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Katniss POV

I'm going into the mortal games, Where thousands of kids die every year, And the worse thing is.. That I might be one of those kids. I look around the room they told us to wait in. It has two long couches, lined with red velvet, the floor is marble, the walls are painted orange, book shelves line some of the walls, and a window is the only source of light. I've got only one thing to say.

Capitol people have no taste in anything.

I look and see Clary is sitting down next to her boyfriend. You know you'd think people would be crying if they got picked for the mortal games, But not Clary or her boyfriend, I guess not as long as they have each other.

I sit down on the other couch, Gale sits down next to me. "Hey" he says staring at me, I look at him and give him a small smile."Hey" I say back. "What's on your mind?" I shake my head, But many thing are on my mind. The fact I might die, the fact only two survivors can come back, the fact I have to kill my ex-bestfriend and her boyfriend, and that I have to kill someone. But I won't kill Clary, or her boyfriend, or Gale, or even Peeta. I won't kill anyone unless necessary.

The door opens and Prim comes in, She's crying, her face is red, and she has something in her hand. I walk to her and give her a tight hug. "Hey, Hey calm down" Prim keeps crying "Prim just calm down" "I-I-I can't" I kiss her forehead "Prim It's going to be okay, everything is okay" of course I lied, everything is not okay. My sister is falling to pieces, I'm going to The Mortal Games where I have to kill innocent children, and the worse part is that I'm going in with my bestfriend, my ex bestfriend, her boyfriend, and the boy who saved me from dying.

The peacekeeper opened the door "Times up" Prim cried even more but she opened her hand and there laid my dad's mockingjay pin I gave to Prim for good luck. "For good luck" she said giving me the pin before the peacekeeper shoved her out. I held the pin inside my hand, I didn't loosen my grip or let go of it. Gale stood next to me, he placed a hand on my shoulder "Catnip, It's alright we have each other" I couldn't help myself, I wrapped my arms around Gale. Gale hugged me back tightly.

The door opened once again and inside stepped Stiles, Clary's little brother. He looked as if he was holding back tears with all his might, but his face was red. Clary ran up to him and hugged him tightly "Stiles are you okay?" He nodded, he bit his lip hard enough a little trickle of blood spread throughout his lip. "Clary?" he said lowly. Clary looked at Stiles worriedly, she also looked like she wanted to cry but she held back the tears. Clary nodded, signifying Stiles to go on. "Come back please" Clary stayed quiet and looked back at Jace who looked at Clary and gave her a sideways sad smile. "Okay" Clary said quietly. Stiles looked at her "Promise me" Clary said nothing what-so-ever. Clary looked at the floor "I promise" he voice cracked a bit.

Stiles was hugging Clary when the peacekeeper started to drag him away "Clary! I know you'll come back! I know you are!" he shouts. Clary had a rubber band on her wrist, she breathed in and out while she held back the band and let it slap against her skin repeatedly. Jace got up and hugged her, Clary buried her face in the crook of his neck "Jace, What-What If I don't-" Jace pulled Clary away from him slightly, he had a serious look on his face. His gold eyes looked into her emerald ones "Don't you dare say that Clarissa Fray, You are coming back to your family. And I will owe anything to heaven or hell if it means keeping you safe"

Clary just closed her eyes and hugged him. I sighed, I also was going to protect Clary, Maybe what she did to my father was wrong, And maybe I should want revenge, and I could take advantage and kill her in the games. But I won't do it, Even if I did want to, I couldn't bring myself to it, Clary and I had to many memories together. And I just can't kill someone I've shared so many laughs, memories, and many other things with.

"Gale" I whisper so Clary wouldn't be able to hear. Gale looked at me, His gray ones meeting mine. "Yes?" I thought about my wish to keep Clary alive. "We have to protect Clary, I want her to come back" Gale was about to say something but the peacekeeper brought in a girl with long black silky hair, brown almond eyes, and very gorgeous. She directly went to Alec, the boy with black hair and piercing blue eyes, Alec got up and hugged her tightly. "Alec, Are you okay?" He nods and smiles. The girl starts crying "Alec, you have to come back. Please I can't lose you, You're more than just a brother to me, you're my best friend and I can't loose you" Alec hugs her "Isabelle, I won't lie to you, and Don't know if I stand a chance against these guys, But I'll try my best" The girl, Isabelle, nodded and cried a bit more.

The peacekeeper barged in and took her, He brought in a small familiar kid. Rory. Rory ran to Gale, Gale let go of me and hugged Rory. "Gale, Katniss" he said. I walked to Rory and hugged him tightly "What a coincidence huh? Two of the people that hold my family together go into the games huh?" Rory played around with a black bracelet Gale and I bought for him when he was smaller, That meant he was nervous or scared. "Rory, It's okay. Gale and I will find a way for you to get food, and we'll try our best to come back to you" Rory smiled. I didn't know what was going to happen, only two people can come back, and Clary has to be one of them.

The peacekeeper came in and grabbed Rory. Rory gave us a sad smile before he left. Soon enough a man with an apron that had flour spilled over it walked towards Peeta, who was crying. Peeta looked up and got up quickly, he hugged his dad tightly. "Dad" he whispered. "Son, look I don't have much time but I wish you luck, and I want you to know no matter what happens I love you, You're mother and I will be praying to God so he can bring you back safely" Peeta hugged his dad once more before he walked to Gale and I. He looked over at Clary and Jace, he looked at them, and with his eyes told them to come towards him.

Jace held Clary's hand and walked towards him. "Look, I know you four don't know me, But my son knows you, and I know you're families don't have much to maintain themselves on, So meanwhile you're in the games I'll give them food, and try my best to keep them satisfied." Clary looked at Jace and smiled. That was honestly great news since I was the only one in my family going hunting to feed us, now my mom and Prim won't have to worry about food while we're gone... Or when we're permanently gone. Stop it Katniss, Stop thinking like that.

The peacekeeper came inside, The man looked at us "I wish you all good luck, I will pray every night for you all" and with that the peacekeeper took him away. The door opened and in came inside a small lady, She walked towards Jace and hugged him. She had tears streaming down her face "Jace, Son-" the lady was cut off by her own tears. Jace had a sadish look on his face, but he didn't burst into tears. Clary just stared at them. "I need you to come back, I can't loose you, You're all I have" Jace hugged his mother tighter "I'll try my best mom" as Jace and his mother talked I stared at Clary who looked at the floor and seemed lost in thought.

Soon enough two peacekeepers came in, one took Jace's mother, and the other one made us all go out. We all walked down the streets of District 3, many people looked at us with sorrowful looks, others didn't seem to care, and others gave us pityful looks. We all walked to the District's train station. In a few minutes we were in front of a capitol train, waiting for the doors to open.

But the doors didn't open, I guess someone from the inside had to open it. Suddenly I heard someone shout "EFFIE! OPEN THE DOOR!" I looked back and saw a man with a big Vodka bottle in his hand, he stumbled around as he walked, he had long black curly hair, and gray seam eyes that are beautiful yet dangerous like. Soon enough the train doors opened to find Effie in a big long, purple, puffy dress, along with some purple wig. I rolled my eyes, the capitol and their stupid fashion.

"Ah, hello tributes! Welcome to you're new home for the next two weeks"

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