The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: #25

Pen Name: Twilightladies

Pairing/Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: T

Word Count: 484

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I escape the house as the party is in full swing. My mother's guests are fawning over her new ring, car, and house. She won't even notice I'm gone. Being reminded you have a eighteen year-old daughter when you're engaged to a twenty-five year old man is something she likes to avoid.

I hear another round of squeals and shudder. As much as I love my mother, I need a break. I'm not sure I even know her anymore.

My mom's new house is in an old part of town—perfect for me to go exploring without being discovered. I grin when I find an old railway track. Instead of heading toward town, I turn and walk toward the unknown.





I don't know how long I've been walking when I come across him. I stop in my tracks, wondering why someone would be out here. I watch as he sets his suitcase down, leans a sign against it, and sits behind them both. At first I don't realize what he's doing, but it soon becomes clear he's trying to take a selfie.

I bite back a giggle as he grows more and more frustrated at not taking the perfect photo. On his fourth attempt, he huffs and lays back on the dirt track.

I can't help the giggle that escapes then, or when it turns into full blown laughter as he peeks up over his suitcase.

"How much of that did you see?"


"Care to help a guy out?" He gestures to his things. "I'm trying to take a photo to send to my mom."

I smile. "Your mom? What is that—code for girlfriend?"

He grins and I like it. He has a beautiful smile. Genuine. "No girlfriend. Really, it's for my mom. I promised I'd be home soon."

The way he looks at me when he says "no girlfriend" makes my stomach flutter.

He stands and hands me his camera. "Wait, I gotta get this just right for her. It's a surprise."

As he puts his belongings together, I take the time to appreciate his lean form. His messy hair shines copper in the sunlight, and when he moves, his t-shirt rises and I see the hint of a happy trail. I lick my lips, thinking about how much I want to follow that trail with my tongue. As he stretches over his suitcase, I appreciate the way the dark denim hugs his ass. Perfect.

He smirks as he catches me staring. "Okay, I'm ready."

I take the photo like he asks, handing the camera back. "Well it was nice meeting you…"

"Edward." He takes my hand in his, pulling me toward him.

"Take a photo with me…."

I smile. "Bella."

"Okay, Bella. Take a photo with me, please."


"Because I want my mom to see the reason why I might break my promise to her."





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