Soooo, guess who got sucked into the Free!dom? Thats right, this chick. Hook, line, and speedos.

"You looked beautiful in the pool today." Rei finished pulling his shirt over his head and turned around to look for the source of the voice. Haru and Makato had already left the locker room so he was looking for Nagisa, and half expected to see him standing right behind him as usual. Instead, he was still in his speedo, standing in front of his own locker on the other side of the small room. Back facing towards him, Nagisa hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his swimsuit and started pulling it off his waist. He paused and looked over his shoulder at Rei.

"I mean it, you were great." Rei was torn between the innocence of the smile that lit up Nagisa's eyes and the not so innocent way his suit was slightly pulled down his hip, revealing a line of pale white skin. Rei swallowed hard and nodded quickly.

"Thank you, Nagisa-senpei." Nagisa beamed, turned back to his locker, and dropped his suit to the floor. Sucking in his breath, Rei spun back to stare at the books in his open locker. Three language textbooks; Japanese, English, and Latin. He started putting them in his bag.

"I'm really glad you found your stroke." Nagisa continued. Rei could hear the sound of towel brushing over skin and tried hard not to think of Nagisa drying off.

"I'd still like to try to teach you breaststroke." Two Calculus books, this years and next years for extra practice.

"It uses a lot of the same muscles as butterfly." World History.

"Like, your shoulders." A light tap of flesh was heard as Nagisa tapped his own shoulder.

"Your stomach." Another soft pat. Rei bit his lip and started loading books faster, ignoring their normal order.

"Your thighs." Nagisa's voice trailed off with the sound of skin brushing lightly against skin. Rei tightened his grip on his bag and reached up to close his locker.

"I could give you some extra lessons sometime." Said the voice right behind his head. Rei slammed the locker a little too hard and whirled around. Despite being at least a head taller, Rei felt very small as the other boy looked him straight in the eye.

"If you want to." Nagisa's voice hadn't changed but there was something new about the way the syllables rolled off his tongue.

"Uh…" Rei muttered stupidly. Color rushed to his face as he felt the warmth of Nagisa's bare stomach brush against his shirt and was suddenly struck by the fact that the boy hadn't gotten dressed, and therefore was fully naked, pressed up in-between his legs.


Nagisa rolled up onto his toes, gradually pressing his body against Rei's. Something was burning in the pit of Rei's stomach and words like "graceful" and "beautiful" were rushing through his head. His hand jerked up in an attempt to cover his face but instead landed square on the side of Nagisa's hip. His skin was smooth and damp and Rei wished the floor would open up and swallow him.

Instead his mouth fell open and let out an undignified squeak; Nagisa kept his eyes fixed on Rei's and for a second, neither of them spoke. Then with a soft laugh, Nagisa leaned onto his heels and took a step back.

"Think about it." He smiled and clasped his hands behind his back as Rei's brain struggled to figure out what just happened. "Don't be late for class, Rei-chan." As if on cue the bell rang, announcing that Rei's Advanced Japanese class was starting. Hoisting his bag onto his shoulder, Rei turned and ran.

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