The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: #1

Pen Name: Twilightladies

Pairing/Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: T

Word Count: 462

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Cruel words are spoken in the heat of the moment.


Words a son should never have to hear his parents utter about the woman he loves.

Arranged marriages are something I associated with the distant past, or other cultures. I had no idea my parents had planned such a life for me.

All the stories my mom used to tell me about finding my true love were lies. They had this planned from day one.

I glance at Bella, my heart breaking as I watch her tears fall. She couldn't care less about my family's money and I couldn't care less about what's expected of me. All that matters is us.

Next to me, I feel her shaking and I know I only have seconds before she's out the door.

"Edward, don't do this," my father snaps, his blue eyes cold and heartless. "We can forget about this indiscretion. No one needs to know."

I turn away, disgusted with him.

"C'mon, Bella." I take her hand in mine and walk out of the house. My father's anger and mother's sobbing falls on deaf ears.

She looks like a cornered rabbit and I can't wait to get her away from their poisonous words. I pull her along and she follows me out into the darkness.

"What are we going to do?" she whimpers, her voice breaking.

We'd come to my parents for their blessing, but we got a slap in the face.

I stop and pull her into my arms. "We can still do this." I wipe away her tears with my thumbs. "Okay?"

She smiles softly. "Yeah."

I don't look back as we drive to her apartment. I have all I need with me.

"We can go to my brother's in Chicago," I say as we pack. We both wanted out of this town and now it seems we have the perfect chance.

"He'll be okay with that?"

"I'll call in the morning, but I can't see him and Rose turning us away. They aren't like my parents."

She smiles the first real smile tonight. "Let's go then."





We decide to drive. It's cheaper and we'll need the truck once we get there. I worry that my truck won't make it, but I keep that to myself.

I take the first shift, letting Bella catch up on some much needed sleep in the back seat. But it's not long before I join her. In the middle of nowhere, without a motel in sight, sleeping in the car is our only option.

As the snow begins to fall I wrap the blanket tighter around us.

"Edward," she murmurs, reaching for my hand in her sleep.

Pulling her closer, I'm grateful for one thing.

At least I have her.





Thanks to SparklyMeg and Pattinlethr xoxo