"Hot Flashes"

Rated M for Strong Language and Sexual Content

Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with SWAT Kats. And that means the characters as well.

Chapter 3

The sound of snoring was surrounding around the garage.

Quite frankly, Jake was sick and tired of having to wait for Chance to come home with the new air conditioner. It had been seven hours since he left. And so far, Chance promised his friend that he wouldn't be gone long.

What a let down. He told Jake that he'd only be back for an hour, and so far... it felt longer. It's as if Jake were waiting for a whole year, heck, even waiting for a whole decade.

"Geez, where in the heck is Chance gonna get here...?" Jake sternly yawned, "He'd better be taking a shit the size of a boxing glove."

The sweat was getting to him like he was getting trapped in a dutch oven. Man, even by nightfall, it was still blazing hot. To top it all on the shit sundae, there was no chance for any cooldown whatsoever. It was gonna be all heat for the next three days with no break.

The heat was so unbearable to Jake, that he decided to take a nap in his favorite chair, in hopes that time will go faster. All Jake had to do was to slowly close his eyes without a single worry in the world. And he did...

...for just a little while. Only a few seconds after he closed his eyes...

...Chance kicked in the door and finally brought home their brand new air conditioner, alongside some tasty chow mein in addition.

"Knock knock! I'm finally home!" Chance exclaimed, awaking Jake out of his chair.

"It's about time you got here..." Jake scowled a little, "Where in the heck where you? I've been waiting a long time being trapped in this hell-hole of heat!"

"Dude, I wish I could've been here sooner than later, but the truck broke down over and over again." Chance explained to his partner carefully, "It took me forever to restart the car, knowing that I now got my hands full with a burnt battery. Hard to believe that car batteries are being recalled. So strange."

"And then what happened after that?" Jake said while grabbing a can of cold hard milk in the fridge.

"I've been asking for help for a few hours until I managed to get some help by two kats gone temporarily blind." Chance explained once again, "They were willing to restart my car if they could connect their battery with mine. It would have worked if they would've used the battery nuts instead of my nipples! My pecs hurt so much, it looked like if they got skinned by an indian."

"Ouch, sounds like it hurt." Jake cringed for a bit, while grabbing one of the chinese food boxes.

"You're kidding me. Basically it took them an hour to get it right. Our truck ran smoothly like a blender." Chance chuckled, "And then, I had to take a shit the size of a boxing glove, followed by me getting us some chinese food. And that's why I came home late."

"Well, at least you finally got the new AC." Jake replied, already stuffing his mouthful of noodles.

"Indeed. We got cooldown and chow! Better way to end this day on a high note, huh?" Chance winked to his partner.

"It's definitely worth it, my man." Jake winked back. They both toasted to the night with two cans of cold hard milk filled with chow mein and the fresh cool air blowing at their faces. This night was gonna be worth it.

Few hours later...

It was now 11:00 p.m. at night. So far, this night definitely wasn't worth it for Jake. And why wasn't it?

Everything was going good. He had air, cold milk and chinese food. But what sucked about this was the fact that Jake's stomach started cringing in pain. Maybe it was because he drank way too much milk or because he ate fast than his partner. It was maybe one of the other.

"Ughhhhh, damn milk getting to me..." Jake grunted in his sleep. He kept tossing and turning, hoping for a good position to sleep. He tried sleeping to the left and to the right, but it was all pointless from here.

So the smart thing Jake did was lay on his back. Hey, at least it was better than nothing. He relaxed with his face in his pillow and nodded off.

"Ahhhh... that's better. That should stop the bellyache..." Jake muttered in his sleep.

His body drifted off, but his spirit went in dream mode.

The next minute, Jake found himself in an empty room. It was pitch black at first, but he soon found a chair that was all lit in red. It wasn't surprising since there was a sign up top that read 'Sit here'. Jake got the message clearly and sat.

"Well, this is strange... " Jake muttered silently as he patiently awaited in the dark.

He looked a little alone, truth be told. Just him, sitting in a chair surrounded by red lighting. What a weird situation. It was almost like if Jake was being interrogated at first.

But he was caught by surprise by the red lighting again when it lit on a stripper pole. Crap. Jake couldn't be dreaming that he was in some strange strip club, couldn't he?

Thinga got interesting when a black siloulette approached the stripper pole. She was dressed casually but she had her business jacket carried over her shoulder. Jake couldn't believe his own eyes of who grabbed on to the pole just now.

"Hi, Jake..."

That purring voice of hers could be identified as one Callie Briggs. Jake felt a little surprised and amazed.

"Callie? W-what are you doing here?" Jake stuttered.

Callie didn't reply at first. That's because she put her finger to Jake's lips for a little bit of silence.

"Don't talk. Just watch, okay...?" She whispered, making Jake's spine chill in pleasure.

Callie separated from him so that she can pull off her latest moves.

She grabbed on to the pole and sexily bent over for him. For added fun, Callie put her claws and caressed her own legs. Those furry, yet silk legs that when you touch them, you'd melt instantly. And Jake's insides were melting on impact. His heart beated faster than the TurboKat itself.

She spoke to Jake while she was still bending over for him.

"So... like what you see...?" Callie whispered.

"Oh... oh hell yeah..." Jake chuckled, still hoping to see more of her.

And lucky for him, he was gonna get more of her. Callie could look at the face that Jake was feeling. She knew that she wanted him.

She laid back on the pole. And using her claws, she ripped open her white-collared shirt to reveal her succulent 34DD breasts. Jake's eyes popped like an air bag. No wonder Callie always wore those suits that showed less cleavage. Maybe it was just about time that Callie sexed things up a little bit. Using her seductive charm, Callie grabbed her own chest and caressed them, only to tease Jake.

"Mmmmmmm... you like these?" Callie smiled down on him.

"I... I do..." Jake smiled back, trying his best to catch his breath.

"You're gonna like this one..." She murmured.

Then, she turned around again, only to show her soft furry tail to Jake. Of course, everyone knew that Callie had a nice tail the side of MegaKat City. But Jake wanted to see more of her tail. Seeing her smile, Callie took his claws and stripped off her skirt, revealing to be a nice white thong, complete with that amazing badonkadonk.

Jake saw that amazing sight like a masterpiece. No matter how bad he wanted to look away (which he can't since he was enjoying this), he couldn't help but stare at her marvelous form. It was stupid that he didn't notice something stiff growing out of his pants right now, but that didn't matter to Jake anymore.

Callie was doing stuff to the pole even Jake could've even imagined of seeing. She was slowly bumping, grinding and licking the pole seductively. She kept on doing it over and over again until Jake got hard. Of course, he would've imagined a very different story if that was Jake's erection Callie was going after.

She separated from the pole a bit so that she can look down on Jake. His heart intensified and his blood heating up. Jake was about to lose it tenfold.

"So... you wanna see them...?" Callie whispered to Jake as she caressed her breasts in a teasing fashion.

"Hell yeah..." Jake whispered back in anticipation.

"You really wanna see them...?"

"Please..." He said, feeling a lustful chill in his spine.

"Okay..." Callie smiled in approval, "Close your eyes..."

Jake did what she said, and closed his eyes. He was feeling ecstatic, just like a kid in a birthday party.

Licking her lips, Callie snapped her bra in half and tossed it in Jake's forehead. He felt a crazy blush beam around his face.

"Is this my surprise?" Jake chuckled.

"That's just my bra. Get ready to see your big surprise." Callie laughed flirtatiously, "Open your eyes, Jake..."

With a gleeful smile, Jake opened his eyes, but much to his surprise...

...he wasn't looking at Callie's rack.

It was his wet sheets!

"AGGH!" Jake screamed silently. It happened to be one of his wet dreams. Those wet sheets were filled with Jake's own semen, and he felt embarrassed about it. He was 23 years old and he didn't have any right to do that, especially if it was accidental!

Luckily, he screamed to a minimum to where that sound didn't wake his partner up.

"This is great. One moment of happiness and I end up wetting the bed..." Jake thought to himself, "Maybe I should get out and clear my mind."

Without Chance even knowing, Jake managed to take off the sheets, roll them into a ball, and sneak out of their room like a stealthy ninja. But as he opened the door with a creaking sound...


He stopped for a moment. He knew that voice anywhere.

It wasn't surprising since that voice came from none other than his good buddy, Chance. Of course, it was a muffling sound since he was still sleeping.

"Jake, where you going?" Chance muffled again.

Jake didn't want Chance to know about his little 'problem', so he needed to make up a quick excuse.

"I'm going to the store to get some milk." Jake said, lying deep down.

"Why? We already have some milk. Just go back to bed..." Chance warbled lazily.

"I gotta stock up, Chance." Jake sighed impatiently, "You never know what will happen when the Apocalypse begins. If we managed to live, we'd be drinking nothing but scum, and I don't want that."

"Okay, then. While you're at it, bring me some donuts as well." Chance muffled again.

He waited for Jake to respond, but he didn't get an answer. Jake already left before he could hear his partner what he wanted.

"Jake. Jake?" Chance said, awaking to the sight of his missing partner, "Heh. Probably wet the bed again."

Chance went back to bed, laughing in Jake's expense due to his bed-wetting problem.

What can I say? Jake can't help himself. What will happen next in this little escapade?

Until then, stay tuned for next chapter! ^_^