Dreams of a Wishmaker ch 12

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Harry Potter does not belong to me

Devi's POV

I need to go and see Heather, our little Tsubaki. The Mockingjay, what a cruel nickname they called her when she was in Wonderland Carnival. No child ever deserves that at all yet she lived through it all. What makes me the most sad is how she blames herself the death of the only people she could call dad and mom. Wally Merz and Sabina Merz nee Delhi. Sabina was a beautiful mother, and loved Heather dearly. I found Heather afterwards, the people that were innocent or released from Carnival Wonderland were sent to either "regular" prisons or help for their minds. Since Heather was innocent by a huge gap from everyone but was silent she was sent to my Institute to help her get back on her feet. I have helped thousands of children and seen different children with different problems but she was unlike any other. Quiet and ambitious, protective to people she barely met. When older children bullied the younger ones she would always stand up for them.

"So today is…"

"Hey let Rimo go! You are nothing but cowards how dare you! Wait until Devi Kyöshi hears about this!"

"Oh yeah Heather? You know why are you protecting these kids, they are a way lot younger than you so you should just use them!"

"No way Lio, you better stop otherwise Wonderman will kick your ass!"

"Ha he doesn't exist!"

"Yes he does, but I'm his sidekick and from him I give you this"


"Heather, Lio! That is enough!" I quickly stepped in.

"Heather you should never use violence towards people, you neither Lio and you should never hit a women either!"

"But Devi! Heather started it!"

"No she didn't, I was listening enough to know you were bullying Rimo, when many people have told you not to do so. So no dessert today, and you Heather, honestly you could have told someone now come along, Rimo."

End Flashback

What worried me the most are her memories since they are beyond control. When I saw her memories I saw a train wreck. A child who thinks of herself sullied and worthless is the most pure and sweetest child you could have ever met. She made great friends in the Middle East, of Japan, China and India. She also knew many languages, a child with a "tongue". These kinds of children could not only be fluent in regular languages such as English, French, etc. But they also knew how to talk to any kinds of animals! Her powers were beyond any human being's imagination. She could control her blood and use it as a weapon, courtesy of one of the experimentations she would say. She could also change the way she would look, I think in the wizarding world being able to do that is called a Metamorphmagus, when a child was sad she would make them laugh by making silly faces.

Another thing that surprised me was her "sixth sense" how she knew something was going on without even noticing. Her "Dimension of Time" with it she sensed something was about to happen.

"Oh dear Heather, how much you have suffered," I said out loud

"One of these day you will be free. From all the burden and pains and sufferings. You try to carry the world but sweetie you only have two hands"

Tomorrow I will go to that school along with the idiots and Ishana. I suddenly smile, Hogwarts prepare yourself, if you hurt our Heather we retaliate that pain to you.

James POV

I am standing outside of Hogwarts. Today I will meet Heather. I have not told let alone left a letter saying that I was appearing today, I want it to be a surprise. I begin to walk; they are having Dinner by now probably in the Great Hall.

5 minutes later.

I finally decide to enter and I see Lily staring back at me.

"James! What are you doing here!" Lily asks

"What I can't see my family when I finally have a break," I say annoyed.

When Lily decided to give up Heather, I never forgiven her for giving up my baby girl. Lily and I fought until she said it was the best and since she was the mother she had every right to do so. I never saw Heather again, I wasn't even allowed to visit her until she entered Hogwarts, since then Lily and me had a strained relationship.

"Anyway, where is our daughter?" I demanded.

"James, umm, how do I put this"

"Well go on with it!"

"She's a Slytherin!"

"I don't give a damn, she is still my daughter and I waited so long and I am not going to wait any longer!"

Heather's POV

"Damn it! So tired. "

"Heather, you really do look tired, after this you should go to sleep after dinner".

"I know that Draco! I was going to do that exactly. Tomorrow Devi comes and hopefully she will be here by Lunch otherwise. My memories need to be sealed"

"Hey Heather look I see Lily and.."

"And what Draco?"

"Heather that is your dad! Your dad is here!"

"What! You mean biological mother and biological mother! Shoot get me out of here!"

"Too late he is walking this way!"

Back to James POV

"Lily let me see her!"

"But James she didn't want to see me! What makes you think she is going to see you as well?"

"I can understand why she wouldn't want to see you! But I want to explain to her that I never wanted to give her up unlike you! She is now a Potter whether you like it or not!"

I quickly turn my back and start looking for her at the Slytherin table. That is when I see her. She is talking to that Malfoy boy and taking quick glances at me. It pains me to see her try and escape. But before she could do that I quickly walk to the Slytherin table.

My description of her is her beauty. Iris is pretty like her mother with her red hair and my hazel eyes, Rowan with my messy black hair but with hazel eyes as well. But Heather is a different story. Long jet black hair that was straight and reached to her knees. Green emerald eyes that sparkled more than Lily's. My nose, a fair chin and cheeks. She was short I could tell, but those eyes! How they sparkled and how they are fierce as I am walking up towards her.

How they are saying, "Hurt me and I will hurt you back. I have seen pain and because of that I don't trust" eyes that she should never have.

"Hello" I say as I finally reached the table

"You must be Heath.."

"Yeah" she quickly says

"Oh" I feel stupid as the silence is deafening.

"You're my father? You are different than what I expected. Now aren't you going to explain?"

"Explain what?"

"I read your mind, you want to tell me something important. But now you saw me and now you lost that courage. Where is that Gryffindor courage in you?"

"Umm I… I wanted to say… umm you read my mind?!"

"It too is an open book. You Wizards and Witches minds have barriers but they are never strong to be protected from those that are High Priests or Priestess in Japan. I'm a High Priestess, lets just say I have too many powers in my hand. Also I can see where Iris says umm."

"Uhh yes umm I wanted to say…." Why was this harder than I thought?

"I never once wanted to give you up. You were my family but your mother had more power and your mother thought it was for the best but I never agreed. She set a limit and I couldn't see you until you entered Hogwarts. So how were they Dursley's" I say trying to lighten the mood.

She stayed silent for a moment

"Don't expect me to fully trust you. Give me time" She finally said.

"Don't expect me to call you dad or father right away. The only person that is my dad right now is Wally and my mother will always be Sabina never Lily. The Dursley's I haven't seen them since I was five…."

"Wait what!? What do you mean you haven't seen them since you were five!"

"Doesn't matter I will explain when I feel like it. Now excuse me I would like some sleep maybe tomorrow you're questions will be answered good night" she says while she walked away.

I stay there standing…what has she been doing these fourteen years then?