"Hot Flashes"

Rated M for Strong Language and Sexual Content

Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with SWAT Kats. And that means the characters as well.

Chapter 1

100 degrees.

To put it simply, it was nothing but hell in Megakat City. It was so hot that the fur of any resident living in this forsaken city would stick to a sidewalk. It was so hot that if a single kat were to step outside, they would be grilled instantly. There was no break to all of this. It was gonna be scorching hot the next three days.

Somewhere inside the junkyard, Jake Clawson was slumping all throughout the couch, not even daring to go outside. The shade is where he needed to be at this time. By times, he can be a car mechanic, but when it came to action...

...he was moonlighting as a vigilante seeking justice with his best friend Chance Furlong. As Razor and T-Bone of the SWAT Kats, they always took their battles to the skies using their famed TurboKat. Whenever it's machines, monsters, slime creatures, freaky aliens and evil kats looking to make Megakat City into a barren wasteland, they always made their job easy. But sometimes, the slightest of battles can take a toll on the body. Not very easy, but it was the only way to make the city safer from crime.

Jake was all alone in the shop while Chance went out of town for a little while to look for a new air conditioner. Their old one would have worked if it wasn't for Burke and Murray using their air conditioner as a barbecue. This was ridiculous. All alone in a chopshop and he was sweating bullets across his face.

"Ugh, this sucks..." Jake groaned in misery, "When the hell is T-Bone gonna get back with the air conditioner! It's been weeks now!"

Jake looked at the time and back. He was itching with irritation. So far, it's now been three hours and Chance still wasn't back. Suppose there was a mission and he had to go it alone. Of course, he can handle being alone at a time like this.

"I just wish that someone or somebody could make my day a little better, instead of being stranded in this hell hole." Jake groaned to himself again.

But contrary to his words, a glimmer of hope shone upon him...

...but it was in the form of car smoke. Jake responded with another sigh and got off the couch.

"Looks like another customer. This is definitely hell now..." Jake sighed as he left their office, a.k.a. living room.

When he stepped inside the garage however, he was greeted by a familiar face.

"Hi, Jake."

Jake recognized that voice anywhere. It was in the form of Megakat City's Deputy Mayor, Callie Briggs. Somehow, his problems about the heat suddenly went away when he saw her.

"Hey, Callie. Spending another day in hell, I see?" I said to her, greeting on this hot day. But suddenly, my thoughts began speaking to me, "Forget being in hell, I'm suddenly in heaven now!"

"You're kidding. My pink convertible broke down on me again! I'm supposed to be at the grand opening of the MegaKat City Library of Congress and I can't be caught dead driving this piece of burnt excrament!" Callie complained about her problem.

"Wow, I'm sorry to hear that." Jake sighed with disappointment, "Let's see what's wrong with your car this time."

Jake began to open up the hood to Callie's vehicle when suddenly...

...black smoke began to blast Jake right in the face. Good thing he closed his mouth because inhaling something so dangerous as black smoke could nearly cause injury to the lungs, or worse than that... death.

"Geez, it feels worse than having to sit near a chain smoker!" Jake gagged a bit.

"No kidding. I can't stand those kind of people sometimes." Callie nodded in unison.

"Look, why don't you sit somewhere where I can get this little problem taken care of?" Jake said to her in reassurement, "I don't want this kind of smoke to ruin your beauty on a day like this."

"Awwww, Jake. You're such a gentleman..." Callie cooed a bit while giving Jake a peck on the cheek.

As much as this shocked the skinny, yet smart member of the SWAT Kats, Jake was actually comfortable by that little kiss on the cheek.

Callie managed to sit in a chair next to the magazines sitting on the table. Maybe a good little read would make time pass by. Mostly some of the magazines Callie ever found were sports magazines, but she wouldn't bother finding out the scores just in case.

As she was reading on, Jake spoke to her from a far.

"Hey, Callie... you don't mind if I can take my shirt off from here, do you? It's getting a little hot wearing this."

Wow, his words felt a little awkward. I'm certain that Callie was fine with the business clothes she was wearing. But why did Jake choose the time to be uncomfortable with the clothes he'd been wearing. It made him feel dirty from all of the cars he's been fixing. But if that's what he wanted...

"Go right ahead. I don't mind." Callie smiled to him.

Feeling Callie's approval, Jake managed to get his shirt off and throw it next to the tires. But when Callie looked up to him, she was shocked and surprised of what the Deputy Mayor saw.

He saw Jake's entire six pack gleam in the hot sun.

Callie couldn't help but blush. Who ever knew Jake felt ripped? After all, it must be from the hard work. It was the upside to being a hero. Having to reach physical perfection was a must-have. And to think T-Bone had the muscles of the group. Jake's body was almost like a greek god, but more hotter.

Jake was looking at Callie, who was trying to read the magazine and not be distracted by him. But he knew that Callie was watching her with his mind. He knew all along.

"You mind if I also take my pants off, would you?" Jake said to her yet again.

Callie was being a little creeped out by his words, but why should he? She couldn't deny that Jake was sexy on the inside of his clothes. She wanted to admit it, yet she couldn't blare it out.

"G-go... go right ahead..." Callie stuttered nervously.

Feeling her approval again, Jake managed to undo his zipper and sent his pants reeling down his ankles.

Callie looked at him and blushed. My god, was she being turned on by him? That couldn't be possible.

Those muscular legs that fit his form very well, alongside that toned butt of his. Jake's figure almost resembled a hunky male model. Jake wasn't even trying to fix Callie's car as a matter of fact. It was almost like if he was fixing it with his hidden sexiness.

Callie almost had the urge to touch herself sexually. Maybe a nice tender touch of the loins would make her day worth satisfying. She wanted to see what Jake would look like without her boxers off. If he did what Callie thought Jake was going to do, she would scream out loud like a crazy Japanese fangirl.

"Hey, Callie..." Jake spoke up to her.

"Yes, Jake...?" She moaned lightly as her thoughts came up to mind, "Please take your underwear off..."

"You don't mind if I can take my underwear off, would you?"

Callie couldn't believe it! He actually said those words that came out of his tender lips. She was shooting up in cloud nine now!

"Yes... please do..."

Hearing that approval once again, Jake's claws reached out for the elastic of his underwear. Gently, yet slowly, he slid them down between his legs. Callie's heart couldn't believe the size of Jake's erection.

It was clearly nine inches and it was hung perfectly. Heck, it was almost hung like a Christmas tree without the ornaments on.

"So... perfect..." Callie thought to herself, falling madly in love with Jake's rock-hard body.

Staring at Jake's entire package while he was leaning and flexing on the hood of the smoky convertible, forced Callie to lick her lips seductively. Those hormones were getting to her again. And there was no way to stop her from getting her hands on Jake.

"I want... I want him inside me..." Callie thought to herself, staring at Jake's hard-on like it was some sort of magnet. Boy, did she want it real bad.

After flexing for the beautiful deputy mayor, Jake got off the car and approached Callie with his little friend still hung like an elf.

"Callie?" he said to her with a whisper.

"Yes, Jake?" She replied with a dreamy expression on her face. She wasn't dreaming this time around...

...or was she?

Jake kept on calling her name repeatedly and repeatedly like he was telling Callie something.

When she opened her eyes however, she was shocked to realize that she was in fact dreaming! Hell, she was daydreaming as a matter of fact.

Jake was no longer naked. In fact, he was still in his original mechanic clothes. He was only saying her name, just to wake her up.

"Callie?" Jake shouted.

"Oh, crap!" Callie said, screaming a bit out of fear, "Jake, you frightened the hell out of me..."

"Sorry about that. And I'm sorry about your car, though." Jake replied with a hint of disappointment, "Your car battery's gotten overheated and it's now dead. You'll probably have to wait a couple of days until you can get a new one. Is that okay with you?"

"Oh, um..." Callie stuttered again. She still couldn't get sexy naked Jake out of her mind.

"Is everything okay with you?" Jake said in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just didn't get any sleep last night." Callie said while she was looking at her watch, "Well, look at the time, I gotta get going to that grand opening! Don't wanna be late!"

Out of panic, Callie decided to walk out in the hot sun, trying to shake her dirty thoughts clean off.

"But it's hot out there! Aren't you gonna get sunburned?" Jake shouted to her far away.

"I'll be fine! I've been in intense heat like this! I think I can take my chances!" Callie shouted back before she left the junkyard.

Jake would have given her the chance to offer her a ride in one of the cars he and Chance had been fixing, but since Callie was gone, it was no use now.

"What on earth has gotten over her...?" Jake said in thought. Something tells him that Callie's not acting like her usual self...

Well, that was easy. I was thinking of making this either a three-shot or a four-shot. Either way, it's gonna get hotter as it goes on.

What will happen to Callie next? Find out next chap.

Until then, America rules! That and the rock group of the 70's. I just love "Sister Golden Hair"...