Author's Note


This is not an "official" Star Wars story, although it does intersect some of the official stories. It was first created to answer the observation that a Rebel/New Republic Fighter Wing consists of 36 starfighters (3 squadrons), yet in the books only Rogue and Renegade squadrons are noted, leaving scope for a third squadron to be added to complete the theoretical "Rebel" wing.

Rather than having the story as a standard "squadron created by high command/goes on official missions" type of tale (see X-wing series for examples given by Rogue and Wraith squadrons), I decided to explore the idea of a complete, independent squadron deciding to act against the Empire, and how they would go about doing so. The inclusion of a Jedi orphan was a tip of the hat to Mark Hamill, the Jedi in hiding to Alec Guiness. The other non-human members can be considered a best-of collection of races that appear in the Star Wars universe. The fighter-pilot protocol-droid was a small joke about incongruences who became a far more numerous character (inspired by one of the few good concepts of Episode I). I make no apology for including the horrifying concept of Jar-Jar having a family, but I thought that recycling the N-1s was a nifty idea. Some of the later starfighters mentioned in the books lack the sheer elegance and implied lethality (A-9 Vigilance ring a bell?) of the early ships, although the X-wing is still a great ship.




Extra Note – Going back through my files, I found this forgotten story I wrote almost a decade ago. I am posting it simply because it was the first actual fanfic I ever wrote, years before I discovered the fanfiction website.





Dramatis Personae


The Knaves


Knave 1/Lead :- Dave Hunter (Human male from Corellia)

Knave 2 :- Vint Hack (Human male from Alderaan)

Knave 3 :- Han Tharallen (Human male from Corellia)

Knave 4 :- Thrantarallenazenzal (Verpine male from Klassht Hive Colony)


Knave 5 :- Graham (Orphan boy adopted by Khanchassata)

Knave 6 :- Khanchassata (Wookie male from Kashyyyk)

Knave 7 :- Slade Hallon (Shistavanon male from Uvena 4)

Knave 8 :- Golanth (Togorian male from Togoria)


Knave 9 :- Marcus Farlander (Human male from Corellia)

Knave 10 :- Haisani Sulona (Miralaku male from Alpheridies)

Knave 11 :- Kal'Infortuna (Twi'lek male from Ryloth)

Knave 12 :- Kay'Infortuna (Twi'lek male from Ryloth)




Gil Bastra (Human male from Corellia)

Corran Horn (Human male from Corellia)

Kirtan Loor (Human male from Coruscant)

Diric Wessiri (Human male from Corellia)

Iella Wessiri (Human female from Corellia)

Whistler (R2 unit belonging to Corran Horn)