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Summary: Welcome to Hetalia Academy. What is it? Well, it all started when England's spell screwed up and brought all of the different versions of the countries in. Yes. Every single version. You name it, the academy hold him or her. Nyotalia, 2ptalia, Chibitalia. Even pirate England is there! Anyways, this is the story of all of them having to be together inside of the school.

Warnings: Chibi!Russia. Chibi!America. Those two are the main characters for this one ^^

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Chibi America and His New Friend

Alfie missed the glazes of grass he used to run in, but he liked being with England a lot more. Ever since he was brought to this odd place, he got to be with his big brother so much more! Of course, he hated all of the older versions of himself except for the other chibi him! He was just like him too! Only he had brown hair, darker skin, and red eyes. He called himself Teddy, and he liked following Oliver around. I guess they were the two-player, as America called them.

Did he mention how much he hated America? Even if he was the older version of him! He was such a meanie! Always so mean to England! No matter what version too! He still didn't understand that version thing...who cares! Besides, there was more England for him to be with! He liked his England better. The one usually dressed in pirate gear and made all the versions of Spain cry. His England was mean to everyone, and everyone was scared of him. Even the two players! Something about anger problems...

Though the thing he hated the most was the time he had to go to school. He's been here for a few years already, but him and the other chibi's are still in preschool as it was called. Apparently they were simply trying to teach them at a slow place year by year as they slowly introduced him into more things. He didn't understand half the words he just thought, actually.

"Alfie, no throwing things.", the teacher scolded him. Her name was Miss Kirkland. He guessed she was the female version of his Iggy, but she wasn't the same. Too nice and soft. He liked her though, she was kind to him unlike most around. Not a lot of people liked him, for some odd reason. He could blame his older self.

"Yes Miss K!", Alfie cried.

"I vonder vhy female England gotta teach us!", Gilly - Chibi Prussia - huffed, pounding his fist into the table. On top of his head, was a bright yellow bird who tweeted in agreement.

"Shut up your stupid bird.", Luddy - Chibi Germany - told Gilly.

"Nein!", Gilly called out, "ZHE AWESOME ME IS AWESOME!", he suddenly screamed.

"We know that Gilly, please sit down.", Miss Kirkland chastied. The boy pouted, but complied.

"For being so awesome you sure do bow down to any girl around you.", Luddy snickered.

"Jackass! How are you my bruder anyways?!", Gilly glared. Alfie automatically knew he was spending to much time with his older self.

"I'm the jackass? I'm the one who listen too, you moron!", Luddy glared.

"I PREFER OLDER LUDDY!", Gilly screamed.

"Calm down, now!", Miss Kirkland ordered the chattering class. Automatically, the class became quiet.

"Good. Now, today we are going to go over words. Who can tell me how to spell 'animal'?", Miss Kirkland smiled.

Vanya raised his hand slightly.

"Yes, Vanya?", Miss Kirkland smiled.

"It is spelled a-n-i-m-a-l.", Vanya smiled happily.

"Good job.", Miss Kirkland handed him a yellow peep.

"OH MY GOD! GILBERT!", Gilly cried, becoming pale as Vanya tore the peep in half with a sadistic smile.

"Miss K, why do you give him those peeps when you know Gilly gets mad?", chibi!male!Hungary, or Andy (Coming from the name Andor) asked.

"Because Gilly needs to quiet down. This is his punishment, and Vanya's gift.", Miss Kirkland smiled happily.

Alfie grinned. This was the part of his Iggy! He knew it, 'cause his England is smart like Miss Kirkland!

"Want a part?", Vanya offered Alfie one half.

"Awesome! Thank you!", Alfie grinned. He himself may have picked up a few things from his classmates.

Vanya smiled happily.


"Snack time!", Gilly cried out, seeing the clock hit '8 am'.

"YAAY!", the entire class screamed happily.

"Wait...where is Iggy?", Miss Kirkland frowned, looking around the class of chibi's.

"He ran out hour ago.", female, chibi Russia otherwise known as Lisa (Which came from the name Vasilisa) who was making sure to keep female chibi America (or Lia) by her.

Alfie briefly wondered why the female-him was always trailing Lisa, but decided that he would think on it later.

"Alfie!", Ivan smiled happily, sitting next to him.

"Hello!", Alfie smiled back happily.

"Ugh! Gilly, stop it!", Andy snarled, while the female-him Lizzy giggled happily and started taking pictures of Gilly hugging Andy tightly whining about wanting his milk.

Miss Kirkland sighed, and quickly passed out the snack - one apple, a chocolate bar, a choice between milk or apple juice, apple sauce, and many other things that would keep all of the chibi's happy.

"Andy, Lizzy - keep an eye on them for me while I go find Iggy.", Miss Kirkland said.

"Umm...Where's Frannie?", chibi France asked, looking around the room (He was otherwise known as Frani - his choice of name).

"Oh great. We have a female chibi France and male chibi me running around.", Miss Kirkland groaned, leaving the classroom.

Near immidately chaos erupted.

"Alfie, want my chocolate?", Vanya offered him the chocolate bar.

"Yay! Thank you Vanya!", Alfie grinned, having already reach the middle of his own.

"You have chocolate on your cheek. Let me get it, da?", Vanya smiled, wiping the chocolate off Alfie's cheek.

"Thanks!", Alfie grinned, while Ivan smiled back.


"Little me!", America grinned, seeing Alfie.

"Dude, why you hanging around little Russia?", America winced.

"He is so cool! He introduced me to his sisters, though Belawus kinda scares me...", Alfie trailed off, Vanya holding his hand.

"Huh! Well, peace out dude! Gotta find the dudette me!", America gave the peace sign before running off.

"He is annoying.", Vanya commented.

"I put up with him 'cause my Iggy told me so.", Alfie pouted.

Ivan looked confused.

"The Iggy that wears the pirate stuff.", Alfie stated.

"Oh. Come on Alfie, I'll introduce you to the other me's.", Vanya said, dragging Alfie off who only smiled happily.

Authors Note:

And thus, Chibi!America and Chibi!Russia became friends.

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PS; Luddy referred to him being the Holy Roman Empire, since I firmly believe that chibi!Germany is just him as the Holy Roman Empire. Chibi!Prussia is the Tectonic Knights who answers to the Holy Roman Empire. Keep in mind normal Germany still doesn't get the whole thing as he doesn't remember being HRE.

PSS; I ship RusAme. Questions? No? Good :3