The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: #2

Pen Name: Twilightladies

Pairing/Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: T

Word Count: 479

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My head pounds as I unlock the door. After a day from hell I'm looking forward to a bubble bath, a large glass of wine, and a good book.

Today was an epic fail. My class acted like they were all on crack. I broke up fights, cleaned spilled paint, and stopped several from eating Play-doh.

Relaxation is most definitely needed.

The smell of flowers hits me as I open the door. I smile when I see a trail of petals leading down the hallway and up the stairs.

I lock the door behind me and step out of my shoes. The relief I feel is instant, and I know my night is only going to get better.

Tealights guide my way and as I approach the bathroom, the low hum of the music can be heard.


"In here," he replies from the bathroom.

As I open the door, I'm met with my own personal haven. Edward's standing next to the bath with a nervous smile and a large glass of red wine. The bath has been filled and steam saturates the air, adding to the soft glow of the candles.

"What's all this?" I ask in awe.

He shrugs. "You sounded really down at lunch. I wanted to surprise you."

I take the wine and kiss him softly. "Mission accomplished."

He grins. "There's something else, but I want to wait until after your bath."

"There's more?"

"Much." He kisses me, softly nipping at my bottom lip. "Now, take your bath and then come and find me."

My heart flutters. "Okay."




By the time I get out of the bath, the water has completely cooled and my skin has begun to prune. I wrap my robe around my drying body and go to find Edward.

Light glows from beneath our bedroom door, and I enter to find him sitting on the bed.

As I approach he looks up, placing his book on the bedside table next to him.


I resist a yawn. "You have no idea."

"Ready for your other surprise?"

I crawl on the bed and snuggle up next to him. "Of course."

He reaches below the bed and pulls out a black box, about the size of a shoe box.

I look up, confused. "Edward?"

He pushes it towards me. "Just open it."

I gently pull the lid off and take several photos from inside. Several I recognize—the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

"I'm confused," I admit.

He passes me a small envelope. "Now, open this."

My heart catches in my throat as I pull out two airline tickets.

"With you starting school right away, we never got our honeymoon. So I figured we could take advantage of your Spring break." He looks down and takes my hand in his. "What do you say, Mrs. Cullen?"





Thank you to SparklyMeg and Pattinlethr xoxo