifteen year old Weiss Schnee was nervous as she can be.

That was a first-feeling nervous. She never felt that way before in her life. But she had a reason to be.

Here she was in White Castle, a few minutes till her very first solo concert begins.

It was her first time singing right in front of a huge crowd before.

Usually it was Eis Schnee they were all rooting for. Eis, who's a famous pianist-known for his talents and his charming good looks.

No wonder he has so many fans. All the girls in Mystal (probably in all of Remnant as well) adored him, all desired to be his.

Yet he didn't desire them. He only appreciated their support.

Weiss spent her entire week rehearsing and the entire day getting ready. Today, she wore her white dress with matching boots with a high-collared bolero jacket and diamond dangling earrings with a matching necklace.

She styled her hair in an elegant off-centre ponytail that starts from a bun on top of her head and falls in a ponytail that reaches her waist. Finally, she topped it off with her black tiara-like hairpiece.

For some reason her reflection (mirror twin, as she would like to call it) didn't even showed up today.

Weiss frowned. She had grown accustomed to its usual jeers and insults.

Ever since her fight with the Knight of White Castle, ever since she received that dreadful scar on her eye, the twin had been treating her like she was a failure.

Thankfully, only Eis seemed to be the one who has been keeping her sane enough to keep on training.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. She flinched lightly as she turned her head and breathed a sigh of relief. It was only Eis. Now that he's twenty, his white hair had gotten a bit longer, his bangs slightly brushing over his gentle blue eyes. He wore an elegant white and blue suit for the occasion.

"Nervous, little sister?" he asked.

Weiss nodded. "Yes. There's just so many people out there. I don't think I can do it.." she said dejectedly.

Eis sighed, knowing that Weiss was nervous enough to act like that. His little sister was a proud and confident woman, not this nervous wreck he was seeing. "Hey, you know I'm right there right? I'm the one playing the piano piece. If you get choked up or nervous, just look at me and imagine that I'm the only person out there. Okay?"

"Okay." Weiss said, a feeble smile on her lips as she tried to swallow her fear.

Eis smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. "Good luck, Weiss." He said then left.

Though his words did bring encouragement, Weiss could still feel her knees shaking.

This was her first concert with Eis. She figured that it would be her last if she didn't perfect the song.

The song.

A smile lift to her lips as she remembered writing it. She started writing it idly then poured her heart and soul into it; every bit of her emotions cutting deep into the lyrics. She then asked Eis to do a piano piece for it. When she first heard the song, she was ecstatic. It was her song so to her, it was perfect.

Weiss had asked her father if she could perform it at White Castle with Eis. Of course, he agreed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome-Weiss Schnee."

Weiss took a deep breath as she stepped onstage. She gasped inwardly as she saw the crowd right in front of her, applauding. Blinding stagelights hit her as soon as she got to the centre.

She glanced down and saw Eis already playing the first few bars of the song.

It's now or never, Weiss.

She took a deep breath and began to sing.


Tell me something

Tell me who's the loneliest of all….

As the string quartet took on, the song sped up. She recalled the fight with the Knight, each and every hit as she sang.

Mirror, tell me something

Tell me who's the loneliest of all?

Fear of what's inside me

Tell me, can a heart be turned to stone?

She paused, letting Eis take control over the piano accompanied by the quartet. It was a very vibrant yet albeit mellow melody. The white-haired girl was proud of their brainchild-the song both created by the two Schnee siblings.

The song slows down and Weiss sang in a clear falsetto, letting her heart pour into the song.

Mirror mirror, what's behind you?

Save me from the things I see

I try to keep it from the world

Why won't you let me hide from me?

Mirror mirror tell me something

Who's the loneliest of all?

She sang a bit louder as Eis played the final bars of the song.

I'm the loneliest of all...

Weiss opened her eyes and was taken back as she saw the audience giving her a standing ovation. Some even cheered and called out her name.

Snow began to fall and she looked up at the open ceiling. The moon shone brightly above, giving the white haired heiress a natural spotlight.

Weiss was so proud of herself-of them-of her and Eis.

Eis gave her a smile and a thumbs up.

Weiss was almost jumping with absolute joy (on the inside) as she curtsied and her brother bowed as the curtains came to a close.

Nothing can ruin this night for her.

But she was wrong.

As soon as the curtains were half-way closed, all hell broke loose.

Windows shattered as masked men crashed through them, dropping down onto the floor and wielding weapons, pointing the guns at the audience.

Eis ran to his sister and shoved her behind him, telling her not to leave as some of the men surrounded them and pointed their guns.

"Humans!" a man's voice boomed from the other side of the stage. Weiss turned her head and saw a man wearing a silver mask and a black hood, with a white and black suit. On the right side of the suit, a red head of a beast with three slash marks was prominent.

Weiss's eyes widened. No, it can't be

"We are the White Fang." The man continued, grabbing the nearest mic. "You humans have treated the Faunus like dirty, filthy animals. Like slaves. Just like the Schnee family did."

On that cue, two White Fang members went up onstage carrying Weiss's father.

"Daddy!" the girl yelled, running towards them but Eis pulled her back.

They pushed Mr. Schnee onto his knees and pressed a gun to his head. "This man here, Mr. Lucas Schnee…he's been using the Faunus to mine his Dust quarries-making them slaves to Human kind." The man hissed. "The Faunus are not slaves. We deserve respect as normal human beings have theirs. Free the Faunus you have enslaved or perish!"

Lucas Schnee frowned then his usual authoritarian glare returned.

Weiss bit her lip, yet again her knees shaking. Her father wouldn't give up a fight. She knew he was too proud to do so. And he just might get killed for it.

He lets out a cruel laugh. "Free the Faunus? Are you insane? You beasts are as foolish and brainless as I thought. I have never enslaved any Faunus."

The leader stared at him for a few seconds, but Weiss knew that beneath that mask was a look of malice.

He drew his gun and pointed it at Weiss's direction. "Pay for your insolence." He growled then pulled the trigger.

Weiss closed her eyes shut as a scream escaped her lips, and then she awaited for her death. But…it didn't come.

She slowly opened her eyes and they widened immediately with shock.

Eis was standing right in front of her, his body covering hers.

He gave a weak smile before falling to the ground, a pool of blood already forming on the floor.

The crimson blood stained the purity of the white, which brought the girl back to reality.

"EIS!" she yelled, kicking the man who was holding her and ran to her brother, sobbing.

The bullet hit him on his back but the bullet went out his chest, at the exact spot where his heart is.

Weiss knew it was futile to save her brother. It was way too late.

Eis kept that smile, breathing heavily. Blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

"I…promised….mother….protect…you…" he croaked out.

He laced his bloody fingers with hers.

Weiss began to sob, her heart breaking into a million pieces. "Eis…don't leave me please…"

Eis continued to cough out blood, his life already ebbing away from him.

"Make….me proud. Be the…best person…you can be…" he said.

Eis took a sharp breath before lying motionless in Weiss's arms, his hand going slack. His eyes slowly closed, his breathing ceased.

Weiss felt frozen in her place. "EIS!"

She held him in her arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

Eis Schnee, her dear brother, the one who loved and believed in her the most, was gone.

She looked at the leader of the White Fang who merely smirked.

"Who's next, Lucas? Your beautiful little daughter? Choose."

Before Lucas Schnee could even answer, police sirens sounded outside the building.

The leader cursed. "Cops. Let's get out of here." Said the man, the members already retreating.

"One day I'll have my revenge." Weiss growled, her tears dripping down Eis's face. "I'll have all the members of the White Fang arrested then killed. I hate all the Faunus….I hate all of them. They will all pay for my brother's death…."

She swore, as she clutched Eis's lifeless body closer to hers.

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