So in this story the states are children who (physically) age range from about 8-11 (though some may be younger).

Not only are there going to be states, but there will also be U.S territories as well. This is my first story. I do not own Hetalia

"Hello everybody!", America loudly announced as he bust through the doors of the World Meeting room. "Glad to see you're all present!"

"You're late", Germany stated annoyed with America's yelling. He already had to deal with Italy's complaining about there not being enough pasta for the world.

"Sorry Dude, I just flew in from Hawaii late last night and I overslept", America explained as he took his seat. England glared at him. "You knew we had a meeting this morning", his said angrily, "why the hell were you taking a vacation!"

"I wasn't, I spent the last 50 days visiting all my states", America said with a stupid smile.

"Why?", China asked. America blinked. "Well um, I don't really know", he said confusingly. He really didn't know why he took the time out to visit every single on of his states over the course of exactly 50 days.

Germany stood up and straightened some papers. "Well, it doesn't really matter now", he said. "So let's just get started with the meeting".

"Alright Dudes!" America said jumping up. "Let's get this party, uh, I mean meeting started!"

Mentally groaning, Germany sat don't and let America take the podium. "It's great to see everybody here! Got Europe, Asia, some African & South American nations, and of course North America!"

"Hey mate! You forgot Oceania!", Australia shouted out earning him an angry glare from Wy who was sitting at the Phony Nations Table.

"Anyway, I wanted to discuss all the reasons why I'm a hero!", America continued. The other nations groaned. This was gonna be a long meeting.

The meeting was eventually ended early. After listening to America's long and annoying speech about heroes and ice cream, a fight broke out between Germany and England as to who was going to smack America first. While France, Italy, and even Spain tried to defuse the situation (Prussia wasn't helping by adding stupid comments here and there) America sneaked out of the room, followed by Canada. Now, the two brothers were on their way to America's pent house in Manhattan.

"I'm at least glad your place isn't too far from the World Meeting building", Matthew said as he gazed out the window. Kumajiro clung to his shirt. Alfred nodded and smiled his signature smile.

"Yeah, and it's also not far from Mickey D's", he said happily. "Wanna eat there?" "Well, I was hoping we...", Matthew started. "Of course you do!", Alfred shouted with glee, completely ignoring his brother's opinion. Matthew sighed. "McDonald's it is", he mumbled.

"Hey Man, what's the matter?", Alfred inquired. 'That's new', Matthew thought, 'Alfred doesn't usually ask what's bothering me or notice that anything is bothering me at all'.

"It's just that you never take time to, how do I put this, hear others out", he admitted. Alfred laughed. "Dude, what are you talking about?"

"When you asked me if I wanted to eat at McDonald's, you didn't even wait for my answer before concluding that I wanted to eat there", Matthew said. "You do that to me a lot".

"But Mattie, you love eating at McDonald's with me!", Alfred whined. "Did I ever say that?" Alfred thought back and had to admit that his brother never said he enjoyed eating at McDonald's. Alfred tapped on the steering wheel as he waited at the red light.

"I have a feeling this doesn't steam back to just wrongly assuming you love McDonald's", he said in a more serious tone. He sounded a bit angry.

Matthew adjusted his glasses and sighed. "Well to be honest with you Alfred", he said. "The real problem is that you only care about your own opinion and no one else's. It's like only what you say matters".

"That's not true!", Alfred defended angrily. "Oh yeah, how about at the meeting today", Matthew reminded him. "You once again, like all the other times, ignored what any had to say on the serious matter of world hunger and kept right on talking about creating a giant burger to feed to the earth".

"It was a great idea", Alfred contradicted. "It was a ridiculous idea", Matthew retorted. "No wonder Germany and England fought over who would punch you in your...".

"Whoa there, I thought they were threatening to just smack me", Alfred interrupted. "They said smack but meant punch", Matthew said.

Alfred sighed. "Look, how about we just go to the store, you pick up some stuff and make something when we get home", Alfred said crossly. Matthew nodded realizing he had somehow upset Alfred. "That's fine", he said.

So, Alfred drove to the store and allowed Matthew to pick up some items to make dinner. When they got home, Alfred silently helped Matthew get everything ready. While they sat in the living room waiting for the food to finish cooking, Alfred stood up and said, "I'm gonna go check my mail".

Matthew noted he still sounded a bit angry. Alfred soon returned holding his mail. "Let's see", he said setting it on the coffee table and starting to go through it. "Junk, junk, more junk...". He paused and looked at a red, white, and blue envelope.

"It's not my birthday, so I wonder what this is", Alfred said to looked at the envelope. "Open it and see", he said. Using his finger nails (which Mattie noted needed clipping) Alfred ripped open the envelope and pulled out a letter.

"Looks like a bunch a words", Alfred said with distaste as he thrust it at his brother. "Your read it".

Slightly annoyed, Matthew snatched it from him and read it aloud: "Dear Alfred F. Jones, me and my associates have reason to believe you spent the last 50 says visiting each one of your states but didn't know exactly why you were compelled to do so. Well, this might be hard to believe, but your very own states have human personifications, just like you are the personification of America. Like other countries and sense one another, the reason you were compelled to visit all of us was because you subconsciously knew we existed and wanted to find us. Well, now is you're chance America! All fifty of us would like to meet you for the first time. You can meet all of us at the World Meeting Center tomorrow in room 103 at 10:00. Sincerely, one of your states".

Matthew hadn't seen his brother that opened-mouth for such a long period of time since he met the actor who played Captain America.

"Um, Alfred?", he asked fearing he had somehow killed his brother, even though countries really couldn't die that easily.

Alfred finally regained his senses. "L-let me see the l-letter", he stuttered his previous anger forgotten. After reading it over for about 10 minutes, Alfred suddenly jumped up laughing, scaring Matthew right out of his chair.

"Dude! Do you know what this means?!", he cheered. Matthew was too busy trying to recover from his mini heart attack to answer. "I actually have states!", Alfred cheered some more.

Matthew sat up. "Well, you always had states, Alfred", he replied. "But they have actual personifications!", Alfred shouted. "This means they're just like us, or me, or whatever! I have to meet them tomorrow!"

"Well this would definitely explain what compelled you to visit each and every state all at once", Matthew said seriously. "But how are you going to see them tomorrow when we have another World Meeting at the same time?"

Alfred stopped cheering. Of course the meeting! How could he forget?! "Well, I just won't go to the World Meeting", Alfred stated. "My states are more important".

"But your the chairman", Matthew reminded him. "You have to be there".

"Please, you were just saying that all the other nations just want to punch me in the face, I couldn't possibly go back now!", Alfred pouted.

Matthew sighed. He really was in no mood to argue, but Alfred was making a good point. "Well, I guess you're right", Matthew said. "But the others aren't gonna be too happy about you being absent either". Alfred thought a moment before leaning back in his chair and grinning.

"Why not just go in my place?", he suggested.

"To meet your states?"

"No! You pretend to be me at the World Meeting while I go and finally meet my states after hundreds of years!"

"Some of them haven't been states for that long", Matthew said. "And that plan wouldn't work anyhow".

"Why not, everyone's always mistaking you for me anyway and nobody ever misses you so it would be perfect!", Alfred explained.

Matthew rolled his eyes. If he went to the meeting as Alfred, he's be taking the heat for him once again (then again, since people did mistake him for Alfred, he'd be taking the heat anyway). Still, Alfred need to meet his states especially after so long.

"Alright, Alfred", Matthew agreed. "I'll do it, but my hair curl is a dead give-away to countries who know me well, like France".

Alfred thought a moment before rushing into the kitchen and coming back with a some tape. "Just tape it down". "But I don't have your signature cowlick", Matthew pointed out.

Once again, Alfred made another trip to the kitchen, this time returning with a lock of hair which he proceeded to tape to Matthew. "There!", he said triumphantly as if he had accomplished the impossible.

Matthew looked in the hallway mirror. "Wow, I could definitely pass off as you!", he exclaimed. "But where in the world did you get this fake cowlick?"

"It's not fake", Alfred said. "A little while ago, the Micronations were making fun of it, so I cut it off with scissors and saved it in a bag (wtf). But it ended up growing back in a matter of hours. Nantucket had some bad weather that day too".

Matthew gave him a look. "Since Nantucket isn't a state, I guess it still is just your hair. I don't know about your glasses and the state of Texas though". Alfred shrugged. "Well, the letter said fifty of them, so...".

"I'm gonna go work on a speech for tomorrow, since I'm the chairman now", Matthew said.

"Dude no! If I actually have a speech prepared than they'll know something is off!", Alfred cried.

Matthew rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'll just watch TV then", he said as he plopped down on the coach. "That's the spirit", Alfred said as he gave him a thumbs up.

"I have one more question", Matthew said. "What will they be?"

Alfred sat down besides him. "What do you mean?"

"Will they be personified as adults or kids maybe?".

Alfred looked thoughtful. "They'll probably be in their late teens like me and you. Maybe early twenties. I doubt they'd be stuck as kids after so many years".

"One word for you, Peter", Matthew said. Alfred laughed as the oven timer went of. Matthew stood up. "Time to eat".

That day at the next World Meeting, Alfred found himself more nervous than he thought he'd be. He wasn't too worried about Matthew filling in for him (Mattie could do a pretty good Alfred after all). He was nervous about meeting his states.

"I wonder why they hid for all this time", Alfred though aloud as they drove to the World Meeting building.

"Well, not all the states became states at the same time", Matthew explained. "They might have waited for every state to be personified which would have been around when Hawaii became a state in the 50's".

Alfred nodded silently as they pulled up to the building. "Well here we are", Matthew said as they stepped out of the car. "You remember which room?"

"Room 103", Alfred said.

The two brother's entered the building. "Well, I'll be headed to the meeting room", Matthew said. "You better head to room 103". Alfred perked up and smiled.

"Alright Bro! Catch you later!", he said running off to room 103. Matthew sighed. "Whether they are anything like him or not, the others aren't gonna be happy about more of America running around", he muttered.

As Alfred ran down the hall, he noticed a young boy coming out of the Men's Room. 'Huh, kids aren't supposed to be here', he thought. Then again, the Micronations, but they weren't suppose to be here either, The boy looked to be about eleven years old. He wore a short-sleeved dress shirt, dirty blue jeans, and cowboy boots and hat. He tipped his hat to Alfred as if he were a real cowboy. Alfred chuckled as he walked over to him.

"Hey little guy", Alfred said kneeling down to his level. "Are you lost?"

The boy shook his head. "Nah, this is wear I'm supposed to be", he said in his southern accent.

Alfred blinked. Something about this boy was strange. He felt compelled to just be around this boy. God, he hoped this didn't make him a pedophile. Then it hit him: That was the same feeling he felt when he visited each of his states.

"Hey Mister", the boy said with a big smile as he reached out his had to him. "I think you better come with me". Alfred took the boy's hand and allowed him to lead him to the very room he was headed to: Room 103.

"Hey, how'd you know this is where I wanted to be?" The boy smiled and ran inside the room without.

"Hey! Get back here!", Alfred said running in after him.

What he saw made him stop dead in his tracks. There in the room was a bunch of little kids, all siting and chattering at a long round table. Alfred counted them; there were about fifty of them. 'Oh God', he thought as he stared at them.

The boy from before stood at the head of the table. "If I can have ya'lls attention! Our much awaited guest is here!", he announced.

Every stopped talking and looked at Alfred who was as confused as hell. "Um, hi", he said dumbly.

The kids all smiled and said in unity, "Hi, Alfred!"

Said person blinked. "Oh, so you know my name then?"

One of the girls stood up. "Uh huh! You're Alfred F. Jones!", she cheered causing all the other children to cheer his full name as well.

Another girl, who looked to be the maturest of the other girls, walked up to him. "I assume you got my letter?", she asked hopefully.

"You sent it?", Alfred questioned. The child nodded and smiled sweetly.

"We are your United States Mr. Alfred", she told him. Alfred gawked. "Y-you're my states?" The girl nodded.

"Who the heck did you think we were?", one of the boys said. He had a strong New York accent. "Don't be rude", the tallest of the boys scolded.

"He's just tellin' it lie it is", another boy with a southern accent defended.

Alfred looked down at the girl who came up to him. "I wasn't expecting this at all!", he cried.

The girl pat his leg. "I know, you probably didn't think we'd be little kids", she said reassuringly. "Physically, we age range around 8-11".

Alfred gulped. "But, fifty kids?", he whined.

"You don't like us or something?", a dark-skinned boy asked. He was eating on a peach. "No, it's not that, it's just...", Alfred tried to explained.

"He doesn't?", one little girl interrupted. Another little girl wearing a lei began to cry.

"No! Don't cry!", Alfred said, mentally cursing. "Hawaii, calm down, Mister Alfred just didn't expect us to be children", the taller boy from before comforted.

Alfred looked at the crying girl. "Hawaii, huh?". He turned to the tall boy trying to comfort her.

"Which state are you?", he inquired. "I'm the eldest state, Delaware", the tall boy told him.

"And I'm Virginia, the eldest girl", the girl who had come up to Alfred before said.

Alfred smiled and looked at the peach boy. "You must be Georgia", he said. The said state nodded. "Yep", he answered.

"I'm Texas", the cowboy kid said once again tipping his hat to Alfred.

Other states began to yell out there names. "I'm California", a blonde girl with bright blue eyes and a valley-girl accent yelled out.

"I'm Illinois!", a short boy around eight shouted at the top of his lungs.

"You are looking at the Empire State!", the boy with the New York accent announced triumphantly.

Alfred soon found himself bombarded with kids hugging him and giving him their praises. Alfred just smiled and hugged all of them. "You know I only just met you guys, and I like ya' already!", he confided cheerfully. The children beamed.

They spent the next few hours talking about state stereotypes and telling Alfred about American history, which he of course already knew, but he was delighted to hear about there side of the stories.

"I was totally the only little girl at the Gold Rush, I swear!", California said as she sat next to Alfred. "I've still got one lump I never gave up".

"Really, I was at the Gold Rush too", Alfred said. "I was about 17 or 18 then".

The other children giggled. "You're so young!", New Mexico said.

"Man, you know what you need?", Louisiana said. "Some good old Gumbo!" The boy proceeded to thrust a large pot of Gumbo at him. "Try it!", he said.

The other kids shook their heads. "No! It's too spicy!", the warned.

"Not really", said states like Georgia, California, and New York.

"Hey Alfred!", a little girl yelled as she jumped at Alfred and hit him in his crotch. "Ugh!", Alfred shouted as he rolled over in pained.

"Florida!", the other children angrily scolded.

"I-I see why they c-call you F-Florida", Alfred grunted.

Florida looked as if she were about to cry. "I'm really sorry!, she cried. "I just wanted to know if you were gonna take us to Disney World!".

"You and you're theme parks", Georgia muttered. "I'm content with just Six Flags and White Water".

Feeling a pang of guilt, Alfred pulled her into a hug, even though he was still in a lot of pain. "Hey, don't cry", he said softly. "I'm not mad, you've just gotta be more careful, okay sweetie?" Florida nodded and hugged him back.

Some of the other girls and even the boys looked jealous and wanted hug Alfred again too. Taking noticed off this, Alfred pulled as many of them as he could into a hug. The rest he beckoned over and let them climb on top of him

. "I don't just like you guys, I love you guys!", he said happily.

"I'm glad to see you guys are getting along", Matthew said in the doorway.

Alfred jumped up, knocking some of the kids off him on accident. "Mattie?!", he cried. "Uh, what are you doing here?"

"The meeting ended half an hour ago and I waited until everyone left to come here so I wouldn't be followed", Matthew explained.

"Who's that", New York asked. "He looks just like you."

"That's Canada", Alaska, the tallest of the girls said. She had dark brown hair but had Russia's eyes, which kind of creeped out Alfred, but he wouldn't admit it to her.

"Wow, I never thought they'd be kids, Alfred", Matthew said as he patted Alaska's head. "And they remember who I am too".

Alfred smiled. "Did anyone suspect anything?", he asked. Matthew shook his head. "Nope, they all thought I was you. France said something about me not being there but he dropped it once England started insulting his beard".

"England's here?", the Maryland asked. "Matthew nodded. "Wow, I haven't seen him in forever", Rhode Island said to his closest siblings who maid up New England.

"Does he still have those eyebrows?", West Virginia asked. Matthew nodded.

Everyone shared a laugh.

"So, what do we do now?", Georgia suddenly said. "Yeah, we can't like, just stay here all day", California said stamping her foot.

"Yeah, but we can't all go home with Alfred", Delaware stated.

"It's no trouble at all you guys!", Alfred said. "I can make room for you!".

"No, a lot of us have to get back to our own states tonight to get things ready for when you introduce of to your government", Alaska said.

Alfred looked a bit crestfallen. "Oh, so none of you can stay then".

Virginia stood up. "On the contrary, some of us decided to get that boring stuff done early so we could stay with you until we're introduced!"

"What?", Alfred said confused. "Ten of us are staying with you Mister Alfred", Texas said. "It includes me, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, Louisiana, and California!".

The said other eight states ran up to him. "Really?!", Alfred said overjoyed. "I can't believe it!"

"The others will be headed back with trusted adult escort to there respected states", Delaware explained.

These others were saddened to go, but Alfred hugged all of them and kissed them goodbye, reassuring them that he'd get with them again.

"Well, Mattie", Alfred said to his brother. "It's just you me and the kids!".

"Actually Alfred, I think it'll be better for you to be with your kids alone", his brother replied kindly. "I have plans to fly back to my country tonight".

Alfred looked a bit sad to see him go. "Well, how about me and my ten go see you off", he said.

"How, they can't all fit in your car", Matthew said. "Don't worry Uncle Mattie", New Mexico said. "We've got a limo waiting outside for us!"

He turned to Alfred. "And a tow truck has already taken your car home for you".

"Oh boy a limo! Did you get the tow for free?", Alfred asked. "Uh, no", Louisiana said. "You'll have to pay". Alfred sighed. He'd only just got these kids, and they were already costing, he thought to himself and laughed.

Matthew blinked. "Uncle Mattie?", he inquired. The kids beamed. "Um, yeah your Alfred's brother", New York said.

Florida tugged on Alfred's pants. "And, if Alfred would like to be, he's our Dad", she said blushing like crazy.

Alfred blinked and smiled his signature smile before some how scooping up his ten kids and hugging them. "You guys are so cute, and I love you very much!", he said joyfully. "And I'd love to be your Dad, since in all honestly, I'm not sure what else I'd be to you!"

The children and Matthew laughed. "God bless America!", Delaware rang out. "No, God bless Dad!", California cheered.

Alfred smiled and hugged them tightly. He knew from now on, he had responsibilities to take care of. However, the word "Dad" ran through his mind. Was he really ready to be a Dad to 50 kids?

Yeah, Alfred's a Daddy, more or less.

So, I was originally going to have all 50 kids stay with him but it would have been hard to keep track of them.

But don't worry, every state will get a chance to shine. They name of the ten states staying with Alfred will be revealed the next chapter.

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