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Alfred was too excited. Germany had actually approved of him introducing the states at the next world meeting this weekend.

"Guys! Germany gave us the go ahead to bring ya' to the next world meeting!"

"Alright, awesome!" James cheered.

Sam gasped. "OMG, I've gotta find something to, like, wear!", she cried before running upstairs.

"Oh boy, our first world meeting", Alfie said. "I can't wait!"

Alfred chuckled. "Of course, Germany's not gonna let me take all of you, so who really wants to go?"

The states talked amongst themselves for a while before reaching a decision. James and Alfie were definitely going. Sam and Mary (who was only going to see England) were going. Emily called Hannah, who agreed to go. David, Chris, and Ben said they'd liked to go as well. The others were sort of on the fence, but decided they weren't too interested in seeing a bunch of countries arguing over them.

"Sorry Dad", Megan even said. "But all you guys do is fight, and you'll be fighting more once we arrive. I'm not keen on getting into that".

"Well I am!", Chris said enthusiastically.

"A fight between the countries is gonna be cool!"

Alfred shook his head. "You won't feel that way after five minutes of it", he said.

Erin picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Bet she'd be interested in coming", she was saying to Andrew.

"Who'd be interested?", Alfred inquired.

"Alani", Erin said. "She hasn't seen you since we all first meet and she's really anxious to see you again".

Alfred beamed. "Aww, well tell her I'd love to take her along".

Since it was early in the week, the states and Alfred spent the next few days making sure they had everything together. Germany had agreed to have the meeting in DC (since it would be easier for Alfred and the kids). It was also a lot easier to only get a few kids ready instead of all of them (and the fact that Arthur had finally gone home to London).

Finally, the day of the first meeting had arrived that Saturday. Alfred and the kids were up early getting ready.

"Where is Hannah?", Emily wondered aloud. "She and Alani were supposed to be here!"

"Shhhh, don't wake the others", David said.

As they were getting their shoes on there was a knock on the door. "I bet that's her", Emily said referring to Hannah.

She answered the door and there was a formally dressed Hannah carrying Alani on her shoulders and two book bags. "Sorry I'm late", she said as she set Alani and the bags down. "I missed my flight waiting for Alani who missed her flight and so we had to take another plane".

"Aw, it's alright", Alfred said as he looked at his watch. "Yikes! We better get going though".

Somehow, they all managed to jam up into an old rented van James had gotten.

"Cool! This van has a DVD player!", Emily exclaimed.

"Daddy, can we watch Lilo and Stitch?", Alani asked.

"Sorry kiddo, we won't be able to finish it by the time we get to the meeting place", Alfred said. He stomped on the breaks when some idiot dangerously cut him off.

"You better be glad I had my kids in the car!", he yelled out on the window. "Or else I would've…". Someone's car horn just happened to honk so whatever their father said the states didn't happen to hear.

Finally, they made it to their destination. "This is gonna be a trip", James said.

"Looks like America and his states are running late, aru", China said.

"Well, I expected nothing less", Germany remarked.

Canada looked at the door. "He should be any minute", he said.

Just then, America burst through the doors (we'll refer to them by country and state names while they're at the meeting). "Not to worry, I have arrived!", he shouted.

His states followed closely after him looking curious.

"Wow, this room is bigger than the one we originally met Dad in", Ben remarked.

"Good, you're finally here", Germany said. "We were just about to start without you and your, um, children".

Without being told, the states took their seats at a table especially set up for them (it also happened to be across from the phony nations table).

Prussia waved. "Hey kids, welcome to the club", he said.

California waved back. "Hi!", she greeted.

"Put you hand down Cali", D.C said. "He's probably mocking us".

America took his seat next to China and England. "For a minute, I thought the kids had given you such a rough time that you weren't gonna show up", the latter said.

America frowned. "My kids aren't bad, okay?", he said defensively. "They're just overly eccentric".

England smirked.

Germany cleared his throat. "Alright, does anyone have anything that needs to be shared before we begin discussing about America's states?", he asked.

Italy raised his hand.

"Other than pasta", Germany said annoyed.

Sealand raised his hand. "I think that us 'Phony Nations' should have a bigger table so we can…".

Germany cut him off. "Does anyone have anything relative to share?", he inquired as he looked around at everyone.

Everyone shook their heads.

"Okay, well at this point I'll invite America to the podium", Germany said.

America stood up and took the podium.

"Yeah Daddy!", Hawaii yelled out.

"Shhhh!", said Delaware.

America cleared his throat. "Well, as you all know, my states have personifications like us", he said. "Now, I haven't known them for very long, so they can answer more questions than I can, so at this point I'd like to invite my eldest son Delaware to the podium".

Delaware went on to explain everything from how they first realized that they were apart of America to how the introduced themselves to their father. The countries listened intently.

Some were impressed with how mature the boy was when speaking. Others, like Sealand and Prussia were jealous that a non-country like them was allowed to speak.

Once Delaware finished speaking, he let D.C and New York say a few words before America took over.

"Any questions?", America inquired.

"So your territories also have personifications?", asked Japan.

"Yes, I've they do", America answered. "But I've only met Puerto Rico so far".

"Apparently, my own territories have personifications as well", England whispered to China.

More of the countries also had questions about the states.

"How are you going to keep them all in DC?", Spain asked.

"Can they join the Phony Nations?", asked Seborga. Unlike Sealand and Prussia, he wasn't so jealous.

"How's Alaska?", asked Russia in a creepy way "And would she be interested in becoming one with Russia?".

America tried to ignore that question. "I think it's time for a lunch break!", he announced loudly.

"You're so cute", Hungary said to Hawaii who beamed.

"Thank you Miss Hungary", she replied as she pulled out a white lei. "The white lei means peace. Would you like to wear it".

Hungary nodded. "Of course I would!", she said cheerfully.

"I have one for everyone if they'd like!", Hawaii said.

All the female nations and half of the male lined up to get one.

"That's too bad Alaska couldn't make it", Russia told America.

America frowned. "Why don't you go jump of a duck or something!", he growled.

Russia chuckled.

Canada put a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Just ignore him America", he said.

America pulled away. "I gotta go to the bathroom", he said angrily.

Maryland walked up to England. "Hi Mr. England", she greeted. Unfortunately, she was too busy arguing with France about who could cook better.

"What do you mean my scones are garbage, Frog?!", England was shouting.

"Oh please, do you honestly believe you can cook a decent meal?", France retorted.

"I think he can cook very well", Maryland spoke up.

Both countries stared at her. England with glee and France with shock.

"Really? You do?", England asked her.

Maryland nodded. "Oh yes! I think your scones are delicious!" Of course Maryland had never had England's infamous scones but she was smitten with him so she'd lie through her teeth any day.

England pulled out a plate on scones from out of nowhere. "Really now, why don't you have one now?", he said cheerfully.

France shook his head. "Looks like your bad taste not only rubbed off on America, but his kids too", he said to Spain who laughed.

"Are you sure you don't want to join our table?", asked Sealand who had gotten over his jealousy quickly.

"Sorry man, were not interested in joining your little club", Georgia said.

"It's not a club!", Sealand yelled indignantly.

"Actually mate, it kind of is", said Wy.

"A club is art!" yelled Kugelmugel.

"This is why we get no respect!", Sealand shouted. "Because you guys are such idiots!"

"No, it's because you've never been recognized like us", Wy said. "Even Prussia was a nation once upon a time!"

"Look Darling, there's no need to yell", Texas said winking at Wy. "We're all partners".

"Hey, she's mine to flirt with when she gets older!", Seborga yelled.

"Hey, don't yell at my brother!", New York shouted. "That's me and my siblings' job!"

While the micronations and states were arguing, Maryland had no choice but to try England's scones. She took a bit of one. It was the worst thing she ever tasted.

"Mmmmm", she lied. "So yummy".

"Finally, someone who appreciates my cooking!", England said. "Perhaps you kids aren't so bad after all".

That was all Maryland needed to hear. Filled with love and acceptance from the British nation, she began stuffing her mouth with one scone after another.

"Slow down now", England said with a laugh. "Don't choke yourself".

"Mon Dieu! (My God!)", cried France. "You brainwashed the child!"

"Shut the hell up Frogger!", England shouted and the two began going at it again.

Maryland began to feel sick from eating the atrocious scones. "Ughhh, why did I bloody do that?", she moaned.

"Lilo and Stitch is my favorite Disney movie", Hawaii was telling Liechtenstein and Seychelles.

"Really? I always like that one too", said Seychelles.

"Why is everyone, like, saying how cute Hawaii is and stuff?", demanded California.

The Carolina sisters shrugged. "Maybe cause she's young and cute", S Carolina suggested.

"Oh and so I'm not cute?!", Cali shouted.

S Carolina rolled her eyes. "You are so self-centered".

"And further more a brat", N Carolina added.

Japan walked up to Hawaii. "I'd like a lei of peace, please", he requested.

Hawaii took one look at him and screamed. "Y-you! You're military b-bombed Pearl Harbor!", she cried.

"Hey, I thought we agreed not to bring up sensitive subjects", Taiwan said.

"I'm sorry, perhaps I should go", Japan said uneasily.

Hawaii howled. "You bombed me!" she kept screamed. "You bombed me!"

"Hey, what did you do to Hawaii?", demanded D.C and Delaware.

When America finally returned from the bathroom, he saw that everyone was arguing with one another. This usually wouldn't have bothered him. Unfortunately, it seemed that each of his kids was in the middle of each fight.

"What the hell is going on?!", he shouted.

"Enough!", Germany yelled over the microphone. "Why do we always keep fighting when we have meetings?!"

Everyone remained silent until Hawaii cried out, "I want my Daddy!"

America wasted no time finding his youngest daughter and picking her up to comfort her. "What is it sweaty?", he asked. "What happened?"

"Dad", Maryland moaned. "I don't feel so good".

Before she could stop herself, Maryland threw up right in front of England. "Ugghhhh", she moaned.

"What happened to you?", Georgia inquired.

"I ate all of England's awful scones!", she cried.

England looked hurt. "Awful? You said you loved them".

"No, I didn't mean that!", Maryland said.

England frowned. "Lying through your teeth, huh?", he said to her. "We'll see where that gets you".

"Hey, don't be mean to her dumbass!", shouted D.C. "Maryland only ate you stupid scones 'cause she's got a crush on you!"

England starred and him and then looked to Maryland who looked horrified. D.C began to regret what he said.

"Why'd you tell him that!", she cried as she ran out of the room.

"Hey, Mary! Come back!", America called.

England looked skeptical. "Crush on me?"

Germany sighed. "This meeting is adjourned", he finally said. "America, you should see about you children". He was in no mood to deal with crying children. He already had enough with fighting nations.

After searching high and low for Maryland and finally finding her, America and the states went home.

"What happened?", Megan said after she saw how upset everyone looked.

"It was the worst thing ever!", Chris said.

"Yeah, I'm so not going to one of those again", Sam mumbled.

Alani had tuckered herself out from so much crying. "I wanna go to bed", she moaned as she walked up stairs to her room.

Alfred felt horrible. He had such high hopes this morning, and no he and his children felt miserable. He had no idea that Alani was still sensitive about Pearl Harbor or that Mary had feelings for England.

Alfred slumped on the couch beside James.

"I failed", the boy said.

Alfred looked surprised as he was about to say the same thing. "Why do you say that?", he asked instead.

"Because, I'm the oldest and I'm supposed to look after everyone when you're not there", James explained.

"But I just ended up arguing like everyone else".

"Don't beat yourself up, Kiddo", Alfred reassured him.

"Just because you're the oldest doesn't mean you have to look after everything. That's my job. So if anything, I failed".

"How about this: were both epic fails", James said.

Alfred smiled. "Sounds good", he said as he sat up. "Now, what should I do about your two sisters".

James though a moment. "Mary just needs some time", he said.

"But Alani definitely needs her Dad right now".

Alfred stood up. "Alright then", he said and started for the stairs.

"Don't worry about dinner, I'm sure Jacob will whip something up".

Alfred nodded as he walked up the stairs. He really did have good kids. They just need a bit of work. And if the others were sensitive about things in the past like Alani, than a lot of comfort was needed too.

Awww, poor Maryland. All she wanted was for England to love her. Also, poor Hawaii.

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