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"Very good Miss Granger" He was relieved at the small amount of light still left in her defeated eyes, the small fight in her may able to find her way out, no matter how small the fight left in her was, it was still there. Draco knew if Hermione was losing the hold on herself that he himself would still go fighting on for her.

"It says your husband is to be your next of kin … this is not very professional of me to ask but is there anyone else you would prefer?" He asked slightly cautious of her answer, a long silent if not awkward pause overtook them for some time, Draco knew from past patients it was not easy to find a way out of a mental bubble and back to reality, so he thought it best to give her time to think of her options. A light bulb suddenly clicked in Hermione's mind and Draco knew and saw the small glimmer of hope within them.

"Yes, Snape, Severus Snape please" Hermione whispered almost inaudibly, Draco frowned but wrote his old Professor's details down nevertheless, hoping he still resided at Spinners End.
"Miss Granger, you do realise since your Husband has had you sectioned that only your Husband can say when you're ready to come home, that is if we think you're ready also."

"Of course Healer Malfoy, but since I have just supplied you with information on whom my adoptive Father is, taking that into consideration whether I am married or not my Father can overrule that judgement of my Husband, can he not?" A small sly smile appeared on her face as realisation dawned on the young Healer.

"Why yes Miss Granger, I believe it does … as long as Wizengamot agree to it that is"
Draco observed her mannerisms for a moment longer noting how she still had the nervous tick with her right hand, almost as if it was searching for her wand at every slight noise most likely from her being on run in the war. Oh yes he knew all about her time running, but then again who didn't?

The way her button nose would twitch and her brown eyebrows would burrow when she was annoyed or frustrated, how she would bite the pink plumpness of her lip when she was nervous. Draco knew all of them of course, he would never admit it to anyone –apart from her- but back in Hogwarts he would often find himself memorised by the muggleborn witch, by her brain, her beauty and her wit.

Pulling himself from the gutter he looked her over one last quick time before returning to her notes.
"Is there any medical history I need to know about before I do the medical examination tomorrow?" Hermione hesitated for half a second too long before shaking her head.
"Best to tell me now Miss Granger, I find out everything to do with my patients" The subtle huskiness in his voice sent unexplained shivers down Hermione's spine before she shook her head a second time.

"Ok, This seems to have gone quicker than any other of my first session's" Hermione smiled slightly.
"Perhaps it's because we know each other on a personal level Healer Malfoy" Draco recoiled slightly, so she does remember.
"I would like to be shown to my room now please" With a nod from his head Draco stood up and walked around the table to help Hermione up.

Patient or friend she was still Hermione and hell would freeze over before he showed no gentleman manners towards her.
"Your room, keys into your magical signature. Unfortunately you are not allowed to leave your room without an authorisation from your Healer … that's me. But you can freely leave any of our sessions and go back to your room with or without permission …" He paused allowing her brain to catch up.

"So I can go into my room but not leave it without you?" Hermione clarified.
"That's correct; you will see me every morning after breakfast, where we will go through various regimes. It will take a session or so to see if you require any medication. I will alert Severus of you being here tonight"

"Draco, please don't hand me over to any other Healer" Her warm petite hand pressed onto his bare arm where he had rolled up his robes and white shirt. Draco stopped dead in his tracks in the middle of the hallway, at her sudden unexpected request. Why would he hand her over? ... Oh she was a war heroine and everyone would want to use her to their advantage.

With a simple stern nod as realisation dawned on him, they carried on to her rooms.
"Severus will be allowed to visit from dinnertime onwards, rather lenient I think, especially since your … Since Mr Pucey is only allowed to visit you from 6pm until 7pm …"

"Is that St Mungo's rules or your rules?" She asked quietly, with a smirk from her Healer Hermione knew it was the latter.
"This is your room; you should try and get some sleep as tomorrow is going to be hard enough on the both of us. Goodnight Hermione"

Draco turned towards the door to make sure the wards on the room were keyed into him as a Healer and into Hermione as the patient. It would do no good the room being left as Vacant. "Goodnight …. And Draco, Thank you" His eyes softened slightly at her saddened face.

Hermione made quick work of climbing into the small cot bed and going to sleep, not even realising she had skipped tea.

Draco walked back down into his office and slumped into his chair, this definitely was going to be a tricky few months. Grabbing his medical supplies and cloak he decided it was absolutely time to go home to bed.
"Oh Merlin save me" Draco whispered before using his personal floo fire to the Manor.

"Draco is that you?" A soft feminine voice called through the house.
"Mother I have not even walked through the floo yet and you're…."
"Draco!" Lucius Malfoy admonished his son's attitude as soon as he stepped out of the grate.

"Sorry Mum, what can I do for you?" He kissed his Mother on the cheek and allowed their house elf Miney to take his bag and cloak.
"How was your day at work? Anything unusual happen?" Draco sighed and lowered his head slightly.

"She's only been in there a couple of hours, how has the press caught wind of it already?" Narcissa Malfoy smirked innocently.
"I am sure I do not who you refer to son" Draco scoffed and made his way to his wings.
"No need to floo Severus, he is in the lounge" Lucius informed, Draco turned around on the stairs to see his Father's arms around his mother's waist and his chin on her shoulder, both of them looking up at him innocently.

"Christ all mighty" Draco tiredly came back down the first few steps off the stair case he climbed up only to take a left into the lounge.
"Severus" He greeted with a curt nod, watching with mild interest as the man in front of him was pacing up and down.

Fire whiskey was sure going to be needed; thankfully his Father had a small bar in just about every one of the communal rooms. Going behind the bar he spotted his Father's extensive alcohol selection and picked up a half bottle of the strong stuff.
"How do I get her out?" He stopped his pacing and sat in a Green chair with a face of thunder.

"Nice to see you too" Draco scoffed and filled himself a two finger width of fire whiskey before knocking it back.
"Oh quite with the niceties, how do I get my Daughter out of there?"

Draco poured himself another measure before sitting across from his old Potions Professor.
"You're lucky, Hermione has named you down as her next of kin on her medical forms …"
"But she married Pucey" Draco smirked and lounged back in the chair.

"Like I ever cared about protocol, look I don't want Adrian anywhere near her for the time being and since I am her Healer my word goes against his. It only takes my word alone in Wizengamot to say he is emotionally tormenting her and they will put a restraining ban on him seeing her."

"Why? Why go to all the trouble?" Draco heard his parents come into the lounge, his Mother sat across from him and his Father at the bar fixing the drinks. Narcissa knew why but she wanted to hear the words form from her own Son's mouth.
"Look, me and Hermione believe it or not go way back, I see her as a friend in need of help …"

"But you don't son … do you?" Lucius passed his wife a small glass of red wine and perched himself on the arm of her chair.
"Father, whether or not I have other feelings for Miss Granger is irrelevant. For the time being I am her Healer, I need to make sure she is fully well before I can release her from my care …"

"And your high almighty verdict is?" Severus scoffed lightly
"I think she is just scared for the time being, but she does show some signs of latent Post Stress Disorder which given the circumstances is no surprise, he mannerisms although most she has had since Hogwarts they have slightly manifested into an obsession of sorts. I will need to have a few one-to-ones with her to fully understand how she is and what is going on in that head of hers"

"When will she come home?" Draco sighed and rubbed his temples.
"This is where it can get slightly tricky; we need Severus to fight Pucey for the right to be her next of kin. In the eyes of the law it is still Pucey even if I give a statement saying he is mistreating her that will only stop him from seeing her, he will still be able to control her from the outside, he is the only one who can say she can come out, but if Severus has the right than she can be home in any time after the initial assessment."

"Which will take?" Severus impatiently pressed.
"Look, it depends if I unearth something she is not telling me, it can be up to Two weeks or a Year it just depends on her health, she comes first in all of this. If Pucey finds out I am her Psychiatrist that could also have problems, he may demand someone else to see her due to my past with Hermione in our School years and the war. If I can get her out suitably early I will, I suppose I can do home psychology visits, that's if you permit it Severus"

Severus Snape, as everyone knows has a long history of being able to tell a good judge of character. Draco Malfoy was no exception. The young Malfoy was of course arrogant but was also product of a bad upbringing; he was sly and cunning naturally with being a Slytherin. But Severus could still see the good in him; he really did care for Hermione, both as a friend and perhaps more.

He just hoped Hermione opened up to Draco a little like she had with him in the past years. If Severus had got reacquainted with Hermione before her marriage to Adrian she would never have married him he would have made sure of it, No Severus knew what his game was from the beginning even if his sweet kind and naive Hermione could not see through his thick and deceiving lies.
"I just want her home" Severus rose from the sofa, kissed Narcissa's cheek, nodded his goodbyes to Lucius and apparated home.

Not long after Draco was thinking the same thing. Bedtime.

"I'm off up to bed, tomorrow is going to be long enough" Draco knocked back the rest of his fire whiskey and put the glass on the bar's counter.

"Are you forgetting something Son?" Narcissa stood up and walked towards her only son.
"Of course, my apologies Mother, goodnight" He kissed her cheek and nodded to his Father, rather similar to what Severus had done not long before.

"Son …Scorpious got into another fight at play school this morning. I got called out of a meeting with work to go pick him up. They have suspended him until Monday" Groaning, Draco turned around to look at his concerned parents and leaned against the door.
"The school teacher said Scorp started it; she has also put him on his last warning. One more fight and he is out" Draco scoffed, it always turned out to be his son's fault, granted he could be hot headed but there was no way he started all of the fights, 80% of them maybe.

"I'll talk to him in the morning" Draco turned and walked to his bedroom so he didn't have to listen to the concerned talks of his parents about their Grandson. Walking up to his wing of the Manor he opened his son's bedroom door to check on him, how innocent he looked sleeping peacefully. Pulling the crumpled duvet back over his child he kissed his rosy red cherub cheek before quietly leaving his son's room and heading next door to his.

Untying his tie he placed it on back of the black leather tub chair he had in his room. Stripping down he put his clothes he had worn that day into the hamper. His bed felt like heaven as he snuggled down, wrapping the king-sized duvet around himself, Draco closed his eyes in hopes of having a peaceful night's sleep.