Summary: When his parents died during an invasion of the Romans in Athene, Perseus Jackson, prince of Greece, was forced to survive on his own. But when he's captured by slave traders, his live changed once again. What will the young prince do when he is forced to fight in the Colosseum in Rome?

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Prologue: The Mother and the Queen

A sacrifice that should never have been made

They could hear screams filling the palace while the men fell to their deaths. The boy wanted to run back to help them, but his mother knew better. She knew he wouldn't be able to help. That he would be killed instantly. Just like his father, the king, did.

She felt a tear falling over her cheek. He'd died in front of them while protecting them. She shook her head. Thinking about it now would be useless. She looked at her son. Water was flowing from his eyes, but he kept going. Just like his father, she said to herself, they look so much alike.

Even their appearances. The raven black hair. The sea-green eyes, who would turn into undeniable puppy-eyes when he begged for something. She smiled at herself. Just like when the king had asked her for marriage. Those pleading eyes, without any doubt in them. How was it possible for her to deny them?

Behind them, she could hear the shouting from the men that followed them, but they kept running. They were almost there. Almost safe. But everybody else would be dead. The soldiers and the citizens of Greece would've died for them. She had already seen the burning flames topping the highest buildings of Athene.

The boy tripped over a tree root. She could tell he was tired from running. So was she, but they had to continue running, otherwise his father's death would've been in vain. "Mommy!", she stopped and turned to him. His right knee was bleeding. The smell of blood was already reaching her nose. He wouldn't be able to run as fast as before now.

But they had to be quick. She took the boy in her arms and ran further, hoping they were fast enough. A spear pierced the ground where she stood a second ago. They had to be much faster, but she was already tired.

She could see the secret passage. It had been there for hundreds of years. The city was already lost, but her son wouldn't be. He would be safe if they could reach the passage. She glanced back. A dozen of soldiers ran toward them with blood covering their armors. But not their blood. No, the blood of the Greek soldiers. A few more spears were thrown at them, but they missed their target.

They had finally outrun the soldiers - for now - when they reached their goal. She put her son on the ground and kissed him on his forehead. She could hear twigs cracking, not far away. They would be killed if they didn't escape now. She already knew what she should do. She whispered something in his ear.

The boy's eyes widened and he shook his head. Another round of tears falling over his cheeks. "Please, mommy, don't", but she shook her head. She pushed her son toward the entrance. He ran into the darkness, but not before turning to take a final glance at his mother. She smiled reassuringly. With tears in his eyes, he smiled back and turned.

The - former - queen of Athene sighed in relief. He was finally safe. She did her job as a mother. Now she must do her job as a queen. She turned and took her sword. The Celestial Bronze blade shimmered in the moonlight. Her son would be proud of her. His both parents would've died with a sword in their hands. The best death a warrior could think of.

The soldiers stopped when they saw her. A wicked grin on their young leader's face. He stepped forward. She could see the scar on his face clearly. The traitor. The one who'd let the soldiers into Athene. He would die with her. Determined, she dashed toward him, aiming her blade at his neck. He easily parried and tried to punch her with the hilt of his sword. She dodged, but was soon faced with a sword coming toward her chest.

She tried to dodge again, but the blade cut her left arm in the process. But now, he would be off guard. "May the gods send you to hell, Luke Castellan", she grumbled before stabbing her sword into his chest. While doing so, three spears pierced her back. She smiled dryly. Her last thought that she'd accomplished her goal.

Her eight year old son looked at the scene before his eyes. He saw the mean guy with the scar collapsing on the ground. He saw his mother falling on her knees with the spears still in her back. With tears in his eyes and sorrow in his heart, he ran for his life. Not knowing where to go. Just knowing he'd never let this happen again.

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