Why is it that the people closest to you always see your shortcomings first?

Sure, you can reason that they know you better, or that they see you more often. You can even reason that you share a connection.

I don't agree.

I think that people see others mainly as each person desires to be seen, with their exuded image being accepted as the bulk of their personality.

Particularly for "strong" people. That's how they see me, isn't it?

Strong. Fearless. Loyal. Compassionate. A Hero.


A fierce protector.

They see me how we wish to be seen. They see the fa├žade that I hide behind. And when my actions contradict this, it is more profound to them than I could ever realise.

Humans are imperfect. That's what sets us apart from the Gods. Yet in that perfect imperfection, we see our flaws greater than anyone else.

So we aspire for the greatness of the Gods. An aspiration we can never fulfil.

And in this image that we paint of our God-like selves that others come to see this as our true selves.

Each flaw that I portray marks an imperfection on the "perfect" person that others see. So when I feel comfortable around someone, I let my guard drop.

That is why my imperfections seem so great, because they contrast so vividly with the lies.

And those closest to us expect better, though we can never truly live up to this image.

Sometimes I wonder why. Other times I wonder how. Every day I reflect upon how I must seem to those around me. My family and friends. The people who support me.

Do they still see me as strong, or have my lies only highlighted my weakness?

Was there any strength there to begin with, or am I just hiding behind a sword and a pair of confrontational eyes?